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  1. adamf

    Front Row in 10.4.3 ?

    Only on iMacs. It wouldn't be very useful without a remote. I would guess future versions of other models may include it though. A Mac mini with Front Row would be really nice, assuming a G4 could handle the visual effects.
  2. adamf

    iTunes 6, where's the video?

    See my post above. You have to convert it first. And it's REALLY slow (and bigger file sizes than DivX AVI).
  3. adamf

    iTunes 6, where's the video?

    Videos seem to be working now although I still am unable to preview the TV shows. What do you guys think of managing all this video content in iTunes? iTunes is designed for music, the whole video handling seems to be kind of cumbersome. The new video menu is a start, but it still seems almost like an afterthought. Not to mention I can't import any files encoded in DivX. Also, loading up videos in iTunes seems more slow than using QuickTime. Edit: This is neat. "Creating Video for iPod" http://www.apple.com/quicktime/tutorials/c...atingvideo.html
  4. adamf

    Hello Video iPod

    5G The color iPods were still 4G
  5. adamf

    watch the 10/12 announcement?

    http://www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/specialeventoct05/ It's linked down at the bottom of the apple.com, along with the new iPod ads.
  6. adamf

    iTunes 6, where's the video?

    I had to go to the QuickTime section on Apple's site to download it... it wasn't listed in Software Update or in the Support section.
  7. adamf

    Hello Video iPod

    I don't think we will. First of all, an iPod or any other small device will never be optimal for viewing video. Second, Apple still has the stance that "it's about the music." I almost think the new video stuff in iTunes will be more popular for viewing at home than on the iPod. Especially with the FrontRow thing in the iMacs.
  8. I have to say I want one, not for video, but for the cool form factor and the larger HD capacity in the $300 model. Too bad I just got a new 20 GB iPod about a month ago.
  9. adamf

    video ipod

  10. I'm still skeptical, even though there are more signs appearing supporting a video iPod. iPod nano sales are so strong... why would they distract people from the nano?
  11. adamf

    Want to Buy OSX Tiger

    No, iLife is seperate.
  12. adamf

    iBook Keyboards

    I've never done it myself so I don't know how easy it is to connect, but I'm almost positive it will fit.
  13. adamf

    To get mom online

    I think that's a really cool story. Thanks for sharing it. Get her the Mac mini soon!
  14. adamf

    Hi Folks!

    Welcome. Thanks for introducing yourself!
  15. adamf

    Interview at Apple Retail Store

    Hey friends. Check it out!
  16. adamf

    Watch The First 9 Minutes of Serenity

    Does one need to have seen the show before seeing the movie?
  17. Looks like there is a big announcement coming October 12th. Links: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/news/comments/5578/ http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php...threadid=152843 http://www.macworld.com/news/2005/10/04/ap...event/index.php
  18. adamf

    Mac Screenshot Thread

    Nobody have any good looking Mac screens to share?
  19. adamf

    Apple special event October 12th!

    You're a funny guy so I'll presume that's a joke. Then again, I see lots of girls runnin around with pink iPod minis... so a pink nano might not be such a bad idea. *shudders*
  20. adamf

    New PowerMac G5s ?

    From what I've read, at least one model of PowerMac announced will be dual core.
  21. adamf

    iPod Update yet???

    I would guess the update is coming. Maybe it will be announced at the same time as the special event October 12th? I dunno.
  22. adamf

    Apple special event October 12th!

    No I don't, that's my point. You can't watch video while doing many things. Even if it's some goofy looking transparent-screen thing you wear on your head. Cause if your eyes are on the video, they aren't on what they should be on. The sidewalk, the road, even while working out you need to see what you're doing. And a lot of people aren't interested in watching video on-the-go to begin with. About the only time it is useful is if you're riding the bus or on an airplane... but do people really want to watch video every spare moment they have? I'm guessing not. And they shouldn't. We don't need to be innundated with video every second of the day. Music and video are very different things... music is supplemental to whatever else you are doing, it isn't all-consuming. Video is much more consuming, it takes pretty much all of your attention to watch it. (That's why music IN film works so well, it is enhancing and supplementary).
  23. adamf

    Apple special event October 12th!

    Well you can't very well drive or walk to class or do something else with glasses on your face. The iPod is popular partly because you can listen to it while doing other everyday things.
  24. adamf

    Apple special event October 12th!

    That's kind of what Steve is alluding to when he talks about how there's no equivalent of earphones for video... nothing that is compact and portable that still gives you a very rich experience.
  25. adamf

    Apple special event October 12th!

    Those are all based on the same idea that has been circulating the net for a while now. The first one was made by somebody who wanted to prove how easy it was to Photoshop one of these images.