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    Program that automatically starts another program

    You can use iCal. Create a new event or to do item. In the Info box, under alarm, set the alarm to Open File and set the time for On Date. You can select any file, even .app program files, for the alarm.
  2. adamf

    Sony ps3

    There is already a thread for this: http://www.maccast.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=1787
  3. adamf

    help i can't get my window back

    ^ He's not talking about expose. He can see the window in expose, but he can't get it visible to drag it. You might try deleting the .plist file associated with whatever program it is... that should set windows back to default positions.
  4. adamf

    Dubya's a mac user????

    Aha, here's the pic:
  5. adamf

    is hotmail hot

    You need to give us an email address to send the invite to.
  6. adamf

    is hotmail hot

    I've sent you an invite.
  7. adamf

    Foo Fighters itunes download help

    Let me make sure I understand... the actual files are in the right spot in the Finder, but in iTunes they are shown somewhere else? If I have that right, where alphabetically in iTunes are the stray files going to?
  8. adamf

    Dubya's a mac user????

    If he ever did use a Mac, I doubt he uses it anymore. He doesn't even use email out of privacy concerns. (Which makes sense for a president) Anyways, John Kerry uses a Mac. He has a tiBook.
  9. I want it! That's fabulous.
  10. adamf

    Foo Fighters itunes download help

    Hm... in Get Info, make sure they're not checked as part of a compilation?
  11. adamf

    100th show anniversary!

    I assure you that I was calm when I wondered if people on the boards listen to the show before they comment. I guess Adam made a mistake then if the description reads #89 (which he writes, not iTunes).
  12. adamf

    linux on ipod

    5 posts in a row of one word or one sentence each? C'mon.
  13. adamf

    100th show anniversary!

    #89 according to itunes 90 according to Adam on the show. Sometimes I wonder if people on the boards have even listened to the show.....
  14. adamf

    is hotmail hot

    Whatever you do, don't do a Google search or read any Gmail help files. :roll:
  15. adamf

    100th show anniversary!

    Well, okay. I was thinking like 10-15 seconds. But oh well, bad idea I guess.
  16. adamf

    Podcast List

    I've tried a number of podcasts, but I have a pretty narrow list now. Listen to every episode: -MacCast -TWiT -Security Now! Listen/watch most episodes: -Diggnation -Systm -commandN I should probably branch out and try more non-tech podcasts, but I waste enough time as it is.
  17. adamf

    id3 tags

    Something I've done is to put the "featured artist" in with the song title, like this: Artist: Nelly Song: Crazy Rap Song [w/ Steve Wozniak] Other times, I just omit the featured artist entirely if it isn't that important.
  18. adamf

    100th show anniversary!

    That would be one long show! If each comment is short, not really... and I doubt every single listener will send one in... probably only the more active listeners. Anyways, just an idea, that I thought might be a nice way to give congratulations and thanks to Adam.
  19. adamf

    100th show anniversary!

    The last show was show #90.
  20. adamf

    Dual Core PowerMacs soon?

    I believe Adam actually mentioned this article on the show today.
  21. adamf

    100th show anniversary!

    We could have a mass sending of MP3 comments, with notes of congratulations and something about what we like about the show, how long we've been listening... etc. And on the 100th show, Adam could play them all.
  22. adamf

    Power Issues?

    In the past I have seen one of the two sockets not work.
  23. adamf

    iTunes5 - Podcasts in Library?

    Option-Delete, not Command-Delete is what deletes the files from the Smart Playlist AND the Library. I suppose I might be stating the obvious here, but Option-Delete also works from the Podcast view. (You know, the view where you can see all your subscriptions.)
  24. adamf

    Windows "Longhorn" named Windows Vista

    The thing is, we obviously all like the Mac, that's why we're here. We all have that in common. That's why I don't understand why we can't carry on an intelligent, mature discussion about the merits and shortcomings of a competing product/company without knee-jerk responses and irrational generalizations. Seriously, could someone anyone answer that for me?
  25. adamf

    id3 tags

    You can input lyrics manually. And I'm sure someone will develop a tool to get lyrics online similar to the album art downloading tools that are out there.