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    DRM Free Music Hits

    Agree with that, it brings us back to when we had physical music media and sharing amongst friends was no big deal.
  2. Ginamos

    DRM Free Music Hits

    Yeah, just read about that, it does make DRM look a little lame. Although I'm guessing you can probably erase the info with a hex editor, it'll certainly catch the unwary. I also wonder if they're using more subtle watermarking, to identify files. Either way, lock down DRM now seems a very crude method.
  3. Ginamos

    Strange experience...

    Good news, you're getting closer the problem. I have read about shared cable modems compromising security (may even have been on this forum about 18 months ago). Can't give you any first hand experience as I've never used a cable modem, but the advice you've been given is very probably correct. I didn't realise you had no router, adding a router will provide an additional hardware firewall and is definitely recommended. I assume the issue with the mouse cursor moving was probably just down to an old malfunctioning mouse. In the long-term you probably need to look at moving to a DSL connection.
  4. Ginamos

    Strange experience...

    Interesting, that's not been my experience in the UK and Australia, but I haven't observed closely, so I'm quite probably wrong. You probably know a lot more about practical networking than I do. Normally, when I reset my router the external IP remains the same, possibly you're doing some kind of hard reset that requests a new address, I'm not really sure.
  5. Ginamos

    Strange experience...

    Josh, I think our posts crossed, but no matter. As far as I know IP addresses are assigned by the ISP, happy to be proved wrong. Edit: internal network IP addresses can be whatever you like.
  6. Ginamos

    Strange experience...

    Your quite right to be vigilant about the dangers of being connected to the Internet. I keep a fairly close watch on Apple security and I've never heard of an OS X machine (yet) becoming a "zombie bot" or being controlled by a third party agent. There's always a first case and certainly OS X isn't immune to these kinds of attack. If you think that your security has been compromised, run Little Snitch for a couple of weeks. Either it will prove your suspicions or nothing will show up. If you still have these concerns, I'd suggest creating a backup, including your preferred applications and then restoring it every week or few weeks. As an alternative, a complete install and then copying your user account to that image would also work. Also, although many ISP's don't commit to providing a permanent IP address, in practise their customer's IP addresses often stay the same for months or even years. You could ask your ISP to change your IP address.
  7. Ginamos

    Programs not loading

    I would have suggested an Archive and Install, but you seem to have tried that ("kinda"??). Repairing permissions would be a good place to start. There also maybe be a problem with your user account, you could try creating a new account and then try these apps under that account. Console messages may provide a clue, also checking the crash log may help.
  8. Ginamos

    iDVD burned movie has no sound

    This Apple help doc may be of use (if you haven't already come across it). iDVD 6: No audio on finished DVD
  9. Ginamos

    Al Gore Rocks Apple Monitors

    The picture was originally part of a photo essay on Al Gore in Time magazine. I first saw the picture in Engadget, where it was attributed to Time, but I guess that when the picture got spawned around the internet the original attribution was lost. http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29...1363003,00.html
  10. Ginamos

    How to Keep Hard Drive Awake

    I was thinking about buying a My Book, but I've come across this issue in other threads. As of yet I haven't seen a solution. The "Put the Hard Disk(s) to sleep when possible" option if checked should put the drives to sleep after 10 minutes. Unchecked, drives are put to sleep after 3 hours. That option works as advertised on my two LaCie drives, but for My Book owners that doesn't seem to be the case. I think what's happening is the built-in My Book power save features are overriding OS X. So the spin down is always set to 10 minutes. This WD support site question would seem to support that theory. Possibly Caffeine will get round the problem, or maybe an Applescript that accesses the drive every few minutes.
  11. Did you see AFAIK? That was a little rude, fair enough for spotting another case of the (!).
  12. Ginamos


    My personal experience of using digital equaliser's hasn't been great. In some circumstances it can enhance sound, but better to try: 1. Looking for a better mastered copy of the source music. 2. Improving the quality of the rip. 3. Investing in some good speakers. 4. Using the line out to feed a good amp and speakers. I would have to say the SRS interface is completely fugly and looks like it was designed for Windows XP.
  13. AFAIK the (!) symbol appears either when the linked file in iTunes has been deleted, when the network connection has failed, or when the podcast link is no longer valid. Either replace replace the linked file, restore the network connection, or search iTunes for the correct podcast link.
  14. Ginamos

    Hp color Laserjet 1600 and powerbook g4!

