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  1. First and foremost, this MacBook is for sale on eBay. If you would like it, please bid or "Buy it Now" there. http://tinyurl.com/tbfbe Here are the details from the auction: You are bidding on a 2 month old black Apple Macbook. It is in "like new" condition. I had the heat sink replaced in an Apple store because it was shutting down intermittently. It is now in perfect working condition & have had no problems with it since. The warranty is good until August 2007. Below are some key bullet points: * Like new condition * Color = Black * 2.0GHz Processor * I installed a 100GB hard drive (Hitachi 5400rpm) * I installed memory (two 1GB Sticks) for a total of 2GB RAM * 13.3" screen, 1280x800 resolution (no dead pixels) * Isight web camera with Photobooth * Includes OSX Tiger & iLife 06 * FrontRow & Apple Remote * MagSafe Power Adapter * Marware macbook protection pack (palmrest/keyboard covers) I will include the original 80GB hard drive and the 512MB RAM. I will also ship it in the original box. If you have any questions, ask on the eBay auction or PM me. Good luck and thank you! (I am selling this because I got a great deal on a Core 2 MacBook Pro)
  2. Yes, I am aware this is the MACcast forums, and YES, I am aware it is a MAC-centric show. However, I'm still doing it. I am selling a Windows based PC. "Why?" you ask? I have been lusting after a mac ever since I set my eyes on one. If you really want to know what mac I saw for the first time, it was the iMac G3 (with a teal coloring to it) back in 4th grade (I'm a freshman in high school). Anyways, I am selling this PC in order to raise the dinero for either an iMac Core Duo or an Intel-based iBook (whenever those come out). Moreover, I'll include the monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and the microphone I've been using for my podcast (The Shooby Show...theshoobyshow.com). Specs of the PC: *AMD Athlon64 3000+ overclocked to 2.2ghz *768mb of RAM *Chaintech ZNF3-250 motherboard *Creative Soundblaster Live! 24-bit sound card *4x DVD burner *16x DVD reader *5-port USB2.0 PCI card *2-port Firewire PCI card *EVGA Geforce FX 5500 graphics card (256mb) *Windows XP Professional SP2 The price? $800 shipped However, I am willing to haggle a bit. If you would like to contact me regarding the PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, or anything else... Email: me@mistershooby.com AIM: the 1 shooby MSN: mr.shooby@gmail.com Yahoo: the_shoobster Gtalk: mr.shooby@gmail.com Or post a reply to this post Thank you!
  3. brand new 4th gen ipod (color screen) +agent18 case +all the stuff that came with it The price? $225 US. I can pre-load some podcasts if you like. Also, I am willing to haggle a bit. If you're interested, shoot me an email to me@mistershooby.com or shoot me a message on instant messenger AIM: the 1 shooby MSN: mr.shooby@gmail.com Gtalk: mr.shooby@gmail.com Yahoo: the_shoobster Thanks!
  4. Hello fellow MacGeeks (I'm one of the few who does not have a mac yet) Anyways, a friend and I are working on the "next big thing" and we need a web programmer's help. AJAX experience is a MUST. Basically, you will be helping us create the mainframe of the site and helping us code the various aspects of the site as well as an open API. If you'd be interested, please shoot an email to mr.shooby@gmail.com or just reply to this thread Thank you!
  5. Ok, I'm on a PC, but this is what I do with my ipod and my mom's ipod mini. 1. close itunes in my account 2. switch users to mom's account 3. open itunes in her account 4. sync up with her ipod mini 5. close itunes 6. log mom off 7. sign back into my account 8. opn itunes 9. listen to podcasts!
  6. I dunno. If I get a mac mini/ibook now; will I be able to get an intel ibook in 07? (parents...). Also, will Leopard be able to run easily on the powerpc?
  7. Mr. Jobs stated that Apple will be switching to Intel today at WWDC, and the transition will be between the years of '06-'07. After hearing this news, will you still switch knowing that the powerpc processor will eventually become obsolete? I know I'm going to stop pestering my parents for a mac until '06 because of this. After all, with these new Intel chips, won't everything become 64-bit and processors be more powerful, cheaper, and cooler? What's your input on this? Shooby
  8. do you have a link to the rubber skin? I don't like the iskin very much either after looking at my friend's iskin mini
  9. Okay guys, it doesn't seem that I'll be getting an ibook ANYTIME soon (problems with grades and stuff/parents), but anyways....here's my story with Applecare. I made a post in the hardware section about how my iPod's hard drive was failing, and I asked what Applecare would do. No one replied, so I took a trip down to the Oakridge Mall Apple Mini Store to get it checked by the Genius Bar. Nice ol' Mitch said my hard drive was "shocked" and he would "replace" it. Now, I thought that to "replace" it was to replace the hard drive, but nope. He REPLACED the iPod ON THE SPOT. After my dad signed the release forms (for my old iPod), I was good as new. Now I have an unscathed, perfect condition iPod STILL in the plastic wrapping because I do not know what to do with it to minimize scratches, chips, etc (I've learned my lesson from my previous iPod). Now, why did they replace it? I have a couple of prepositions. The hard drive could have been easily replaced, but Mitch replaced the iPod itself because he did not have the experience of opening an iPod up and replacing the hard drive. My other guess is that since the store was about to close (it was 8:57 and the store closes at 9), he simply did not have the time and just replaced the iPod because I told him i needed it for tonight (to listen to podcasts ya know :wink: ). I consider myself lucky, but does anyone else have input on this?