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  1. I think the first few vids on the list were taken off of youtube, but look at the UPGRADE MAC MINI video towards the bottom of the list and it shows the process. HEre is a direct link: http://www.123macmini.com/videos/video/126.html
  2. Don't take our word for it... check out some of the disassembly videos: http://123macmini.com/videos/ I had a Mac Mini when they first came out and I loved it. It was my first desktop Mac. It was sleek, quiet, beautiful, etc. I ended up selling it though and bought an iMac when the Intel chips were announced. I haven't looked back. This iMac 17" has been completely wonderful.
  3. one1step1

    iBook G4 help

    Download Coconut Battery program and take a look at how many charges cycles have been used. If it's over 300, which it probably is, then it's going to be time for a new battery. http://coconut-flavour.com/coconutbattery/index.html OWC sells higher capacity batteries that will fix you up. http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/powerbook/b...k-g3-g4-14inch/
  4. one1step1

    Cable Modem recommendations

    Definitely call Comcast and see what models of modems they will support. Just because it is DOCSIS compliant doesn't meant they will support a config file for it. I've always had very good luck with the Motorola Surfboard modems. Check around on Ebay once you find one Comcast supports. I bought mine for $10
  5. one1step1

    iBook won't start

    I would try resetting the PRAM, follow the instructions here http://www.thinkmac.net/blog/archives/mac-...y-132-pram.html Also, it never hurts to pull the battery for a few minutes. In fact, pull the battery, connect to the power adapter and see if it works without the battery installed.
  6. If it were me, I would hold off on the Mac Mini and get a Macbook. You can get refurbished ones from Apple for a little over $800. The refurbished ones come looking brand new, offer the same warranty as new, etc. You can hook up external monitors and keyboards to that as well, and still keep the portability option. Now, if you want to go up to $1,000, I would go iMac. That's what I ended up buying when I had the choice.
  7. one1step1

    Need recommendations on mouse

    I just did a review of the MX revolution, and it's by far the best mouse I have ever used. http://www.thinkmac.net/blog/archives/revi...reinvented.html
  8. one1step1

    Mac Tips Daily! 100th Episode contest

    We came up with some ideas for a contest. It starts April 3rd.. be sure to check it out @ www.thinkmac.net We have some awesome Mac stuff to give away. Be sure to head over and enter!!! Loving GUI machines since 1985... -------------------------------------------- Mac Tips Daily! Think-Mac
  9. one1step1

    Backup Software

    Check out this article from mac 360, it has some good suggestions. http://www.mac360.com/index.php/mac360/com...to_saving_data/ Also, I think there was a comparison of backup & sync apps a few issues ago in Macworld or maybe it was MacAddict. Good luck
  10. hey guys, it's a bit premature, but I was thinking about having a 100th episode contest. Nothing as elaborate as Adam's, but something to thank the subscribers. I recorded episode 53 today.. an I do 20 or so a month. Any ideas for a good contest? Thanks, BTW - be sure to check out my Podcast - Starting with episode #48 the audio quality started to improve (it wasn't horrible before.. but I have some new equipment now). http://www.thinkmac.net
  11. one1step1

    I want to do a podcast!!!

    Let us know what the RSS feed will be, so we can check it out! Podcasting is great fun, and a nice hobby.
  12. one1step1

    What Microphones do you use?

    I just upgraded to what Adam uses, and it is the MKX 990, and the Behringer UB802 mixer - to provide phantom power to it. I interface it in with the Griffin iMic into my mac mini, and am using Garage Band 3 to record with. The audio is much better than my headset mic I was previously using.
  13. The Blue Snowball is an EXCELLENT mic. Here is a review of it, and you can listen to the audio quality. http://digiaudio.blogspot.com/2005/10/revi...owball-usb.html
  14. one1step1

    Mac Tips Daily!

    Thanks for the nice comments!
  15. one1step1

    Podcasting Software

    I have been using Podcast Maker from www.potionfactory.com and it is rock solid, and is the easiest Podcasting program I have used. I tried several for the Mac, and none of them were as easy to get a grip of as this one. It does regular podcasts, enhanced, and they are great with support. I asked for a feature or two, and they were in the newest release!! I tried out the 30 day version, and I couldn't go back to the hand tagging, so I gave them the $30 bucks and I feel it was definitely worth it. It works great getting your feed together, shows a preview of how it will look in iTunes, supports SFTP, and more. I am just waiting for them to add some Automater features, and then it will be even easier. You can check out my podcast at www.mactipsdaily.com