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  1. iPhoto will import all the pictures... I actually like this because I can't tell what I want to keep until I get a large view. Then I can decide to delete or not. You can use the Image Capture program for more control over importing pictures. It's in the Applications folder.
  2. adamf

    iPod and iCal

    If the event spans two days, then yeah, the iPod will show it under each day in which the event occurs. Is that what you mean?
  3. adamf

    Question for students or parents

    And/Or Skype Let me clarify. To me, this idea seems like just using a computer just for the sake of using a computer. I see no advantage in this, and it may even be disadvantageous if it turns out to be more complicated and time consuming. Just because there are computers available does not mean we need to use them for every single task. Assuming this teacher meets with his students face-to-face, there is little reason to use voice recordings or Skype for this task. When I said a personal meeting, I meant a meeting where you actually sit down with the teacher and talk. If that is too time consuming, then written comments would suffice.
  4. adamf

    Question for students or parents

    I don't like the idea... I don't see any advantage in doing it that way. I would prefer one of the following: 1. A personal meeting for comments/discussion. 2. Written comments.
  5. adamf

    Post your desktop :D

    We understand that but that's not our point.
  6. adamf

    MP3 or AAC maccast

    Do you really listen to old MacCasts that often? And besides, they are all available from the website.
  7. adamf

    iPod Warranty

    The iPod only includes one phone support incident within the 90 days. AppleCare gives you two years telephone support.
  8. adamf

    Post your desktop :D

    It's really not that big of a deal. It's a discussion forum, not a highly organized filing cabinet. Yes it is cool that there is one main thread, but it isn't a huge deal if someone posts a screenshot elsewhere. Thank you Mitch. Some may find it rude that we have existing threads and you come along and make yet another thread and get mad at us for not using it. You seem to have appointed yourself moderator and its getting very old.
  9. I just export from Safari and import in Firefox.
  10. adamf

    Mac-to-PC video chat solution?

    iChat to AIM?
  11. adamf

    Mac OS X q.

    I have tried to use the restore CDs (Panther) from an iBook G4 on an older iBook. It did not work.
  12. adamf

    Mac Screenshot Thread

    I think we ought to have a screenshot thread going. Show off your customizations, wallpapers, layouts, et cetera. I'll start it off. The theme is my mod/hybrid of the Leopard and iT5 themes (in DLTA). Wallpaper is Aqua Plastic Graphite. The Adium message style is Ruler and the Adium color scheme is Dashboard-Like.
  13. adamf

    The 1 Screen shot thread 2 rule them all

    We should've just picked an existing thread and stuck with it. But ask Adam to lock the other threads if this is going to be the real deal from now on. :evil:
  14. adamf

    Mac Screenshot Thread

    Good lord. Maybe we should just NOT MAKE DUPLICATE THREADS.
  15. adamf

    Mac Screenshot Thread

    Pardon me, but what is a trekie? A "Trekkie" is a Star Trek fan.
  16. adamf

    Could this GET any worse????

    I don't understand why you quoted me... I was basically saying Christianianity tells us God gave man responsibility to care for the earth.
  17. adamf

    iChat on the desktop

    I bet it was a screenshot of Adium, an open source IM client that is really customizable in terms of appearance. www.adiumx.com
  18. adamf

    Could this GET any worse????

    If you believe in the Christian god, then you believe that God granted man dominion over the earth. Some might argue that means man can pillage the earth and do with it what he pleases. The more convincing argument can be made that man was given responsibility to care for and maintain the world for all of God's creatures and the children of humanity. God has granted man both dominion over earth and the freedom of choice... I don't think any Christian would claim the existence of God would overrule human responsibility.
  19. So, I have an interview at an Apple Store this weekend. I'm all freaked out and nervous. I'll probably end up walking in, freezing up, and doing the Wayne's World "I'm not worthy" thing. That means I need to prepare and get my wits about me. So my questions are for people who have worked at or interviewed at the Apple Store before. What kinds of questions might they ask? What kinds of things do they look for? Any other advice? And if you have any general interviewing tips not directly related to the Apple Store, I'd be glad to hear those too. Thanks for your help guys.
  20. adamf

    Why I won't get a mighty mouse

    Something has snapped in my brain so that now I can hardly stand to use non-Apple stuff with an Apple computer. For example, at college we have Mac labs with Logitech mice on the machines... drives me nuts. I think I'm developing OCD.
  21. adamf

    Podcast in Music Library

    Even though it is in the library, podcasts won't come up in shuffle.
  22. Have you tried leaving the password blank and pressing OK?
  23. adamf

    Apple Releases Broadband Tuner 1.0

    Keep in mind that this can have varied results. If you're happy with your speeds at present, you may want to leave it be.
  24. adamf

    OSX on windows

    That was a joke for Morn.
  25. adamf

    Do You Maximize your windows?

    I don't usually maximize windows... it kind of defeats the purpose of having windows if you can't easily get to stuff behind them.