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  1. statik

    Upgrading from Tiger to Leopard

    yeah my mac meets the requirements. It wouldn't even let me get to the stage to do a clean wipe. I finally got it to work by repairing my disk with disk utilities, then it recognized I had 10.4 or higher. now I have a new problem, my audio interface won't work with 10.5. Now I need to upgrade it. Oh well it was probably time. Thanks for the quick responses.
  2. Hello I am currently running OSX 10.4.11 on my computer. I want to upgrade to Leopard since I can't upgrade to snow leopard because I'm not on an intel mac. I bought a Leopard disc, but when I go to install it says I must have OSX 10.4 or higher and it can't find it. Is there anything I can do? Does It just not recognize something as high as 10.4.11? Can I revert to an older 10.4 to do the upgrade. Am I missing something? Thanks for any help
  3. statik

    double calendars with mobile me

    How do I keep from having every entry double posted, one "From My Mac" and one "From Mobile Me"? I do have the Sync Address Book and iCal buttons unchecked.
  4. Nevermind I'm an idiot, I found it in the shared folder.
  5. Where is the disk image located one you unmount it? I deleted it from my disk utilities but it continues to mount every time I restart. Now it doesn't show up in disk utilities.
  6. statik

    Spyware, adware etc

    I've gotten a pop up a few times that says I need to check for spyware. It closes all my safari windows. Even when I click on cancel it takes me to their website. Is there any reason I should be concerned? It has only happened three or four times in the last five months or so. Here is the pop up. I didn't think I was supposed to have this problem with a Mac. What should I do?
  7. I made a new larger disk image. Ok I've got two more questions: First, what is the difference between a disk image and a sparse disk image? Second, how do I delete the original sparse disk image I had? Thanks
  8. That makes more sense. Is there anyway to delete the original photos? I don't need a copy of a picture on it's side and one the correct way. Seems like an awful lot of wasted space.
  9. I have only edited about 5 or 6 pictures. That doesn't explain why it is more than twice the size. If it was a gig or 2 bigger I would understand but it's 8.5 GB of memory that I can't account for. Someone help me please. Thanks
  10. I am back and this worked great for a long time but now it seems I've used up all the space I set for the disk image. When I click on the photos in my Library and select all, it says that it is 6.5 GB, but when I click on the iPhoto library in the finder, it says that it is 14.98 GB. Am I missing something? Are there other photos in my library that don't show up in the photos section? Thanks for any help.
  11. statik

    Going to China in May

    Nice Thanks that is exactly what I was looking for.
  12. statik

    Going to China in May

    Sorry that link didn't work. it said session timed out. I'd love to see your suggestion though. thanks
  13. statik

    Going to China in May

    What kind of adaptor do I need to get to take my Macbook Pro. If anyone has any suggestions or advice please let me know. thanks
  14. Thanks, worked out nicely. Another question. Is there a way to make the sparse image disk to be hidden on the desktop? Not a big deal but would be nice.
  15. I've just purchased a macbook pro with leopard, and have 2 users on it. Mine is the admin account and my wife is a secondary account. We have all our photos under her account. Is there a way I can access them from mine? Thanks