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    What to do with old Mac Classic?

    It doesn't look like the old speakers I have even have tweaters.
  2. I have an old Mac Classic sitting around that no one is using. Any suggestions on how to put it to use?
  3. buckdog

    What to do with old Mac Classic?

    Sweet, I'm going to try that! It is worth gutting the Mac. Now if I can just get those darn industrial screws off...
  4. buckdog

    What to do with old Mac Classic?

    Man, I would hate to gut it and make a fish tank. I'll probobally just save it, although I have an old Powerbook (1991) to use for classic.
  5. buckdog

    YouTube Slow

    Has anyone noticed how slow youtube has been lately? Videos seem to hang a lot more than they used to, or is it just me?
  6. buckdog

    PowerBook Charger Broken

    I picked up an old PowerBook G4 charger on eBay a while back to use with my G3 iBook. It worked fine for a while, then started only working occationaly, and now it does not work at all. The copyright date on the back is 2000, and before it stopped working, I got a weird buzzing noise when I plugged it into the power invertor in my car. Is there any way to bring this back from the dead, or am I stuck with a $40 brick?
  7. This is probobally one of the weridest posts on a MAC forum, but Windows is unfourtunally a part of all of our lives. . I am trying to replace Windows ME with Windows 98 on an old laptop (Omnibook XE2) and was wondering if any other users of both platforms could help me out. I rearanged the boot order in the bios so that the DVD drive would boot first, started the computer, and the cd came up and the menus worked, but I couldn't read anything on the screen because the text was gibberish and scrambled across the screen. I tried an old Win 98 Boot Floppy, it worked with no issues, I ran D:setup, it ran scandisk and started the install process, but I got an error that said I needed to get the "Upgrade" disk, because of a version of Windows already on the Hard Drive, so I rebooted into the floppy, ran FDISK, deleted the partition, re-created the partition, and tried the whole thing again (Getting to the 98 setup on the CD by going through the floppy). Then the installer asked me if I wanted to run setup, I pressed "Y," text saying something about diagnostics about to run went by very quickly and the diagnostics appeared NOT to run, and I got the gibberish again on most of the screen, except I could pick out a message saying that the Windows Installer needed a certain number of bytes to run. I then tried running the Ultimate Boot CD that I got a torrent of online, it booted up fine on its own, I ran "Free FDISK," redid the partitioning because there was some letter after FAT32 that I thought could be messing up my partition, tried the Windows 98 thing again, and got the same problem. Any suggestions on how I can proceed with the Windows 98 installer? Thanks!
  8. I must have been asked if I have an iPod Shuffle on my shirt 20 times by now! Anyone else get strange/funny reactions?
  9. I am thinking of getting one of these to run as a video-editing box (iMovie) and media server. I plan to download TV torrents and video podcasts on it, and use my USB 2 200GB Hard Drive. One concern is my current DVD burner. It is an I/O magic, and I would love it if it worked with this mac. Also, do you think the lowest configuration would be too slow for video editing (I am currently using an 800MHZ G3 iBook and 2.7GHZ Celeron PC. I would love to sell the PC to my dad and get this, but I want to make sure it will meet my needs. Maybe they will have them at the Apple store soon. Also, how do you think Photoshop will run on this (again, I'm used to my 800MHZ G3)? Thanks
  10. buckdog

    New Mac Mini

    If it is more than 2X faster than the old model, why is an extra $100 such a big deal? Am I putting too much importance on processor power?
  11. buckdog

    DVD Burners and IDVD-6

    I have an I/O Dvd Burner-USB 2. Can I use this with my new Mac Mini?
  12. buckdog

    New Mac Mini

    People who don't need a flat-panel display and too much power. I have a good 17" flat CRT, and don't want to pay over $1,000 for a computer.
  13. buckdog

    New Intel Mac Mini as a Media Server

    I also want to do this with it hooked up to a USB 2.0 200GB (7200 RPM) Hard Drive that I got for 50 bucks around Christmas.
  14. buckdog

    New Mac Mini

    Get Picassa free from Google.
  15. buckdog

    Maccast.com Wordpress Theme

    I read on the bottom of the site that Adam got the theme from http://wpthemes.info/. Does anyone know of the exact theme he uses?
  16. buckdog

    Mail not showing some HTML

    I am subscribed to a Wall Street Journal Tech update newsletter. The newsletter comes up fine on Outlook Express and Earthlink's webmail, but the beginning of the message won't render properly with Mail. I get a bunch of code near the beginning, like: BODY, TD, INPUT, P, .arial, .arialSeven, .arialTen, .arialWhiteThirteen, .arialWhiteThirteenBold, .arialResize, a.arialResize, .arialResizesm, .arialInner, .headSum, .briefs, .elevenpxArial, .moduleTitle, .moduleLink, .awtb, .BreakingNewsHeadline, .BreakingNewsText, .fcl, .fci {font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif;} .times, t, .art, .timesTen, .t10, .t12, .tb12, .tb13, .t14, .tb14, .t16, Then, the message resoumes. The code looks kind of like HTML, but I know it's not that. Could anyone point me in the right direction of how to stop this.
  17. buckdog

    iBook Freeze

    I have an issue with my G3 iBook where if I unplug a USB device and/or ethernet cable or moniter, the laptop wakes itself up, spins up the disk, goes back to sleep, but when I wake it up to use it later, it freezes and won't come back for about 2 minutes. Why is this happening, and is there any way to make it stop. It is also weird that this only happens some of the time.
  18. buckdog

    My crazy DVD Player.

    Nah, It's set on standard.
  19. buckdog

    My crazy DVD Player.

    I was trying to watch Ben Hur last night, when I noticed something on my DVD player that had been going on for a long time. Almost every time I put in a "widescreen" movie, the player does "Double Widescreen" There is a black line in the middle of the two widescreen boxes, making there for two huge black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. I think the DVD player is doing something to the DVDs to double up on the widescreen. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  20. buckdog

    TV Out on Powermac G4

    Telling me what the hell that weird port was. Now I can ask about it without sounding like an idiot!
  21. buckdog

    TV Out on Powermac G4

    I have a Powermac G4 with a video card including a regular monitor port (it works with the monoter I use on my Windows 98 computer), and the weird port (sorry for my nobbiness) that connects to the flat panel moniter (Apple), and also caries power and USB to the moniter. Is there any way I can get TV out on this computer without spending hundreds of dollars on new video cards. Thanks!
  22. buckdog

    TV Out on Powermac G4

  23. buckdog

    Video Ipod Microphone

    I wonder if Linux is stable for it yet. I did recording on my 3g just by plugging a microphone into the top of the iPod and booting linux.
  24. buckdog

    Video Ipod Microphone

    I don't think so, but I got a USB 512MB Voice Recorder/Mp3 Player/Radio for 50 bucks. Of cource, then you have to carry another device.
  25. buckdog

    Media Macintosh

    I already have lots of TV episodes on an external hard drive. I just want an elegent way to view it.