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  1. I'm selling my iBook. I have all the original packaging. It is 10 months old. It's in very good shape, shows minor signs of use, basically slight wear on the keyboard. 14" -- 1.33 GHz G4 -- 768 MB RAM -- 60 GB HD-- Retail copy of Tiger $1000 US Feel free to make an offer as well, but I won't budge too much on the price. Buyer pays actual shipping cost. Email me if you're interested, if I don't hear anything in the next few days it's going on eBay.
  2. adamf

    Firefox Bookmarks

    I think if you go to File > Export Bookmarks in Safari, Firefox can import them.
  3. adamf

    Helping the PC>iBook Switch

    Before you buy a new one, I'm selling my 14" iBook. Only 10 months old. http://www.maccast.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=2510
  4. adamf

    What does apple do with old models

    What we have left of the PowerMacs are marked down $100. PowerBooks are marked down $300-$400. iMacs are $300 off. Old model iPods are $50. (I work at the Apple Store)
  5. adamf

    Adding Trash icon to Finder

    I don't think you can do that with Trash, it won't let you.
  6. 1) Tell iTunes to keep only unplayed podcasts. 2) Most people don't listen to multiple episodes of the same show in a row, but sounds like you already solved your problem. 3) Do you really subscribe to podcasts that frequently? All you have to do is click Music Store in the source list and you go right back to where you left off.
  7. adamf

    Few iBook Questions

    If it happened due to normal use, they should fix it for you. If you smashed your Z key with a hammer, then no.
  8. adamf

    Few iBook Questions

    1) Yes 2) I'm not sure, you could call AppleCare and ask. You may not have to do anything as AppleCare is connected with your Mac's serial number. You might have to transfer the registration to the new owner's name. 3) No 4) If it's a manufacturing defect
  9. adamf

    Steve Jobs in Time Magazine

    If any of you are looking to read the Time article but aren't subscribed, it can be read in full at Time Canada. http://www.timecanada.com/story.adp?storyid=005
  10. adamf

    Post Removed

    Yeah I've been kind of disappointed by ApplePedia. There is room out there for something better.
  11. adamf

    Post Removed

    How is this going to be different than applepedia.com (used to be onebutan)?
  12. adamf

    Messed up Finder window-- HELP!

    Open a Finder window, in the menu bar go to Finder > Preferences. In the Preferences window, go under Sidebar. Click the check box next to Network.
  13. adamf

    Alternatives to MS Word/Office

    But there's no spreadsheet app (yet) and I haven't found Pages to be that great for replacing everyday Word uses like writing a paper.
  14. adamf

    iTunes 6

    The new thing in the source list for managing video.
  15. Anybody having trouble finding video in iT6? I've upgraded QuickTime to 7.0.3, still nothing. When I click the Lost promo, I can't view the 30 second previews. The if I click the "TV Shows" button in the nav bar, it takes you back to music. What's the deal?
  16. adamf

    Black out all but Quicktime?

    Try fullscreening a video then pressing buttons like Command-1 and Command-2... if I remember right this will keep the video in full screen mode but will scale the frame down leaving a black border. There is a way to do that, I'm just not sure I remember the key combinations correctly.
  17. adamf

    ipod with video ad campaign

    It's a U2 music video... the first 15 seconds are of U2 playing on stage, then it zooms out to reveal it's playing on an iPod. Toward the end, the text "Watch your music" appears. You can watch it on Apple's website.
  18. adamf

    ipod with video ad campaign

    They want to emphasize that it's still about the music. I think that might have something to do with the song they chose, with the line "lose yourself in the music." They do have two commercials after all.
  19. adamf

    Hello Video iPod

    They sure look like they are.
  20. Hey guys. I threw together a desktop image showing off the new iPods. Hope you guys like it. Available in: 1600x1200 1440x900 1280x960 Download .ZIP (696 KB)
  21. adamf

    ipod to itunes seamless listening

    No it's any podcast, even MP3. Get Info for ANY track or podcast and go under Options and there is a checkbox for "remember playback position." This is checked by default on any podcast you download through iTunes.
  22. adamf

    Front Row in 10.4.3 ?

    Isn't that just for iPods using the universal dock? http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO... You wouldn't be able to use that on a non-iMac because there is no IR receiver. Although using that universal dock to hook up your iPod to a TV, your iPod would basically function like an iMac with Front Row albeit without the cool interface.
  23. adamf

    "Just For You" - ???

    Gone for me too. Hm.
  24. adamf

    ipod to itunes seamless listening

    On my Mac, it has been doing that automatically.
  25. I have noticed this too. There's no way I can convert my video library to work in iTunes.