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  1. briskar

    Mac or PC Music Video!

    This is my favourite video. I even downloaded it to iPod :-)
  2. briskar

    Firefox or Safari

    I use both. Safari is my default browser, I use it for common surfing. I use Firefox when I need some of my addons or toolbars and for Google Apps. I keep Safari clean and install everything to Firefox. I've tried many other browsers, but I stuck with these two.
  3. briskar

    What kind of iPod do you have?

    video iPod 5th gen 30 GB I still love it!
  4. Yes I like them. It's way how I can find new interesting podcasts.
  5. briskar

    Show off your Desktop

    I've tried many wallpapers, but I always return to classic Aqua blue. I think it's just best! :-)
  6. briskar

    A list of Mac Podcasts

    Late Night Cocoa Podcast website BUMP website MacBreak Tech website
  7. briskar

    A list of Mac Podcasts

    The MacWare Podcast website
  8. briskar

    How I became Mac developer

    Thank you. I'm glad you like my Stickies in Colour widget. Yes, I know about Apple Developer Resources, I've used them in developing these widgets. You don't need Flickr account to use Flickr Explorer. Flickr is just huge database of photos, that's why I chose it as my source of photos. Purpose of this widget is to show you new photo every time you flip to the Dashboard.
  9. I switched to Mac this year in January. It all started when I bought my first video iPod. I was so impressed that I bought iMac just two weeks after that. I have been web designer and coder for a long time, so I was immediately interested in Dashboard widgets, which use same programming languages as web sites. I've just finished two of them: Stickies in Colour: http://briskar.sk/widgets/stickies.html Flickr Explorer: http://briskar.sk/widgets/flickr.html Now I'm looking for testers, but I can't find them. If you are interested just go to the webpage, try it and write me a comment. I would really appreciate it. My email is: juraj2"@"gmail.com