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  6. Let me hear what you think of my ideas on existing and future Apple products. Here at my blog, I introduce my ideas of the dream future Apple products and services and improvements I can think of. In most cases I illustrate those ideas so that everybody can easily grasp my ideas. These are the examples introduced (so far): Polaroid iPhone Dock Concept iPetals iPhone Dock Sketches Your Desktop To Go iAcqua Just a Sketch: Shuffle? Just a Sketch Looking Glass for iPhone My Dream Mac #2 (Macbook Touch Concept) 10-Key + Calculator Horizontal keyboard app for iPhone Would Be So Much "Phun" On iPhone! (iPod Touch + iMac + Macbook Air) / 3 My Dream Mac (Macbook Touch?) Simple Projector iPhone Moleskine Cover Read blogs on iTunes: To use an iPod Touch as an offline RSS reader without Jailbreaking iPhone & iPod Touch's instant access button (you can allocate functions) "Mouse-Over" for Touch Screen Digital, but analog bookmark Future of Internet Search: Mobile version iCal Watch Real-World Folder Sorting Don't Leave Your Trash for Long Folder Icon That Talks #1 The Ball's in My Court? I Was Waiting for Your Answer! Please take a look and drop a comment. http://petitinvention.wordpress.com/ Mac Funamizu