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  1. gregwest

    Jimmy Kimmel Attacks a Mac

    If you watched Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, you too probably cringed as he tossed a MacBookPro from his desk onto the floor when he was unable to connect to a virtual guest using iChat. After a commercial break the Mac was back on his desk and functioning- pretty impressive!
  2. gregwest

    Aperture's Demise?

    Many have noted that Aperture is the sole Pro App that Apple did not update during 2007. Now that MacWorld has come to an end with no mention of the program, it would seem that next week's PMA is the last chance to see Aperture revisited. I'd love to hear thoughts on this. Has Lightroom killed Aperture?
  3. gregwest

    Keynote Crashing

    Since upgrading to Leopard, Keynote presentations with embedded movies hang up when a slide containing a movie is cued up- the audio of the movie plays but there is no video and the presentation freezes. Video files are Quicktime .dv and m4v. Any ideas?
  4. gregwest

    Formatting in Pages

    As a high school teacher, I am constantly making multiple choice exams. In MS Word, you can start a numbered list, type a question, the hit Enter. Word starts a new, sequential number, but if you hit the Tab key, you indent and go to the next list style, in my case from a numer (1.) to a letter (a.). I can't find a similar way to accomplish this in Pages without lots of visits to the Inspector for each question. I really want to dump Word- any ideas on how to accomplish this simple task in Pages? Thanks!
  5. gregwest

    Drive Speed

    I'm looking to purchase a new MacBook and I'm considering a 200GB drive- but I'm unsure about the drive being slower (4200 vs 5400). I use a lot of Keynote prsentations with embedded movie clips- would this drive slow playback performance assuming I load it with 2GB RAM? Any other negatives I'm not considering? Thanks
  6. gregwest

    Encrypting a Disk

    Is there a way to encrypt an entire external HD?
  7. gregwest

    Apple's Backup

    Does anyone know if Apple's Backup program can back up an entire drive or is it limited to the material available in the account into which you are presently logged? Thanks.
  8. gregwest

    MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo

    The MBs will have to be updated quickly- compare a similarly configured black MB to the 15"MBP- only a $200 difference! Increasing the HD capacity is in Apple's best interest- after all, movies take up lots of space! I don't know if the processor will be upgraded- perhaps not and that will justify the difference the price difference between the machines. But that will require a significant MB price drop and/or serious memory and HD upgrades. It will be interesting to see what Apple does, but I'd guess it's right around the corner.
  9. gregwest

    NIKON Owners...

    Does anyone know if Nikon will be releasing universal binaries of its new Capture program, Nikon Scan and Camera Control? I can't find any details on the Nikon site. One other question- is the next version of Photoshop going to be a universal binary? I thought that I heard that it will be Intel-ony. Needless to say, I'm considering upgrading...
  10. gregwest

    Bad Bug

    An annoying bug has appeared on the G5 iMac since the latest Security Update. Once the update is installed, the CD/DVD drive will no longer accept any discs- whether you're attempting to read or wrte a disc (CD or DVD), the machine simply spits it out. You'll find others ranting on Apple's Support site, but thus far, no fixes. iMac G5 owners beware!
  11. gregwest

    Excel Woes

    It seems that it's only my laptop that's unable to read/write to Excel or Filemaker files- my desktop machine at work opens them without any trouble. So the question is: Why does a single machine have access problems with only Excel and Filemaker files from an external drive?
  12. gregwest

    Excel Woes

    Filemaker Pro too! What's going on????????
  13. gregwest

    Excel Woes

    Just moved some files onto a new mobile Firewire Hard Drive but now Excel files refuse to open, suggesting that they're password protected. I've checked permissions on both the file and the drive itself- only Excel files are giving me trouble. If I drag the file to the Desktop, it opens without a problem, let's me work on it, but then refuses to save on the new drive. Any idea what's going on? I need a fix! I've already repaired permissions on the compuetr drive- disk utility won't let me do it on the external.
  14. gregwest

    iPhoto 6 Thumbnails

    Just upgraded to iPhoto 06 and I have 164 "blank" thumbnails in the library and some albums. The thumbnail cache has been rebuilt twice (by quitting iPhoto and allowing it to restart, then folowing the recommendation that appeared). Could these reflect delete images or am I missing images?
  15. gregwest

    Keynote & Media Browser

    I've dragged my iPhoto Library folder from one machine to another. iPhoto works fine, but when trying to browse images in Keynote's Media Browser, very few images appear; rather, just the image's name is present. Any ideas on how to get the images displayed? Thanks!