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  1. I totally understand about asking that, I work on fixing a lot of computers (mostly Windows, Macs rarely need to be fixed), and I always have to ask silly things like "Are you sure it's plugged in?" and the likes. So on the iPod would I most likely have to replace the motherboard? Could I get an iPod remote that plugs into the bottom and get sound out of both ears on the headphones coming off of that? Thanks!
  2. My friend's brother has a black 30gb 5G iPod that will only produce music out of one ear. I thought that he needed a new headphone jack, so I ordered one online ($10 on eBay), installed it (huge pain to do btw), but am still having the same problem which leads me to believe that it is not the headphone jack. What do you think may be causing this problem and how can I fix it?
  3. In iMovie 5, I have imported a bunch of clips from a folder only to find that they are out of order. There are all named so that when they are sorted in ABC order they play sequentially, but is there a way to sort the clips in the right side of iMovie alphabetically, or do I have to start a whole new project and import once I have sorted them alphabetically in the finder?
  4. I bought a USB sound card for my friend because his audio jack would only work with one side of the heaphones. It works perfectly, and the apple volume controller controls it, but the absolute lowest setting is still very loud. I have gone into the system preferences and dragged the slider there which is a bit more exact than the buttons on the keyboard, but it sill is loud. I have also gotten the volume to the very minimum within iTunes, but it is still loud. Any suggestions for further lowering the sound?
  5. Hi! I am currently in Germany staying with a friend, and we of course heard the news about the 3G iPhone and now my friend wants one, but wants to pay 200 dollars and not 200 Euros, so I said I'd buy one in America for him and then ship it to Germany. If I buy him one in America, can he enable it with the German carrier, or does he have to buy one here? Thanks!
  6. I have a digital Canon camera (powershot SD700) that I use iPhoto to get the pictures onto my Mac, but because the camera does not show up as a drive on my computer, I don't know how to get the videos from my memory card to the computer. Help? Thanks!
  7. I have iPhoto 4, as it came with my Powerbook G4. I am in Europe right now, but think that I will upgrade when I get home. Is there a way to use iPhoto 4 for my videos? Do you think that version 6 is too much for my 1.5ghz G4 and 1.25gb of ram (I may use 5 instead, if I can find it) Graphic Converter worked great for now, thanks!
  8. My friend helped me make the mac recognize the headset, but when I put in the same passkey that he used for it with his cell phone (which was 0000 and worked), my Mac said it was invalid. I wonder why?
  9. I have a Platronics 320 with Verizon branding that used to be used with a Verizon phone that I would now like to use as a Skype headset on my Mac (Powerbook G4 running Tiger 10.4.11). I turn the headset on while the computer is searching, because I read that the headset is only "discoverable" when it is first turned on. The computer, however, did not recognize the headset, even though I told it to look for all devices in the bluetooth setup wizard. I also tried the auto passkey option and the "I will provide a passkey" option, because my friend who gave me the headset told me that the passkey was 1111 if I was asked. Thanks!
  10. I am about to undertake a large (20 disk) project of archiving Super 8 tapes to DVD using iDVD and iMovie, and need to make sure that I use media that will last for 50 years. I did some research and Verbatim DataLife Plus disks look good, but there was a review on Amazon from a person who said he got spotty quality from them burning large slideshows in iDVD. This is important to me because there is up to an hour of footage on some tapes. My Mac has a MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-835F I remember hearing about a website with media compatibility tests a while back, does anybody know what is, whether the Verbatim DataLife Plus disks will work on my Mac, and if not what the best brand for longevity/reliability will be. Thanks a million!
  11. I have a Sony Digital 8 DCR-TRV260 camcorder that I commonly use to record on, and then import into iMovie for editing/burning. I did some research and was under the impression that Digital 8 camcorders could read tapes recorded on an analog 8 camcorder, but when I tried this with tapes someone else recorded on an analog camcorder, my camcorder says that the tapes are playing, but no video comes through the firewire cable and no video comes up on the screen of my digital 8 camcorder. I have tried multiple tapes, and I have tried looking throught eh menus on my camcorder and nothing seems to work. First, do digital 8 camcorders read analog 8 tapes, and if now, what is the best way to get the analog 8 footage onto my Mac? I can borrow an analog 8 camcorder if needed. Thanks!
  12. buckdog

