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  1. Hello! I hooked an iPhone up to a new iMac today and was very careful to click "transfer purchases" before telling iTunes to sync apps with the phone. Later tonight, after I had already supposedly transfered the purchases from the iPhone to the iMac, I set iTunes to sync apps, clicked through the warning about the apps on the phone being replaced with the apps on the computer, and the sync went perfectly except one app (maybe more but I just noticed one) was deleted from the phone. When I went to the App Store and repurchased the app, I was able to download it for free, but why didn't it transfer to the iMac with the other apps? Also, since I had to re-download it, all of the data from the app is gone. Is there any way to get it back? No time machine backups have been done on the new computer yet. The only thing that I can think of is that this app was purchased with a different iTunes account than the others, but this doesn't make sense because I didn't notice a warning about purchases not being able to be transfered because the computer was not authorized and because the app was redownloaded for free using what I thought was the same iTunes account the other apps were purchased with. Thanks!
  2. buckdog

    iPod to Mac

    Does anyone know of a totally free program to do this? All of the programs here seem to cost money at least past a certain number of songs. Thanks!
  3. buckdog

    Possible iPhone 3G Data Issue

    Great to know thanks!
  4. buckdog

    Possible iPhone 3G Data Issue

    I wasn't able to because the SIM in the phone had been deactivated and I'm pretty sure the iPhone 4 SIM wouldn't work in the 3G, although my dad offered to buy the phone from me so we can now test it with his SIM. Thanks!
  5. buckdog

    Reading game for OS 10.2

    Thank you for the suggestions!
  6. buckdog

    Possible iPhone 3G Data Issue

    I just got a new iPhone 4 and would like to sell my iPhone 3G. The only problem is that I want to be able to say in good faith that the device works well. I had an issue in the past with the phone where it would commonly give me a "not connected to the internet" error when trying to browse to a website using Safari or using the internet inside of an app. I fixed the issue by enabling push data on one of my apps (Whoshere), but am wondering if this is an issue that other people have been having also and if it is likely to be fixed by restoring, unlocking, and jailbreaking the phone which I plan to do. I would love to test the phone before I restore, unlock, and jailbreak but am pretty sure my iPhone 4 SIM card will not work in the 3G. I could also test on WIFI, but I am not sure that the issue came up when I was connected to 3G, not WIFI. Another note, I'm pretty sure this issue started after a software update which suggests it's an issue with software instead of hardware. Thanks!
  7. buckdog

    iPhone 4 - painfully slow wifi

    I would try changing the channel of your WiFi and seeing if there is a firmware update available.
  8. buckdog

    Reading game for OS 10.2

    I'm looking for a good reading game for a student going into second grade. The computer that he has is an iMac G4 with a 700mhz G4, OS X 10.2, but no "classic" operating system. Does anybody know of any good reading games that would work on this computer? Thanks!
  9. buckdog

    Hard Drive Problem - SOLVED

    Thanks for the explanation, makes sense.
  10. buckdog

    Hard Drive Problem - SOLVED

    Hi! I think that I got the issue resolved. I ran "repair disk" from my Mac OS X disk, it had errors that it could not repair and suggested reformatting the hard drive or reinstalling OS X, so I went ahead and backed up my data, reformatted the hard drive, and reinstalled Mac OS X. Validate Disk inside of the disk utility says that the hard drive is OK now and the computer is running well. Thanks for your help!
  11. buckdog

    Hard Drive Problem - SOLVED

    Hi! I've been having a minor problem with my MacBook Pro for a while now and want to make sure that I shouldn't deal with it before my warranty expires in July. Seemingly randomally, I get error messages such as "your itunes library could not be saved," in iTunes, errors that data cannot be written to the hard drive in Word, and "Unable to Mount Database" in Skype. Restarting the computer fixes this problem, and it seemed to get better after doing a Mac OS X Software Update, perhaps because of the "optimizing" step it goes through. I tried repairing permissions and even ran the disk utility from my OS X Snow Leopard install disk. Do you think that this is a problem caused by the computer's hard drive, and do you think that Apple might fix this problem under warranty? I'd just take it to the Apple Store or call Apple, but the error messages are random enough that I do not think that I could replicate them at the store. I'm suspecting that this is a hard drive problem because the computer is telling me that it cannot save files, although perhaps it's not. Another strange thing is that after I get the error message in Microsoft Word, I can not even save my file to a flash drive, I have to reboot the computer. Also, while sometimes I get the error messages in multiple programs on my computer and the computer becomes unstable in general, today I got the iTunes error message but the rest of the computer seems to be fine. I did drop the laptops from my bed a while back and have had to do a hard restart or two over it's life (less than a year), although there are no physical signs of damage on the computer. Thanks for your help!
  12. buckdog

    Cheap iMac for my daughter

    I think that both browsers would be brutaly outdated and have trouble with 2009's internet. I had Panther running on a 450mhz or so iMac no problem. It was slow, but worked fine for a simple internet computer. I doubt it will be able to run very many Flash games under any operating system, however. I remember my 800mhz iBook G3 having trouble with Flash, it can be pretty intense. According to Apple's website, all you need for Tiger is at least a G3 and 256mb of ram, although I have a feeling Panther would be faster based on messing with OS X on a couple of older macs. Firefox needs 10.4, though, and I've heard that Firefox has the best performance with Flash on slower macs. The version of Safari that comes with Panther or that Panther supports, though, may be fine, however. When I had a similar Mac, I ran an older version of Camino and used it mainly as a glorified German dictionary and light browsing computer.
  13. buckdog

    Freeware DJ Program

    I am getting a house next year with a few friends, and want to DJ at some of our parties. Dj's at parties usually seem to use Macs, but I was wondering what the best programs are for mixing music and DJing for a party. I found a program called "DJay" online, but it is $50 and I am looking for something less expensive. It would be a plus if I could run the program on my 1.5ghz Powerbook G4, but I also have a new MacBook Pro, although I would be a little concerned about it getting damaged in a party environment. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  14. buckdog

    Cheap iMac for my daughter

    If I were you, I'd try to get Panther or Tiger installed on it and use Safari or Firefox. Perhaps you have an old installation disk lying around or you can borrow one that a friend is no longer using? iCab is a modern (or at least modernish) browser that you can use if you stick with OS 9, you can download the version for OS 9 (2.9.9) here: http://www.icab.de/dl.php I'm not sure if it supports flash, but I think that it would be better than IE. Hope this helps
  15. buckdog

    Best way to preserve MacBook Pro Battery

    Cool, thanks!