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  1. Spaceman

    VisualHub's X-Grid doesn't work on Leopard

    Thanks, I'll go and see what they had to say. Spaceman
  2. Spaceman

    How to test Ethernet Speed

    Thanks, I'll look into those. Won't need a hardware solution. Just trying to determine the fastest setting for moving big files around the home network. Regards, Spaceman
  3. Hi, Curious if anyone knows a program (or method) for testing internal ethernet network speeds. Wanting to do some testing with router settings and want to be able to compare speeds. Please note that I am not trying to test Internet speeds, just internal ethernet network speeds. Regards, Spaceman
  4. Spaceman

    Need to convert old Zip Drive info

    I hope this is not inappropriate, however, I have a Zip 250 drive for sale on ebay. It ends in just under two hours so I don't know if you will get this in time. It is only up to $9.99 so far. Link is http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=260242030011 This may help you out. Spaceman
  5. Spaceman

    VisualHub's X-Grid doesn't work on Leopard

    Hi, After hearing Adam talk about using x-grid with VisualHub, I was excited as VisualHub, although great, is slow on my Dual G5 PowerMac. Was hoping to take advantage of my wife's MacBook when converting. However, we are using Leopard. You stated 'nor does it appear there will be any' (support for x-grid on Leopard). Could you explain why you say this? Did you get a response from the company or did you see a post by them, or was this just speculation on your part. Just curious as to the info behind your comment. Regards, Spaceman
  6. Hi folks, Long time MacCast listener but first time to the forums. I'm looking for a little help with a LaCie Gigabit network drive and Leopard. I have a LaCie Gigabit network drive on my home network. When I first got it, I did not know if I should use SMB or AFP so I turned both on. After having problems with some shared iTunes files being uploaded using SMB and others with AFP, I have decided to just use AFP. I recently upgraded to Leopard. Although I have the 'Windows' checkbox unchecked on the drives 'shares' (which I assume means turn off SMB), occasionally, I will get two 'shared' drives showing up in the side bar of Leopard. One is titled 'network_drive' and the other is 'Network Drive AFP'. I then went to the 'Status' tab of the LaCie admin page and turned off 'Windows file server' under 'Services'. However, I still get both of these 'shared' disk names showing up. Does anyone have an idea why I am seeing these two separate shared drives in the sidebar? Regards,