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    Cannot burn to DVD

    Hmm, sounds like a weird thing. If you can burn CD's and read DVD's, then perhaps the Apple store rep is correct about the media. Memorex has always seemed a little shaky to me, I use TDK or Apple DVD's whenever possible, and all TDK CD's, so I'd recommend those. Don't fret about Christmas! Worst case scenario, you could try a VCD, but the quality on those stinks... Good luck!
  2. Legolover64

    Dart Fish Equivalent for Mac?

    LoggerPro might do the trick...
  3. Legolover64

    Uninstalling iDVD

    I have a 13" Macbook, and it is Combo Drive-less, and I don't intend on buying a DVD burner any time soon (have one on the desktop) I was wondering two things: 1 - How would I go about deleting EVERYTHING iDVD on my computer? Will AppZapper do? 2 - Will this damage my computer? What if I buy iLife '07, is something going to go wrong? Thanks guys
  4. Legolover64

    "Rebroadcast" mode error

    Many of you, I'm sure, are aware that your Mac can act as a wireless repeater of sorts, it can read a connection and rebroadcast it through many many means (Airport, Cat-5, maybe even Bluetooth) Anyways, I was wondering, on one of my connections when I try and take the WiFi conenction and rebroadcast it, the window just closes when I hit the check box. Is this a network admin error, or can I not use the airport to both receive and send?
  5. Legolover64

    Build 3036 of Parallels ROCKS!

    Does "Coherence" mode work well? Do the windows work in Expose? How does minimizing work? Can "Coherence" mode do Linux windows too?
  6. Legolover64

    Zooming in QT VR

    Alternatively, hold Ctrl and scroll in and out. This also allows you to zoom
  7. Legolover64

    November Customization.

    I used several things in this GUI theme, one was the Reflections theme for Candybar (but it comes with the normal icon files too) and another was the handy Milk theme from ShapeShifter. Sadly I had to switch this to OS X's Graphite, it made compatibility issues with certain Apps fuzzy. For transparent windows, I'm big into Afloat.
  8. Legolover64

    Customizing my Macbook

    Hey guys, I've had my Macbook for 4 months now, and it's starting to feel a tad bland and like-all-the-other Macbooks I see. It's a white one, cheapest model, and a Core Duo (as opposed to the newer Core 2 Duos). I'm going to be upping the RAM to 2GB soon, and getting the screen repaired, so I figured I might as well get it customized and make it really my computer. Here's what I need to do to get it where I want it: -Customize UI and Computer feel - Done. (thank you Shapeshifter and Candybar trials) -Change Apple logo to black - Incomplete. These would be the ones from iColour, it would look like this: Anyone have experience with this? Can I pay CompUSA to do it so no warranty is voided? What about the Apple Store doing installation? -Mod case - Incomplete I want to go with kind of a cracked look, lines coming out from the Apple logo and going off the case on the back panel. I don't know if you guys have any experience with things like this, but I'd like you to share how you think I could mod this. If someone could rig up a cool design that fits these parameters, that'd be spectacular. I may even be able to take like a stencil to do it or something, who knows... --- So that's what I want to do. Any ideas about how you think it'd look, or whether it's a good idea at all? Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Legolover64

    lol i bought the iSpot for my iPod!

    Yikes, I get a generic error when I click the link. How much is it MSRP?
  10. Legolover64

    Leopard Wishes

    How about: -In the Tiger login window, have the background be whatever wallpaper you use currently, not the blue one that comes standard -Tabbed Finder windows (come on, Apple, EVERYONE wants this!) -More pretty visuals, an Expose 2 if you will. Imagine built-in Afloat and things like that, Beryl-type functionality too. You know you want to, Apple
  11. Legolover64

    Who still uses their old Mac?

    When I'm feeling artsy, I break out the old Macintosh SE and do some writing. Or mess around in the spreadsheeter. Colorless screens for life, heh.
  12. Legolover64

    Black or White?

    I, personally, have seen 2 Black Macbooks. One of them my friend's had for about 6 months, and it looks pretty horrible. Then again, he treats it REALLY poorly, if that's anything to you. Besides the fingerprints on the screen, the matte appears to get dirty. Then again, another person I saw got a black Macbook about 24 hours ago. Already, the black is showing signs of wear and tear, but nothing extreme. My white one looks really nice, except from the bruise when I dropped it from about 14 inches up. It's even starting to look a little dingy, and the screens get kinda dirty... (if anyone has a tip for cleaning them, PLEASE tell me!) All in all, great computer, get whichever one you think is better for you.
  13. Legolover64

    Terminal Guide?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows about a basic guide to Terminal (performing basic functions, etc.) and one that leads up to Network tasks and advanced topics, "hacking" too, if you know of it (just kidding). Anyone know of a guide to Terminal?
  14. Legolover64

    OFFICIAL: New MacBooks

    It's official: My first Mac is obsolete A sad day indeed... But, hey, whatever right?
  15. Hey guys, I'm currently a 17 year old High School Junior, and I use computers at school a lot. I'd say around 5 years ago, my family stopped using Macs (this was pre-Apple Store) because we got screwed over on a few purchases. My dad decided, being the head of the technology in my house at the time, to go with PC's. To tell you the truth, I got very used to my PCs I had over the years, borrowed from my dad/purchased on my own. However, a year ago, I got an iPod 5G. Instantly, I fell in love with the way it stores things, the sleek blend of software and hardware, everything was phenomenal. I'm not going to lie, the "halo effect' got me. So, late July of this year, I finally convinced my parents (school and debate practically required it) to get me, with some of my own funding, a Macbook. We didn't go for anything too crazy, 512MB of RAM, the $1099 model. We also picked up Office 2k4 Student and an orange case. I love it. I love the way it works, how everything is so fluid and works from one application to the next (even with 3rd party apps!) Locations, with my school's proxy settings, have been a lifesaver and Camino retains the Firefox-type compatibility I had on my PC and the OS-integration (location, location, location ) that Safari has. I have already played around in GarageBand and learned a few things about Terminal (can anyone point me to a guide?) Quite frankly, I couldn't be happier with this computer. I haven't yet experienced discoloration or cracking, but this is probably because I'm so anal retentive about my computer and its bag, heh. My ONLY gripe is that there's a stain (dirt or something) on my screen that won't come off. It's really annoying. That's my story guys