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  1. I think eventually we will have to see a larger format video iPod that is optimal for viewing video, like the psp.


    I don't think we will. First of all, an iPod or any other small device will never be optimal for viewing video. Second, Apple still has the stance that "it's about the music."


    I almost think the new video stuff in iTunes will be more popular for viewing at home than on the iPod. Especially with the FrontRow thing in the iMacs.

  2. Yeah but do you use your PowerBook to watch movies when you are driving?? (You shouldn't be wearing the earbuds when you do this either)


    No I don't, that's my point. You can't watch video while doing many things. Even if it's some goofy looking transparent-screen thing you wear on your head. Cause if your eyes are on the video, they aren't on what they should be on. The sidewalk, the road, even while working out you need to see what you're doing.


    And a lot of people aren't interested in watching video on-the-go to begin with. About the only time it is useful is if you're riding the bus or on an airplane... but do people really want to watch video every spare moment they have? I'm guessing not. And they shouldn't. We don't need to be innundated with video every second of the day. Music and video are very different things... music is supplemental to whatever else you are doing, it isn't all-consuming. Video is much more consuming, it takes pretty much all of your attention to watch it. (That's why music IN film works so well, it is enhancing and supplementary).

  3. What about having an iPod that has something like virtual reality glasses?? You know, something that gives you the illusion of seeing a big screen?? That would be really sci-fi nu?


    That's kind of what Steve is alluding to when he talks about how there's no equivalent of earphones for video... nothing that is compact and portable that still gives you a very rich experience.

  4. I think we ought to have a screenshot thread going. Show off your customizations, wallpapers, layouts, et cetera.


    I'll start it off.




    The theme is my mod/hybrid of the Leopard and iT5 themes (in DLTA). Wallpaper is Aqua Plastic Graphite. The Adium message style is Ruler and the Adium color scheme is Dashboard-Like.