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    Buy now or wait? Apple products.

    More rumors! You might wait until September, should price be an issue. Apple hints at something new in part, this story says: Apple is widely expected to be getting ready to refresh its line of notebook computers, and there is some speculation that it may introduce a new kind of device that is smaller than a laptop but larger than an iPhone. In several ways, Apple executives hinted that this new product would compete aggressively on price with rival devices. . . . For years, Apple pursued a premium pricing strategy, reflecting its status as a niche vendor. The music player business, in which Apple has the dominant market share, moved the company toward a more mainstream pricing philosophy.The warning Monday "has to mean significant price changes in one of their major products," said A.M. Sacconaghi Jr., a securities analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein. "Gross margins should be going up as the iPhone kicks in." Low pricing was a key factor in the revival of Apple's sales of iPods, which have been sluggish recently."