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  1. nintapple

    Need a website?

    hey, im starting a website business with a friend. head over to www.webcraftteam.com to get info. our prices are relatively very cheap to other firms. our portfolio that we hope to expand is also on the website. Any questions? theres a contact page on that website or just post a question here!
  2. turns out i wont be going... friend had some volunteer thing that his dad just reminded him he needed to do
  3. yea i'll be there. at 6:30 @_@ .... cus thats when my friend's dad whos carpooling us has to get to orland park to do something else.
  4. nintapple

    Does Laporte get it?

    this could either have an innappropriate connotation or an illectual connotation... please enlighten us !
  5. nintapple

    Mac Mini Core 2 Duo

    that sorta defeats the whole cheap aspect of the mac mini.
  6. nintapple

    Free alternative to "Tubesock"

    both tube sock and the method you listed above using safari activity are okay... but no spectacular. for saving youtube files (or any flash files on a website), VIXY.net is the best. you can use it in any browser, and any computer. it gives you options such as saving it to H.264, iPod Video compatible, etc... it's fairly fast too. once again... that's VIXY.net - free, not shareware - web app - flash -> lots of save-able formats
  7. nintapple

    Help installing classic

    it'll overwrite. im in the same situation with you... even running 10.3.9. you have to install OS 9 (which will completely erase your harddrive) then install OS X. so its sorta tedious. you'll have to do some backups and stuff if you have important info on your harddrive. another way i believe you can do it is install OS 9 onto an external harddrive then copy all the library and system files over. im not sure about the details of this process such as: does it erase external HD content, if you need to rename the dragged over folders, if library and system is all you need to drag over. so, if anyone has input, do share.
  8. nintapple

    HELP! iBook keyboard typing random letters

    no spills at all. its a 5 year old ibook in freakishly good condition. the keyboard random-typing issue is appearing and reappearing. it's fine now but then it goes crazy sometimes with useless keys as described in my first post.
  9. nintapple

    HELP! iBook keyboard typing random letters

    steve jobs probably gets too many prayer-mail from apple fans. does anyone have any real suggestions/fixes ?
  10. nintapple

    Maccast Pro Podcast?

    Apparently there's a German Maccast Pro Podcast. Website: maccast.de Intro Video: i originally found this on youtube and thought it might be of interest to you guys. i thought maccast was copyrighted or something . if so, maybe its ok to use it if you're based in a different country or if you just add "pro" ?
  11. nintapple

    HELP! iBook keyboard typing random letters

    That's the easy and $$ way out. I wouldn't needed to have posted in a mac community forum for that .
  12. nintapple

    iChat Error

    all my friends are having this problem currently. we're using skype to get around it but would prefer iChat. please explain how to change the port number like you suggested .
  13. i have an iBook G3 500mhz running OS 10.3.9 Panther. Various keys including the caps lock, up, right, and equals sign key on the built in keyboard are outputting random letters/numbers . -For Example- Hitting the equals/plus key left of the delete key gets me this: :]oP and Exposé (all windows) I've tried restarting, resetting pram, and trying on another account but the problem still exists. To make sure the problem was with the ibook's keyboard, I tested an external USB keyboard and all keys functioned perfectly. Called applestore and got no help. Checked apple discussions, there exists people with similiar problems but no responses solved the issue for them or me. I could go to the Genius Bar at my local apple store but i was hoping i could get a quick fix from the maccast community !
  14. you can download the entire Keynote video on iTunes for free http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...st?id=212293773 over 1.2 GB so you're probably gonna need to leave your computer on all night.
  15. nintapple

    Macworld Announcement Dreams - What is your dream?

    I just want some new designs. The opaque white and metallic color scheme is great but its been used for 6 years. ...and keynote 4 would be nice too .