    Getting analog Sony 8mm tapes into iMovie

    Thanks so much. I read this post, and realized that the major difference between the two scneraios is that he has an analogue camcorder that he wants to get a digital output on, and I have a digital camcorder that I want to play analogue tapes on (that I want to get onto my Powerbook). Goatman said in the other thread that "THe easiest way would be to find a Sony Camcorder that uses Digital8 it'll have the i.Link(firewire) port that'll work with your Mac, but can still play and record the old Hi8 tapes. But if you don't know anyone that has a Digial8 camera, and firewire video capture device to do it via analog connection is the only option." I have a Sony Camcorder that uses Digital8, but when I play a tape recorded with an analogue camcorder, just blue comes up when I play it. Is there like a setting or something on my camcorder that I am missing, or do I need to pull out the old analogue camcorder and buy a DV bridge? Also, I have access to a DVD Burner built into a VCR. Would the quality be similar if I burn my Analogue movies using this device, ripping them with Handbrake, then importing into iMovie? Thanks!
  13. I am selling an iBook G3 (Orange) 300mhz with 32mb of ram and Mac OS 9 on Craigslist. What do you think a good price for it would be, or is anyone on here interested? Thanks!
  14. I am working on an old G3 iMac with Panther (10.3.9). I installed Disk Inventory X because OS X told me that I was out of space on my startup disk, but it only recognizes 2.9 of the 9 gigs that OS X tells me are used on the hard drive, at least I think that it does because when I start it, it says "Macintosh HD 2.9gb" in the header. The computer has no music and no videos, just applications and a few word documents. I have no idea where the space went and why it isn't visible by DIX, do you have any ideas? Thanks!
  15. My IB Film teacher just bought an old Powermac G4 350mhz for editing short projects for $100. I know, I know, the computer is outdated and pitifull and for video editing, but the school isn't giving us much money to work with. Besides, we currently have 3 iMac G3 400mhz computers with 192mb ram each running Panther that work fine with iMovie 4. Anyhow, the computer currently has 64mb of ram and OS 9, and we would like to upgrade. Ram is only $16 per 256mb on OWC(http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20World%20Computing/100SD256328/), so we are willing to buy up to a gig, but I was wondering if it is worth it with the low processor speed. Also, we are going to upgrade it to OS X, but would it run better under Tiger or Panther. We don't need any of the features of Tiger because it will be used mainly for an internet/video editing machine with files being deleted regularly, and just want iMovie to be as fast as possible. Also, we want to add a DVD burner. Would pretty much any ATA internal DVD burner do, or are there certain brands that work well with these computers and play nicely with OS X in general. It currently has 10gb, and we would like to also increase the hard drive size. What is the maximum amount of HD it can take (we'll probably add 80) and will pretty much any ATA hard drive do? Thanks!
  16. buckdog

    imac as a monitor?

    That would be really slow, he wants to connect the iMac's monitor directly to the PC and use the CRT as the pc's monitor.
  17. buckdog

    imac as a monitor?

    That would be really slow, he wants to connect the iMac's monitor directly to the PC and use the CRT as the pc's monitor.
  18. I recently upgraded to an iPod classic, but am disappointed with one feature. On my 5.5g iPod, I could just hook it up to the TV with any old cable and watch all of my TV/movies on the TV, however when I hooked up my Classic to the TV with a cable I bought off of eBay, which I bought just for the Classic because it doesn't support video-out for some reason, it gave me an error telling me to hook up a video cable. I can hear audio on the TV, but no video. After doing some research on this issue, I found that the problem lies in the fact that Apple set up the Classic to only allow video-out with an Apple-authorized device, which I am ticked off about because Apple charges a premium and I just spent $290 on the iPod (I got Applecare). Is there any way to hack the iPod and get around this restriction? I am willing to do whatever, and have a PowerBook G4 and a Windows XP desktop. Thanks, I want to watch my movies on my tv!
  19. buckdog

    Movie rentals suck

    I wish the Netflix Watch Instantly worked with iPods/Macs. It's such an expensive option, but I don't want to sit in front of my loud XP box to watch a movie when I can s-video my powerbook/ipod up to my tv.
  20. buckdog

    DVD to IPOD mac software

    Second on Handbreak. It's free and works really well. Handbreak lite also works well and is extremely easy to use (also free, just Google)
  21. Thanks! My friend wants a Nano or Classic anyways, so I'll probably tell her to just go with that and to trash her old shuffle or use it as a flash drive.
  22. I couldn't find anything good in Google except a page from Apple telling me I could pay $59 to do it, and where could I buy such a battery if they can be replaced? Thanks!
  23. buckdog

    Macbook 3.5 mm sound sifting noise

    I have never heard of this before, you probably want to call Apple or visit your local Apple store.
  24. buckdog

    iMac G3 won't boot to CD

    Thank you very much! We actually tried an external optical drive and are having the same problem. The computer also does not see USB flash drives. By networking not working, it doesn't connect to the internet. I'll try the nvram thing when I am back at school tomorrow, thanks!