    Hi nerone, no worries your English is certainly better than my Italian. I found this thread that seems to provide a solution, "HP CLJ 1600 - Mac Printers". EDIT: I noticed the link to the driver has now changed to http://www.shoutnet.net/index.php?option=c...16&Itemid=2
  15. Ginamos


    I did the same thing and reached the same conclusion. Anyway, xTorrent is based on Transmission's code (libtransmission), so it seems a bit rich they should charge for the product. I use both Transmission and Azureus, mainly Transmission, but Azureus has a handy feature which allows individual files to be downloaded from within a torrent.
  16. Ahh yes, social networking sites that require a login would be a problem as your session cookie could be stolen. I tend to avoid those sites apart from forums that is.
  17. Apart from the obvious, the only other thing I can think of is: if the drives support Firewire you could daisy chain them together and do away with the need for the hub.
  18. You may want to try OpenDNS, it doesn't stop JavaScript, but it does provide protection against phishing sites. IMHO Phishing sites are more of a danger than sites using Javascript exploits.
  19. Ginamos

    Help needed with Super Duper

    If Joe's suggestion doesn't work you could contact SuperDuper directly, there's a support email address on their site. I believe they have a good reputation for support.
  20. Ginamos

    MacCast Forum RSS Feeds Have Arrived!

    As Mitch says Forum posts can be displayed if you choose that option. The first time I tried to do that it did take a while to load, but it does work. New posts appear with the date in yellow, so they're quite easy to spot. As for update frequency, the widget doesn't say when it's updated, but I wouldn't recommend every minute, even if it were possible to change.
  21. Ginamos

    Mac OS X has no microkernel and isn't unix

    The section entitled "The Kernel" in this document "Mac OS X Q & A" has this to say: "Most modern desktop and server operating systems (including Windows 2000) use what is often called a "modified microkernel" architecture. Mac OS X does this as well. Instead of running as a user-level process on top of Mach, Mac OS X's BSD subsystem runs in kernel mode in the same address space as Mach itself. Most message passing between Mach and BSD is eliminated in this situation; the BSD subsystem can interact with Mach via normal function calls." Essentially the core is a Mach microkernel wrapped by BSD. It's not true to say that there is no Microkernel, but it's not just Mach, it's Mach and BSD working together, a "modified microkernel". Further down the article there's also some references to Unix and OS X.
  22. Ginamos

    Comparing Mini & iMac to a PC

    You won't have a performance issue with either the Mac Mini or an iMac, performance should be much better. The Mac Mini does have an on board graphics card, but if the Photoshop and movie work is fairly simple it shouldn't be a problem. You should consider upgrading the RAM to 1Gb, but you don't have to do that when you first buy, Apple RAM is expensive. Disk space shouldn't be much of an issue, you can always buy an external drive later. As for the Superdrive you'll have to buy the 1.83Ghz model, as it's not an optional upgrade with the 1.66Ghz machine, although you could always but an external burner later. As for the iMac, personally I'd go with the 2.0Ghz model it's much better value for money, but then you're $600 over the price of the the cheapest Mac Mini. However, you do get 1Gb of memory as standard, a Superdrive, more than double the hard drive and a dedicated graphics card. I'd give the iMac some serious consideration, especially if the peripherals of the existing PC are getting old and will need to be replaced soon.
  23. Ginamos

    MacCast Forum RSS Feeds Have Arrived!

    Do you mean this? http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/b...castwidget.html
  24. Ginamos

    Mac OS X has no microkernel and isn't unix

    I had a listen to the Technometria podcast you mention, I found it very interesting. So often talk of OS X focuses on the user interface aspect, it was refreshing to hear about the OS from a system internals perspective. Amit Singh must be a seriously clever guy, to have written that book in 18 months largely doing his own research and without the help of Apple. Singh made some interesting points, OS X not being Unix any more than Windows is Unix, but uses a Unix like CLI was a distinction I'd never made. He also does a good job of explaining the history of how the technologies that eventually went into OS X were chosen. One of the reasons for Singh writing the book was to dispel the myths about the OS and to try to understand it for what it is. I particularly liked his comment about if "you have an opinion then you don't know, if you know, you have the truth which is not an opinion". If you like reading John Siracusa's articles on Arstechnica, you'll definitely find it worth listening to the podcast.
  25. Ginamos

    mini display problems

    The only other thing I can think of, would be to reset the Power Management Unit. "If the settings in the PMU become corrupted, it can result in operational anomalies such as your computer not turning on, not displaying video, or not waking from sleep, among other things." Here's an Apple Help Doc "Mac mini: How to Reset the PMU"