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    Bamboo Writing Tablet

    I got the Bamboo Fun made by Wacom about 5 months ago and have been using it to edit photos and create cool pictures using it. Comes with the pen and a mouse that can be sed on it. It is intended to replace your mouse, but I still use my mouse, just a little easier. Now it comes in some different colors. I got the smallest one in black for a grand total of $100.00. Not a bad price for something like this. This little tablet fits on my desk easily and its there and ready to go when I need it. When I first got this though, I had some problems with downloading the giving software, but got that all straightened out later. Comes with a nice tutorial on how to use and all of the different features of it, like the programmable buttons. This is a picture of the one I have: As you can see it is also sleek and, really cool!
  2. goodapple

    What is your Favorite iPod?

    Which iPod is your favorite throughout all the different models? Like the first iPod in 2002, iPod classic 1G. My personnel favorite is probably the iPod touch, got a lot of great features, but I also like the iPod nano, nice and small with some decent storage capacity.
  3. goodapple


    I originally found NeoOffice on http://bestmacsoftware.org/ and i just downloaded it only about a week ago. On a scale from 1 to 10, i would give this about a 9 for a free program. It has all of the necessary things included like the bold, underline, ect. buttons right there front of you, unlike Text Edit and is also a lot more easy to access things you will use a lot in a writing program unlike Text Edit. It is very simple to write up an excellent letter, report, or just about anything you need to type up. I have already written a report on it and a couple of other documents on it and it was just as simple as microsoft:office Mac. The only thing was that there were a couple of bugs with the program when you upgraded to leopard but they already fixed those early issues with a patch up for it that you will have to download to it when you downloaded the main program first. But again, overall, this is a very helpful program that i would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a great writing/office program. But the amazing thing is, that the whole entire package is totally FREE! Hope this will have eased your search for a good writing program. Here is a screenshot of the program.
  4. goodapple

    Show off your Desktop

    Heres my latest one: And this is on the other screen:
  5. goodapple

    Jailbrake or Not?

    I myself have jailbroken my iPod Touch 2G with the 3.0 firmware using redsn0w 0.8 and works great. Only ran in to problems when trying reboot during jailbraking process. The theme and icons are all different now and I really like it so far, and I hope to do many other things with it. Whats your opinion on the matter of jailbraking? I think its great, and if anything goes wrong, you can just restore it. So long as you didn't brick it.
  6. goodapple


    Read about this in a mag a while ago, sounds like an interesting project, but a lot of hassles come with building it, like problems with turning it off among other things of the sort. If you really wanted to construct your own computer, but are ever loyal to Mac, then Hackintoshing i probably what you would. I don't object to people making these things, I would think of it as a good challenge. You'd learn a lot more about making a computer and the hardware involved too.
  7. goodapple

    printer recommendations

    The printer that I am currently using is wonderful,it is the HP Photosmart C6280 All-In-One printer. It plugs in to your wireless router using Ethernet and is great for everything I need. Good inkjet printer for regular documents and all types of photos. Should be within or pretty darn close to your price range. It can scan print and copy. Hope this will help you on your search for your printer!
  8. goodapple

    New "Get A Mac" ads

    I love the Get A Mac Adds, there are very funny. One of my favs is the calming teas and the sad song. The Christmas season ones are fun because they use clay-mation. They always find some thing to point out to the deceived Vista users, like the money Widows is putting in to there adds and not in the actual program.
  9. goodapple

    Book recommendation for new users

    i would also recommend the Missing Manual for most Mac needs. They cover a wide variety of topics and have full color pages in most of the books. Step by step instructions on iMac and MacBook including OS X versions.
  10. goodapple

    New Laptops (MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air)

    The new MacBook family has improved as far as style. They are now completey made out of alunimum right? Plus the trackpad has a new design.
  11. goodapple

    Quick keyboard shortcuts

    The ones that I use the most are as follows: Ctrl+up,down,left or right arrows to change between spaces Command+T=make a new page in a web browser Command+D=add a page to bookmarks folder Command+Q=end program Shift+Command+Q=log out Option+Command+W=close all windows
  12. goodapple

    Mac Tablet

    I think I would rather just get a new screen.
  13. Ever since my school started, they have used Macs. In our computer lab, we have the old iMac G3/400 which are running on Tiger. Then we have oh, about 11 carts with 27 iBook G4s inside each one (also running Tiger) that can be checked out by the teacher when ever they want and have it in the classroom for as long as they need it. But at my school, almost nobody even new how to run them because they have never owned one or operated one! So i was usually the one that would have to fix Microsoft Office when it broke or when the Internet was freaking out or something. But i have been rewarded for my help given. I'm pretty sure my school is still running with Macs too. Does your school or work use Macs and use them for their main computer or do they think that Windows is the way to go? (not!)
  14. goodapple

    Firefox or Safari

    Vote which one is your favorite web browser for your everyday web surfing?
  15. goodapple

    What kind of iPod do you have?

    I've got the ipod Touch 8GB
  16. goodapple

    Show off your Desktop

    This is my desktop image for today
  17. goodapple

    Show off your Desktop

  18. goodapple

    Jan. software update for iPod Touch

    I bought the update 2 weeks ago and i have really been benefiting from it. I use the notes, maps, and webclips the most. For $20.00, this software bundal from Apple is really worth it. The software bundle in all has: notes, mail, stocks, weather, maps and webclips. Now when i am out running around i can use maps as a pretty good GPS that will show me step by step instructions on getting to my destination. Weather is also nice to have so you can see the temp. of your towns and other places like Honolulu. It will also show a forcast with the highs and lows and if its going to be sunny, cloudy, ect. With stocks, i can bring up different companies and bookmark their stocks so i can see an up to date showing of the stocks. In notes i can right down cool shops, things to do, ect. So it is really handy to have a note pad in your pocket! In mail, i can easily check my e-mail account when i am on the go so i can keep up with friends and other stuff. So if you have an iPod Touch without the software update, i highly recommend that you should get it.
  19. goodapple

    Cool safari tip

    1.If you really like to use safaris cool private browsing feature, you are probably getting tired with the "are you sure" conformation dialog box all the time. Well, if you have OS X 10.5, when you click on Safari, hold down the option key > Safari private browsing, then you should go right on past all of that annoying stuff. 2. using the snapback button. When you are surfing the web extensively and you find a helpful page for yourself, but then keep moving on in your fast web browsing, but oh! then you need it again and you have to try and find it by pressing the back button or searching through the huge history. But you can use... the snapback button. to use the snapback button, you find a page that is the most helpful to you, hit the snapback button which is where the button is to bring down your history and it looks like an arrow going in reverse. - Add on your own favorite tip or tips for Safari to make using a whole lot easier for all of us!
  20. goodapple

    Im getting an Apple store near me

    This is my store. But unfortunately it is about 30 min. away!!
  21. goodapple

    Let me see your Mac!

    finally, here is my desk all tidied up!
  22. goodapple

    Show off your Desktop

    my latest its London
  23. goodapple

    Dell Crystal Monitor

    I was thinking about getting one of those monitors too, either that or the 20" Apple cinema display.
  24. goodapple

    Aluminium Wireless Keyboard

    I got the wired keyboard so it would not interfere with my wireless mouse. I really like the fact that it has the number pad and bigger arrow keys, unlike the wireless keyboard. I think wireless keyboards are are a waste of money because it does not really matter whether it is wired or not, but with a mouse, it is definitely to have a wired one so you don't have to tug and mess around with the cord.
  25. goodapple

    Show off your Desktop

    Thanks. I think i got the photo at this web site, and there are a bunch of other cool desktop photos there too all in high-resolution for FREE.