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    Mac Genius Job Seminar

    I know that there is a good range of threads relating to a Mac Genius position with Apple, but I can't find one that relates to my needs… So here is mine... There is a new store opening near my house and I have been trying so hard to get an interview. I have talked with 4 different recruiters from Pierpont (a recruiting firm) before I got the chance to talk to a recruiter from Apple over the phone. Their having a Job seminar on the 11th and I'm trying to prepare for it as much as possible. Apparently during this seminar the recruiters are going to divide all the possible candidates into small groups and have us give a short presentation about god knows what, during which we will be judged and critiqued. Furthermore we will be taking a tech-screening test. (All this effort just to have a one on one interview) Anyway here are my questions… What should I look forwarded to at seminar? What should I do, say, or act in order to stand out from the heap of candidates? How do I prepare for the test? (I was just going to buy the Apple Care Training Kit, but I asked the recruiter if she would recommend it and she said no. So I know that it's not going to be as detailed, but there is going to be over 50 questions.) Off topic questions: During the interview I would like to ask the recruiters questions regarding the job, so I need recommendation on some of the questions I should be asking. Last but not least, salary expectation. If they ask me question on how much I'm looking to get compensated... What should I say? What is the pay rang for Mac Genius.