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    Hi Everyone Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post..sorry if it's not. I am looking for insight regarding server types and setup. I hope some of you can help I have an opportunity of finally setting a correct server for our needs. We are currently using WIN 2003 with Extreme Z-IP as the bridge between Mac & Win. It's has two HDs one formated for WIN (approx 60GB) and one formated for the MAC (approx. 70GB). IT also has another HD for mirror backup. We connect to the internet through it's ports The speed is approx 750 mhz. There are approx 75-100 users on the server, about half all at the same time. We all connect to the server via TCP/IP however the WIN IP person is looking to move us towards DCP (if this makes senses) stating it's faster. We are connect also through two different segments. The main problem we have is speed, navitagation, etc. Even though ExtremeZ -IP has helped us connect, searches are really slow (particularly in Tiger). Refreshing is a pain if not not existent. Opening windows and waiting for the list or columns to display takes a long time. We are constantly on read/write of our files and hopng to improve workflow if problematic on the server (ie. scripts, alaises etc). The Macs can not connect to the server from home due VPN not seeing the MACs and security creation is difficult. We tried the SMB connection and even though it fast, like many others have stated it's unix based, which distorts file names and icons. So the opportunity has risen to come up with an alternative.. XServe would be ideal but I believe too costly. We would need a server that: Can handle constant read/write of files. Fast search results. Connect remotely (from home securely). Administer users, privileges etc. (Drop boxes, then files can be scripted to move elsewhere) Apply clients or scripts, for work projects (ie. Calender, Version Cue). Disable or enable WAN printing, internet features etc. One idea was to purchase a dual G5 with loaded hard drive and by OS TIGER Server. But I heard the TIGER server has several bugs so I 'm not sure if that's the best option. Basically having a MACs isolated on their own server and the WINs on their own with the ability to share files if necessary. Is the processor speed a factor in a server's ultimate performance? Hope I provided enough info, if not let me know. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone Great site, glad to be here. I have a small business that comprises of 5 different members collaborating from different locations using mixed systems WIN/MAC. I am not sure if it's benefical to use .MAC acct or set my system as a personal server so members can retreive files etc., & using unison as a sync feature, but I like .mac for the general published ICal. I have a d-link broadband router di-604 so I'm not too sure what will be needed if I chose to do it myself. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks