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  1. I was wondering I have a wireless network in the home, and I have a device that doesn't have a wireless option but requires a ethernet cable plugged into it, and the location of the device is not close enough to the wireless router that I can run a ethernet cable from the router to the device, So I was wondering if I plug an airport express next to my device, can it receive the wifi signal and allow a device plugged in wire to the express ethernet jack to have a hardwire internet connection?
  2. Hi Guys, I just sold off my Mac Mini, MacBook and iMac, Im going to just have one machine to do everything and the people at the apple store told me I shall wait for the new MacBook, and not to buy the current one. I was concerned over the loss of Firewire, but Ill get that back in the 27" Cinema Display, so no worries about all my Hard Drives and HDV camera I have. I just need more processing power in Final Cut :-) Anyhow, my question is the following if anyone has knowledge of the following.... I was considering ordering the memory for this new machine coming out next month now, so I have it, but none seems to know what kind of memory it takes, and my question is, the specs are out on what processor it is, etc. So how come from that none can tell me what kind of memory modules this new MacBook Pro will be using I would like to put 16 GB in from the day I get it in my hands... Anyone have any info on if its the same as the current MacBook Pro's? or is there reason to believe it will be something different? My 2nd question, Are we loosing an infrared port for using an apple remote to change keynote presentations, etc? I do presentations, and there is no talk about it having it... Anyone know if its gone? I know I can use my iPhone or iPad to do it, and that is why I think they may have eliminated the IR port... 3rd, with the revamping of the new MacBook having USB 3, does anyone think the new Cinema display will be due for a refreshing to have USB 3 now as part of that? I was going to get a Cinema Display with the new MacBook, but a website says its nearing end of life... Thanks for the input on this, and look forward seeing what else may be new this year. Ron in KY
  3. I am looking to ask a question if anyone has run Windows 7 on a Mac Mini under bootcamp. I have a need to buy a machine to run 4 programs and these 4 programs only all at the same time, I am currently able to do this on a Dell Latitude D600 1.6 Ghz machine, but some of my biggest concerns is this directX, Im not sure if this is just software or a hardware requirement. The dell handles these programs just fine in windows 7 with I think 1.5GB of ram. should I be successful in running these in on a Mac Mini under bootcamp/Windows 7? I need to drive two monitors and that is why and streamline the setup and make it look more modern, so the laptop needs to go. I've always been told that bootcamp runs windows as smoothly as a normal windows box, but Im concerns with driver issues, I hear too often comments that they cant get stuff to work under windows on the mac... I plan to run two USB to serial devices one for the weather computer and one for a serial connection to the TNC for a radio that are controlled by these programs using standard com ports which existed on the Latitude. Just waiting for some refurbs to come back on apple site to purchase the machine, I know if for some reason I run into problems I could probably sell the machine and not loose too much, but I want to go into this with a vote of confidence. :-) WxSolutions weather station software requirements: Windows 98/NT4/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7 5 MB free disk space Internet connection GRLevel2 Minimum System Requirements (shows multiple weather data products over maps) Pentium processor or equivalent Microsoft Windows XP or higher 64 MB of RAM 16 or 32 bit color display at 800 x 600 resolution DirectX 9.0c UI View/Precision Mapping System Requirements Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista CPU: Pentium 5, 1 GHz or better RAM: 1 Gb Hard Disk Space: ~1.5 Gb CD-ROM: Required Mouse: Required Display: 800x600, 256Color YAWCAM (web cam software) requirements Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or later. DirectX 9 or later. Windows Media Player 9 or later. Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  4. Ron in KY

    MacMini prior gen intel just shut off no power

    Well I made the trip to the Apple Store yesterday in Cincinnati, 1 1/2 hr drive, and had a very good experience overall, they put a working power brick on it and no power, so the guy said it was the logic board, and he would order one to be sent to the store and swap it out. I was in there all of less than 15 minutes and was on my way, they said it would be ready in about a week. I confirmed memory and hard drive would still be intact that I had installed in machine. The only problem I did run into but they took care of it instantly, was when they scanned my computer they said it was out of warranty, but I showed my receipt and they corrected it, it appears from what they told me, if when you buy it from someone else, like Best Buy or MicroCenter or anyone else, the warranty starts from the date they bought it, and not when the end user buys it, until they have a receipt showing as such. I thought this was very "different". but I bought Apple Care for this unit cause I had 3 days left on it and since it was a "major repair" it sounds like it could happen again as I read others having to go through 2 or 3 of these logic boards during their Apple Care. But I have to go through a few extra hopes to get the Apple Care put on cause again AppleCare shows it was purchased before I bought it, and have to fax a receipt into them... Ron
  5. I was just wondering, I have upgraded the memory and don't have a very recent back-up of the hard drive on the mini and Im taking it to the Apple genius bar, it could be a simple power brick, but it also could be a logic board too I guess... I was just wondering if its a logic board they will have to send it off and Im not sure whats involved with the worse case scenerio, will I typically end up with my same computer back? I know they reserve the right to reinstall an OS on my system, etc if needed. but I don't know if Apple, if its something requiring a board change, does the work on the computer or if they swap you out with another refurb unit like other companies tend to do? This will make my decision on if I want to pop the hard drive out and back it up in an external closure, and remove by extra memory and put the stock back in. Hoping its just a power brick... Not sure if its live all the time, to test it with an meter, its cool to the touch so I think its not live when no computer is on.
  6. I was wondering I bought an EVDO USB dongle that is internet from Verizon, and I was wondering how or if you can tell the mac to take that internet connection and create a wifi connection through the MacBook so I could use the iPad or other devices wifi features on that network? Ron
  7. I read an article on the new Apple iPad, and they commented that that iPad "which can connect to the Internet anywhere the network offers 3G service. (Which Verizon argues isn't in very many places.)", So does this not work in edge markets? I thought all that stuff was backwards compatible. Im just looking to have a connection, It doesnt have to be 3G, but if Im limited to 3G yeah that is very limited area...
  8. Ron in KY

    Firewall settings D-Link

    several hours later and with the help of AT&T I think its working... Ill explain it once I understand it.
  9. Hi Guys, I have been trying to get port 8000 open for Nicecast allow connection from the internet, it works with any computer on the network, but it not getting out to the outside, or should I say the outside is not getting in, and I have no firewalls set on the Mac machines, so I think the problem is in the router and I believe I have sucessfully opened port 8000 in the virtual server of the dlink, but I just dont understand the firewire rules. I dont think I can URL the photos from MobileMe, so I ask that you to my public folder: http://public.me.com/n9qgs and under the folder Nicecast, I have 3 png files showing the settings. Then please let me know if something immediate sticks out or if there is something more you need to see. Also said someone said a lot of internet providers will block you from accessing ports in the actual DSL modem, ever hear of this, is it common, cause I saw nothing about it in the help files, I still feel my problem is in the router and now closer thinking its in the firewall settings..... I appreciate your help. Ron
  10. Ron in KY


    Well I know some are saying its an oversized ipod touch, some are saying its a whole lot more. My biggest disappointment is no camera to use it like a skype or ichat device for video over wifi. But I know why apple did not include it in all honesty cause they dont offer it on the ipod touch yet. What Apple is good at doing is leaving that off the iPad and then they will introduce a camera first on the touch, get more sales off that, then a future generation of an iPad will have the camera. The camera is coming, but they have other existing lower end products that need to get it first to milk sales. Thats my opinion, so I probably wont get it. Ill put the money towards a MacBook Pro for the next revision of those. Ron
  11. The machine itself is well for web design and surfing email, and streaming vide, I have a 933 single G4 tower and it just started to show signs of not handling full screen compressed video like You Tube. yours should breeze through it pretty good. But when it comes to video editing or photoshop you probably will be painfully slow at the tasks at hand applying filters or renders. but it will do it, not sure about CS4 requirements I was using CS1.
  12. I was interested in getting Apple TV, we have a Mitsubishi 65" TV that only has Component and DVI. We are looking at replacing out surround sound system with a newer pioneer or sony receiver, we noted that they have DVI switching on them, so like 3 inputs and 1 out. Am I correct to assume that if you run the HDMI in, it will strip the sound out and process out the speakers hooked up and just pass video on to the TV, so a standard HDMI to DVI to the TV can handle all the HDMI inputs of newer devices? Ron
  13. Ron in KY

    How do I rollback to iLife '08 from iLife '09

    Thanks!! Its completed
  14. Hi Guys, upgraded parents computer to iLife 09 and they are very unhappy cause immediate thing is change, they are mouse driven people and there is no longer a next and previous photo button when viewing from the library, among other smaller changes. I would like to keep them on snow leopard which I successfully upgraded and migrated there bookmarks, etc over. iPhoto is the only "problem" application for them. Is there a way to just remove iphoto 09 and put the ilife 08 disk in and only install iphoto '08? if so how do I do this exactly. I feel if I stick the disk in and try its gonna say you have a newer version already installed. I have there photo library on a superduper drive before the whole upgrade. do I just drag something to the trash and will ilife give me an option to installed specific products? Ron
  15. I just got an ipod mini 2GB off ebay, the battery is dead that when i turn it on, it beeps like 4 times with a picture of a battery with a bold through it. likes it charging cause I have it in my USB of my Macbook. Then after a few minutes i get the apple logo it seems to reboot itself and then say dont disconnect , and then the beeping and then it just keeps doing this over and over,occasionally seeing a message saying there is no power please but on charger, well its plugged into USB, it appears I dont know how to shut the unit off to charge... How do I do this? Ron