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    Media Macintosh

    Try this program for Tiger: http://www.equinux.com/us/products/mediace...tral/index.html I am trying to do the same thing, but with a 900+MHZ G4 Powermac. I just need to upgrade to tiger and find a way to get the video to my tv. Is there a cord you can buy, or do I have to get a new video card? Thanks!
  2. buckdog

    Greeting Card Software

    I switched to an iBook as my primary computer a little more than half a year ago. I love my Mac, and it can do everything my Windows computer could except some games (But not my favorite, Rise Of Nations), and making greeting cards. Is there any good cheap or inexpensive greeting card software for Mac OS X? Thanks!
  3. I was thinking of this, and don't have a problem with it. I just don't want to have to do it often because I'm stuck with USB 1. Shouldn't iTunes be smart enough to realise that it is the same song.
  4. I sync my iPod manually so I can sync videos from my Desktop PC (Huge Hard Drive) and songs on my iBook. I sync my songs by draggin my library to my iPod, but when a song that I added art to in my iTunes library on the iBook is moved to the iPod, it shows up twice on the iPod. This is a big problem because I added art to alot of my music, and now it is copied on my iPod. I would love to just do Auto syncing for the music on one computer, and auto syncing for my video on the other computer, but iTunes doens't allow for this. Any suggestions or alternates to iTunes, or ways to have my music not copied? It would also be nice for all of my playlists to get updated on the iPod when I drag my library to it.
  5. I have an older G3 iBook that is starting to not like staying closed. I think the magnet or the clip might be waring out, any suggestions?
  6. How long do you think it will take? Do you think the new MacBooks and iMacs will run Windows natively?
  7. buckdog

    MacWorld Video is up

    Some kind of weird copyright or something? Seems a download would be much better than a stream.
  8. buckdog

    Is Classic really gone?

    I really don't see why not.
  9. buckdog

    MacWorld Video is up

    Anyone have a torrent or download of it? Maybe someone with QuickTime Pro could post it. Is there a way to download streams without QuickTime Pro? I don't like paying for software, but I also don't like pirating software. Freeware is for me!
  10. buckdog

    Running Windows on the new Intel Macs

    Too bad no one has one yet. This is like the period of mystery about Firewire on the iPod Video. It looks like they dropped it on the new MacBooks too.
  11. buckdog

    Running Windows on the new Intel Macs

    Rosetta is for PowerPC Emulation.
  12. buckdog

    Photobooth-Post Pictures

    Post pictures taken with Apple's fun new app here!
  13. buckdog

    Photobooth-Post Pictures

    Hehe, I don't have it either. I took that at an Apple Store. I think you can only use the built-in iSight in its unhacked state.
  14. buckdog

    My Podcast feed doesn't work anymore

    The funny thing is that it used to work. i had their podcasting feature enabled. I'll play with my Feedburner settings later. Thanks!
  15. I run a podcast, the "Buck Cast" I am using Feedburner for my feed, and have not changed anything that would mess up the RSS feeds on my blog. The feedburner feed can be found at http://feeds.feedburner.com/BuckCast/. When I look at my Podcast in iTunes, none of the episodes come up. None of them. I subscribed to the Podcast on my computer, and the episodes don't come up there either. What happened, and how can I get the podcast working in iTunes again?
  16. buckdog

    My Podcast feed doesn't work anymore

    I've had problems with the little exclaimation mark comming up by the MacCast or TWIT. Resubscribing seems to fix the problem, but not in the case of my Buckcast.
  17. buckdog

    5 Apples for BroadBand Tuner!

    And why is this program only for Tiger?
  18. buckdog

    My Podcasting Setup (updated)

    Could you please post some pictures?
  19. buckdog

    IdleTunes alternative

    I read about Idle Tunes, which automacally finds album art on the internet, and lets you use iTunes for non-iPod MP3 players, and was wondering if anyone knew of a FREEWARE Mac alternative. Thanks!
  20. I need to convert files from Works and ClairsWorks to a .doc format. Freeware would be nice, but is not essential. Do you know of any good software to do this? Mac or Windows software is fine. My final goals is to get Works and ClairsWorks documents from an mac (With Panther), so that they are readable by MS word on a PC.
  21. buckdog

    VidBit 001

    I did everything in Final Cut. I had some other ideas to try out that would have required After Effects, but just didn't have the time. (Gotta save something for next time!) Thanks, -mike Final Cut? You must be loaded! For the next video that I make, I am going to try out one of those new Quad G5's at the Apple store with Final Cut. Can you imagine it? They let my friend stay on a computer to photoshop an image for hours.
  22. buckdog

    USB Microphone

    Adam mentioned on his 100th show that you need a USB mike to podcast on an iBook. Why do you need a USB microphone to podcast with an iBook? The little mic built into the screen sounds fine!
  23. I had it on my Palm a while back, but am skeptical that people would rather have their reward than the device. It would be nice if everyone was as honest as we are, but that just isn't the case.
  24. buckdog

    VidBit 001

    What program do you think he used to do this? The effects were amazing. Kinda cool to watch his video on his video iPod on my video iPod.