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  1. So I'm looking to upgrade to a new computer and my current one is my late '08 2.53 Ghz C2D macbook pro. My mac book pro does have the 9600m GT in it with 512mb of VRam. I was wondering how the video performance would compare to the intel HD 4000 paired with the 2.0 Ghz i7. I don't do heavy gaming any more but figured I'd check out how the two compare to each other. I know you typically don't compare a dedicated card to a integrated card, but, I figured the 9600 was pretty old to the point where a comparison would be close. I still do some games on the side but they are mostly non-gpu heavy. I would of course sell my MBP after I purchase the air, so I would not keep the Pro. All thoughts are welcome!
  2. Well, About 3 months ago, I dropped my iPhone 4s in used motor oil > It never shut off or anything. I did my best to clean it out at the time, but the long range microphone became damaged. Now with speaker phone or videos all I get is static. Siri still works along with everything else. I was just wondering if this is a replaceable part, or if its soldered onto the logic board. Any help is welcome! Thanks -Mark
  3. markbin

    An Ambitious Project?

    So I was just running ideas around in my head, after coming to the conclusion that my 2.53 late '08 Macbook pros performance isn't too great anymore. What do you guys think about this heart transplant? The logic boards aren't physically that different. Think I'm in over my head? Should I just sell my late '08 and hope I get some decent money for it? It is still under applecare until july. Thanks -Mark
  4. I have tried it and it did not work, but i found Banana TV which turns your mac into an air player for your ios devices so i have just used that. Thanks for the help! -Mark
  5. I am looking for some application that allows me to browse the web as an iphone or ipad from my mac. The reason is that there is a web service that allows me to stream TV from my home mac to my iPhone or iPad and im tired of holding the device. The web service says that only the iOS can use it. Is there any way around this? Thanks -Mark
  6. So I've decided that I'm going to sell my MBP and grab a used Mac pro off E bay and I have a few questions. First, are there any series of Mac pros that are prone to breaking that I should try and steer clear of? Second, how upgradeable are they? And lastly, what type of CPU should I be looking for? It will be used heavily under windows and mac os. Graphics is a plus but i can always upgrade that later. One last question, What happens if you throw a windows GPU in the mac pro? Any other suggestions are also welcome. Thanks -Mark
  7. To make a long story short, a friend of mine gave me their old macbook as payment for recovering some pc harddrives and the monitor is cracked. I am wondering which monitors are compatable with this macbook? Is it any of the pre-unibody displays? Or does it only work with first gen displays? (with the crappy intel GMA graphics) Thanks -Mark
  8. My Macbook pro can't stay cool when I am playing games away from a desk. When I use the 9600m GT (512MB) card while on my lap, it starts to throttle performance of the gpu or cpu. Not sure which one but my frame rate will start cycling from 70+ down to 17 then going back to 70+ all within about 1.5 seconds. Is this normal? Is this machine only able to stay cool when its on a desk? Im considering taking it to the "Genius" Bar but I'd figure I'd start here. Thanks -Mark Late 2008 MBP 5,1 2.53 core 2 duo 4gb of ram and 9400+9600 GT
  9. markbin

    macbook core duo battery problems

    Yes thats it. I used some contact cleaner and a sewing needle to clean off some of the coffee and after a couple of tries it worked! it sees the battery and is charging it as Im typing this! so glad it wasn't anything worse! Thanks for the help -Mark
  10. My sisters 1st gen macbook is having some bad battery issues ( some coffee found its way inside). It did not recognize batteries at all even though it would run off of them when the power was unplugged. It does not charge them either. I took it apart today and did see some of the spill down in there so I pulled the battery connector out of the motherboard and noticed that some of the pin holes were darker then the others. I just applied some contact cleaner to both the battery connector and the mother board connector. It now sees and charges the battery sometimes but only if i press on the connection to the mother board. I have been cleaning the contacts for a bit now and it seems to charge and see the batteries every once in a while. Is the problem the battery connector or the connection going into the board? Or is it something else? Any help is welcome Thanks -Mark
  11. markbin

    iPhone or HTC tilt 2

    ok well the AT&T salesperson helped me elminate the tilt so I think I will end up getting the iPhone. But now a new question has arrived, how long should I wait (or if) to see if a new iphone comes out? Thanks -Mark
  12. markbin

    iPhone or HTC tilt 2

    Ok so here's the deal. I am up for an upgrade with AT&T and I'm not sure which phone to get. I like the iPhone but I'm not sure i'll like how locked down the phone is. My alternative is the HTC tilt 2. I know very little about HTC and was wondering if there was any pros and cons to it. Another reason why I'm straying away from the iPhone is that its internet browser is very incomplete. EDIT: I would also like to be able to download pdf's, videos, etc. which from what ive seen/heard you cant download items from the web on the iPhone. But i have not used one in a while so maybe that has changed im also considering the LG Expo Any advise is more then welcome Thanks -Mark
  13. Well, I took it to the apple store the other day and they told me they were going to stress test it and repair if needed. When I woke it up at the store it did do the black screen. On a side note, i got my old Powerbook 540c on the internet and im typing this from it. Neat how the old machines can handle such a big time gap and still work. It did have many errors though. Any suggestions for a Mac OS 8 web browser? Or is it too old?
  14. I bought a refurb. macbook pro 15" with the 9600m GT graphics card with 512 mb. of ram back in July of 09. And recently, when i wake the computer up from sleeping, I get parts of my screen that are black. Im worried because I have heard of this problem before with the 9600 gt card going out on this computer. I have not been able to duplicate this problem on the 9400M card which is also worrying me. Any help and or advice is greatly appreciated Thanks -Mark
  15. I have an iBook G3 that is not booting into anything. I can use the harddrive in TDM and i can get it to the boot manager which will show the HD and whats in the cd drive. The computer will not boot into the OSX disc or the HD. What cuased this is the power cord was triped over and yanked the computer a good bit. The Power supply broke from this, however we jerryriged it to work. Could this be our problem? Or could it be the DC in jack on the computer itself? Thanks -Mark