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    OSX on windows

    Who mourns for Morn?
  2. adamf

    working at the Apple store

    Okay, obviously no company is perfect. What I mean to say is... take your pick. Microsoft? Wal-Mart? Apple? What companies can you think of that treat you best as their customer, which companies do you think would treat you best as an employee?
  3. adamf

    .mac email set up,Help please

    Did anyone pick up .Mac while it was on sale for 68 dollars today?
  4. adamf

    Power Book Wallpaper

    Thanks for posting this! Where'd you find it?
  5. adamf

    Enter = launch...how?

    Really, I used to feel the same way. But the Mac way is the better way. I got used to it and I love it. What Windows needs is a one-key shortcut to rename. Too damn complicated to rename a file in Windows.
  6. adamf

    MSN Messenger for Mac question

    The official MSN for Mac client doesn't support it, and libgaim doesn't yet support the "personal messages" or whatever they're called on MSN. So therefore Adium can't do it. It should be supported in a future version of libgaim.
  7. adamf

    Firewire is fast... so what?

    FireWire and USB2 both have the same average speed... but it takes USB longer to peak in speed. If you are doing a large transfer, it's basically the same. But for short transfers of a few songs, FireWire is faster. Not to mention that a lot of people have FireWire only have USB 1.1. I can tell you a lot of people have been into the Apple Store really upset about the lack of FireWire support.
  8. adamf


    Not if you aren't sitting there when it's downloading. Then why would it matter if it is downloading or not? It's a simple delete if it finishes downloading and you have no interest. Maybe if you have a slower connection. Also, I have my iTunes set to keep only the two most recent episodes, so if it automatically downloads it kicks out an older MacCast.
  9. adamf


    Not if you aren't sitting there when it's downloading.
  10. adamf

    Mac Screenshot Thread

    I thought I'd post another screen, this one from my new PowerBook. Nothing special going on here, but I do really like the wallpaper I found. It's called Drop, available on InterfaceLIFT.
  11. adamf


    I'm kinda thinking it might be worthwhile to seperate the videos into a seperate feed. Folks who are on slower connections or who just plain aren't interested might like that. Thoughts?
  12. adamf

    Forum problem

    Almost all of the time I log in from my PowerBook, but I occasionally log in from lab computers and the problem repeats itself there as well.
  13. adamf

    Forum problem

    I'm having trouble with the forums not saving threads as unread. When I log in, it marks some threads as unread like normal, but after looking around for a few minutes/seconds, the unread icons disappear and everything is marked as read. Anyone else have this problem? And can it be fixed?
  14. adamf

    Drive recovery help

    I was under the impression that you had to have the "special software" installed prior to deletion. Or so I've read. But the data is technically still there until it's been written over... so there is some way to get it. Just a question of difficulty.
  15. adamf

    R.I.P Shuffle

    Your iPod shuffle has a one-year warranty. It covers manufacturer defect... so if you could make the claim that it broke while disconnecting from your computer, unrelated to the dropping, then maybe you could get it replaced.
  16. adamf

    Let me see your Mac!

    Tabbed browsing is in all versions of Safari, even on Panther. Check your Safari prefs.
  17. adamf

    Classic Icon In System Preferences

    I just deleted it and have had no problems. It should reappear if you do anything like try to run a classic program again or if you install classic. But glad to hear you got it fixed.
  18. adamf

    Backup 3

    I'm lost. Why did you backup your hard drive to your hard drive? That doesn't do much good.
  19. adamf

    Mighty Mouse - Review

    You just need to edit about:config to disable the history thing... I forget what to edit specifically, but a quick Google search would tell you what to do. But it's an easy fix.
  20. adamf

    Instant Messenger Cross Platform

    iChat and AIM are supposed to work together, at least according to Apple's iChat webpage.
  21. adamf

    Mac Screenshot Thread

  22. adamf

    New Name for the Intel PowerMac

    Didn't know what the "i" in iMac stood for. You didn't know it stood for Internet until I told you.
  23. adamf

    New Name for the Intel PowerMac

    October 1st 2005: November 7th 2005: Don't be a jerk. You didn't know either.
  24. adamf

    Apple ProCard

    Are you talking about ProCare? Anyone can get that. It's $99 per year. You can get one hour per week of one-on-one assistance in the store, priority service at the Genius Bar, expedited turn-around time on repairs, and a once-a-year tune-up. Just go to the Apple Store and tell them you want ProCare. You'll need your Mac's serial number (but in two weeks we are changing the system so you don't need it tied to a certain machine). You'll make the employee very happy.
  25. adamf

    export movies to VCD?

    I would be interested in finding a way to do this from iDVD. Any ideas or third-party techniques to accomplish this?