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  1. Skywise

    Make 2 sets of scene selections in idvd

    Ahh- I got it.. I looked at this, and tried it w/ two movies- it did NOT work.. But, then I dropped 2 imovie HD projects (not straight .dv movies, etc.) into it and things worked just fine! Thanks for having this question so I was able to answer it for myself too!
  2. ok.. first up, the problem is imovie HD.. I used to be able to transfer my imovie 08 projects to imovie HD so I could add chapter markers, etc.. all was good.. now, when I open imovie, all seems fine, until I want to add a title. ANY title.. I click on the editing tab, and I'm told that Twirl.bundle isn't compatible with this computer, and to delete it from my plugins folder in library > iMovie).. I finally found Twirl.bundle, within the package contents in the plugins folder.. I removed it and I don't get that message anymore- however, I STILL cannot add a title- as soon as I type in the title and try to move it to the movie timeline, imovie HD freezes and necessitates a force quit.. here's a pic with the message re: quicktime and mp4 files, etc.. I keep getting problems with my mp4 files, downloaded from youtube, etc. if I make an mp4 file it will not play the video, only the sound. I've tried different workarounds, and what used to work was 'downgrading' the quicktime mp4 component to the one from 7.3.1 that doesnt' work anymore.. any ideas on how to #1 restore usefulness to my imovie HD experience and #2 finally fix this mp4 problem? it's dang aggravating.. Scott
  3. Skywise

    3G ipod trouble

    my sister has a 30gb 3G (row of buttons on top) ipod.. I don't know when, but every time now she plugs her ipod into the dock- itunes starts no probl.. (if not already open). her ipod shows up on the screen no problem... (on her desktop).. problem is, itunes freezes (though not to the 'not responding' red notifier in the 'force quit' menu, and the computer essentially locks up as well.. I've reset the ipod, but to no avail- can't get it to the point of being able to start the ipod restore software, as my sister's itunes 7 locks up, etc... any ideas/help? Thanks Scott
  4. Does anyone know of a way to convert real media (.rm) files to a format I could use on my ipod video (got a new one today)... I have 3 cd's of TRanzor-Z cartoons from the 80's and want to watch em on the ipod Scott
  5. Skywise

    QT question

    hmm- well, other than renaming the drive, i already have 'ignore ownership' checked... this is kinda puzzling...
  6. Skywise

    QT question

    I have QT pro, and have run into an interesting problem. I am trying to export a .dv file, opened w/ quicktime and edited (I took out about an extra hour or so and want to save what's left) to my external HD (a LaCie D2 drive..) I can select the external HD's name, but then the drive switches to folder icon , and it will save, but on the main HD in an invisible folder (of the same name as the external HD) any suggestions on how to get the files to save/export to the external drive and not the main one?
  7. Skywise

    Flip4Mac: What's the latest verdict?

    it also doens't work apparently with WM 10 files, etc.. I try to watch videos from World Wrestling Entertainment (spec. their web only shows) and it won't work- quicktime wont' run them also, on oneplace.com/ministries I can't listen to audio of the bible answer man- I get the same response as with the WWE video.. a great idea, but crappy execution I think. at least so far...
  8. Hopefully this is posted in the right part of the forums- forgive me if not.. I have an apple quicksilver 867mhz G4 running 10.4.3 (640mb of RAM).. I have the standard apple keyboard that came w/ my system, and a few months ago, my superdrive , let's say, jammed... in short- it's dislodged/stuck inside the comptuer.. needless to say, the eject key will not work on it!. I may eventually try to take the drive out and repair/replace it.. in the meantime thoguh, I have a LaCie 16x DVD+/-R burner that's great and has been my primary burner for a while (since the superdrive stopped reading DVD's in april).. Is there a way to somehow change/assign the function of the eject key on the apple keyboard so that it will eject the external LaCie burner (listed as a firewire device, etc. in sys. profiler)? if not that, any way to set up a specific key command (say, f-8, or some combo of keystrokes)? Thanks for any help Scott (email is in my profile, or you could PM me..)