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  1. For some reason, when connecting my Mac Mini via wireless to my network, under WPA, it will only accept AES encryption and not TKIP. I have other hardware that only likes TKIP and not AES. Why is this? Is there a setting I am missing?
  2. will5

    Leopard Broke my Proxy Server

    I have Squidman set to allow incoming connections.
  3. I have a mac mini at home that when I was running 10.4 on it, along with SquidMan, I could tunnel via SSH from work using Putty, and Proxy my web surfing from work through my Mac Mini. Thus go to sites blocked by work, such as Twitter. Since upgrading to 10.5, this solution no longer works for some reason. I can still SSH into the MacMini with Putty, but I can not proxy from work. I have updated SquidMan and all the settings look right. The proxy works using the browser on the Mac Mini, just not the browser from work. Any ideas of what the problem may be?
  4. Thank you so much! I am not sure how the proxy was changed or modified, but I am back up and running thanks to you both!
  5. Here is a pretty strange situation. I have a MacMini running Leopard that is connect via Wifi to my router/internet. Using Firefox, I have no problem surfing the web, and using Adium, I have no problem accessing my accounts and chatting. However, any Apple product, such as Safari, iTunes, Apple Update, etc... can not access the internet. It says the network is not responding. It asks if I want to use the network connection troubleshooting utility, so I select 'Yes' but it says all is well. I have also made sure that the firewall is set to allow all connections. I have run the repair disk utility, and I also created a new user, and the problem still persists. Anyone have any ideas?