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  1. Some albums on iTunes have tracks you can only get if you buy the whole album. Does anybody know the answer to this: If you buy a regular $.99 track off the album, and then later decide you want the whole album including the album-only tracks... will iTunes make you buy that individual song again, or will it give you the rest of the album minus the song you already have? I'm guessing you'd have to buy the song again, but I've never tried. Maybe someone here knows?
  2. adamf

    "Album Only" tracks on iTMS

    I meant I don't buy that much music... as in "they get little of my business." Sorry I wasn't very clear.
  3. adamf

    Run Windows on my powerbook

    You can't.
  4. adamf

    "Album Only" tracks on iTMS

    yea i think one of the reasons the album only tracks are there is so that people will do the oppostie of you and buy the whole thing. if i were you id just buy the indivual song and if you end up buying the whole album and its only 9 or 10 songs then you may only spend 8 or 9 $ I think 99 cents is too much as it is. No way I'd buy the same song twice. Really, I don't need to buy their music. Most of the time, these album only tracks amount to record industry greed. So by bullying me, they lose my business. What little they get of it anyways.
  5. adamf

    Playlist Folders on ipod 3G

    The podcasts menu works differently than the playlists menu... that's not the same as playlist folders.
  6. All iPods are pretty scratch-prone... I keep my new one in an iPod sock pretty much all the time.
  7. adamf

    macs at schools?

    All through school we had Apple computers. Early on it was the Apple II... teachers had newer Macs. In middle school we had a lab filled with colored iMacs. In high school, there were several labs... one had all-in-one G3s, another had the last line of iMac G3s... one was G4 cubes. I'm graduated now, but I happen to know they're switching over to Dells. Primarily to run a creepy program for sharing/tracking information about students.
  8. adamf

    HHGTTM Special: Name my Guinea Pigs!

    I think Steve is a good choice for one.
  9. adamf

    Adium question

    Kind of defeats the purpose of being on IM, doesn't it? If you go into preferences > status, you can add an invisible status. I've heard it can be buggy sometimes though.
  10. adamf

    Playlist Folders on ipod 3G

    So far, I don't believe any iPods can show the folder structure for playlists. I'm hoping that support will come along in a firmware update sometime soon.
  11. adamf

    "Album Only" tracks on iTMS

    Ah, bummer. A few times I've thought about buying a song, but then I see the album-only tracks and think that I might want to go back later and get the rest... so I end up getting nothing at all.
  12. adamf

    iTrip and LARGE CITY Users

    I don't live in a large city, but when I'm in a moderate sized city nearby interferance can get pretty bad. I can only imagine what it would be like in Philidelphia.
  13. adamf

    Yahoo! Messenger.. For mac ...

    Have you tried the open source chat client Adium? http://www.adiumx.com
  14. adamf

    Laptop Battery Usage

    I get four hours on my iBook with full screen brightness and using Airport. I can get five or more by lowering the brightness and limiting my Airport usage.
  15. adamf

    Moving between Safari tabs

    Didn't they change this shortcut to Command { and }? Although the arrows still work... I notice there are times when they don't but the {} keys do.
  16. adamf

    Mike's Lame Blog

    Nice lookin' blog... and Dave Matthews Band is the best. And I don't mean popular-with-15-year-old-girls-the-best... I mean spiritually, deeply, and movingly the best band ever. Is movingly a word? Eh it is now.
  17. adamf

    Switched my mom!

    Windows 98 to Mac OS X has to be quite the jump. Sounds like fun!
  18. adamf

    Podcasts & Smartplaylists in iTunes 5

    I'd like if there were a methed where you could say in the preferences "If I listen to a track for X amount of seconds, mark it as played"... and that would work the same for podcasts and music. Often I'll listen to 90% of a song, but it doesn't up the playcount cause I skip ahead or something.
  19. adamf

    Interview at Apple Retail Store

    Just wanted to say thanks to Allizard, Byte-size, The Professor, and dino for all their good wishes and congratulations. I very much appreciate the kind comments. And I'll keep an eye out for the cross-platform whiz. :wink:
  20. Why is it a bad thing for users if innovations, whether they be Apple's or someone else's, are implemented into other products? Obviously that means they're good ideas. As long as companies keep innovating, companies like Apple and Nintendo (have you seen the awesome new controller?), I'm happy.
  21. adamf

    External Hard Drive Enclosure

    20 bucks? You got a great deal... did a quick search on the web and I couldn't find it for less than sixty.
  22. adamf

    iTunes as slow as molasses

    Hahahahaha. Cool.
  23. adamf

    iTunes as slow as molasses

    I know iPhoto definitely has some scalability issues... so I wouldn't be shocked if iTunes did too.
  24. I voted for Photoshop CS, but I could probably get by with Elements... I haven't used it enough to know the differences though.