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    Windows "Longhorn" named Windows Vista

    WWDC 2005, when Jobs quickly mentioned Lepoard. To be accurate, he didn't say December 2006. He said "at the end of 2006 or early 2007."
  2. adamf

    mac bootup speed

    macosx.4, what are you talking about? Your operating system(s) aren't installed in your RAM...
  3. I came across something pretty cool today that I wanted to share with everyone. I'm sure you all know about the scrolling trackpads on the current line of PowerBooks. (If you don't, go to Apple's PowerBook page). I was surprised to find that somebody has written a driver to enable this on the pre-2005 PowerBooks and all iBook G4s. Check it out here: http://www-users.kawo2.rwth-aachen.de/~raz...zfazz/iscroll2/ It's a new driver written from scratch, not a hack, it has a GUI installer and it's easy to remove. It's controlled from its own pane in System Preferences. I've installed it on my iBook G4 1.33 GHz running OS 10.4.2 with no problems. It works perfectly for me if I only enable vertical scrolling. It's still pre-1.0 so I'm sure it will improve over time. I emailed Adam so maybe he'll mention this on an upcoming show. I hope this helps some folks out!
  4. adamf

    Video Podcasts

    http://www.diggnation.com/ http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...ast?id=76140881
  5. adamf

    Paying for Music Vids

    That's a little different though. I'm normally not a fan of music videos, but I did buy a collection of Dave Matthews Band videos as I'm a big fan of that band. Live shows are a totally different thing. Seeing and hearing a band live is a great experience. A DVD of a good live show is nice to have around when you can't be at a real concert. But would I buy a music video on iTunes? No, not unless it was something new and different from traditional music videos.
  6. adamf

    Mac mini running like a dog

    My first thought was the RAM may have a problem... something is definately wrong though.
  7. adamf

    ftp from finder

    Yes, you can FTP from the Terminal. If you fully read the thread I linked, there are good reasons OS X doesn't write from the Finder.
  8. adamf

    PB PC2700 RAM in iBook (PC2100)

    In the desktop PC world, the RAM will simply run at the slower speed. So it would work. However I have little experience with RAM in notebooks so I can't say for sure. But I wouldn't expect a problem.
  9. adamf

    ftp from finder

    There is a good discussion thread about this over at MacNN forums. My personal FTP client is Transmit from Panic Software, it's the best there is on OS X.
  10. adamf

    iTunes 4.9 Bad Sound

    I would still try to update the sound card's drivers if you haven't already.
  11. adamf

    iTunes 5

    I'm talking about if you use iTunes 4.9 to download podcasts. Third party clients work differently.
  12. Absolutely. It seems to me that last notch before full adds a lot of extra brightness. When I run my screen on just one notch under full, it gives me about 30 minutes longer battery life.
  13. adamf

    iTunes 4.9 Bad Sound

    My first suggestion is to try different speakers (or headphones) to make sure the problem isn't with that. Then I would try updating the sound card drivers. You can try Windows Update, but to be absolutely sure you have the latest drivers you need to check the manufacturer's website. If the problem persists, try playing audio from another application such as WinAmp or Windows Media Player. The software should have nothing to do with this though. If you really think the problem is with iTunes, you can always try reinstalling it, or installing a previous version. Post back to give up more information though, we should be able to help you further.
  14. adamf

    iTunes 4.9 Bad Sound

    I'm not exactly sure what's causing this, but it isn't iTunes. Have you tried different speakers? Are you running Windows (as your name suggests)?
  15. adamf

    iTunes 5

    That's because when you dragged those podcasts to a playlist, it moved them into the main music library.
  16. adamf

    IP Question

    I really like the Sysstat widget. It displays your IP among many other things.
  17. adamf

    iTunes 5

    This is possible right now in iTunes 4.9. Drag your shows into a playlist and you're golden. Works on the iPod with "On-the-Go" as well! Since Podcasts are stored outside the main library, I'd like there to be a kind of smart playlist that works only within the podcasts.
  18. Same here, mine is doing fine.
  19. adamf

    Apple's iPod battery replacement

    Ohhhhhh... So you mean if you bring in an iPod and the battery is still over 50%, they just won't do anything? This makes more sense... I was under the impression that you could get a replacement for $99 regardless, but if the battery was under 50% you could get the replacement for $59. But I think I got it now. Thanks.
  20. adamf

    Holy Shit!

    It's pretty crazy. I started listening in February, I think the number then was about 700 or so.