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    Web browser Media content Problem!!

    Well I've run out of ideas. My final suggestion would be to do an "Archive and Install". :roll:
  2. Recalbrate the iPod battery meter i.e. completely run the battery down and then re-charge. Did a quick Google search (text "recalibrate ipod battery") when I read you're post. This one came up first, some good info http://www.vsa.cape.com/~danh/ipod.htm I've had a 2nd gen iPod for 3 years, never replaced the battery. but I did run the battery down about twice a month, and never left it hooked to the charger longer than necessary. With my 4th gen iPod, I find I'm a bit lazier, because of the dock connector, I tend to leave it connected. I suspect I'll get much less battery life.
  3. Ginamos

    Web browser Media content Problem!!

    I managed to stop the freezing by going to spotlight, searching for DivX, removing anything that looked associated. Still had the freeze problem. So I, restarted the Mac. Now I'm back with the "Cannot open the file" message. Answer OK to the message and I can continue browsing, without doing a force quit. Hope that helps?
  4. Ginamos

    Web browser Media content Problem!!

    Yeah, think you're right. Googling around doesn't come up with anything encouraging. I saw a post from a Linux guy saying he views the code and copies the link to vlan or mplayer or some such, but difficult to do if the browser beachballs. Anyway, this is really not my area of knowledge, but interesting finding out.
  5. Ginamos

    Dam 4.3 GRRRRRRRRR

    Probably not, found the wrong link. I've just amended the original post. The download is 109mb not 130mb Damn, your fast Jazzmac
  6. Ginamos

    Dam 4.3 GRRRRRRRRR

    Agree with Matt. A couple of thoughts: 1. Instead of running Software Update go to http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/mac...e1043combo.html and download the combo update, 109mb, but includes all updates back to 10.4.0 If you take this approach you avoid the problems you experienced with Software Update originally. 2. Try and do a backup, before doing any of this.
  7. Ginamos

    Web browser Media content Problem!!

    Ok, bad news I fear Have you installed DivX? I just did and can now replicate your problem. I checked the DivX site and this is what they say: http://www.divx.com/divx/mac/ "DivX 5 does not support Mac OS X 10.4 or QuickTime 7. We are working with Apple to resolve several compatibility issues" I don't understand the connection between DivX and WMP - if there is one. Maybe someone with video/codec knowledge can help out?
  8. Ginamos

    Web browser Media content Problem!!

    Forgot to ask, in Safari if you select Help|Installed Plug-ins do you see Windows Media Plugin Provides support for Windows Media. — from file “Windows Media Plugin”. MIME Type Description Extensions application/x-mplayer2 Windows Media video/x-ms-asf-plugin Windows Media video/x-ms-wmv Windows Media wmv video/x-ms-asf Windows Media asx application/asx Windows Media audio/x-ms-wax Windows Media wax video/x-ms-wm Windows Media wm application/x-ms-wmd Windows Media wmd video/x-ms-wmp Windows Media wmp video/x-ms-wmx Windows Media wmx audio/x-ms-wma Windows Media wma video/x-ms-wvx Windows Media wvx If not, you need to re-install WMP.
  9. Ginamos

    Web browser Media content Problem!!

    Ok tried the link in Safari, Opera, Firefox and Mac IE. The plug-in comes up, but the file won't load. I get a message "cannot open the file. Verify that the path and filename are correct and try again". Does this link work on your other iMac? Here's a couple of suggestions: 1. Repair permissions. Run it from the OS DVD, press "C" at startup. 2. You could try downloading and re-running the WMP installer. That will reset up the plug-ins. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...n&qstechnology= BTW fine artist Kanye West, Late Registration one of my albums of the year.
  10. Ginamos

    Web browser Media content Problem!!

    Can you give us an example link that fails?
  11. Ginamos

    New Survey Questions

    Done. 1. Your first option doesn't include an option for a standard Apple mouse that a lot of people got when they received a Mac, and maybe still use. "Other: seems a strange choice. I'm guessing you're interested in multi-button mice users. 3. Interesting to know how big the Music Libraries of Maccast users are. 40gb me. 4. .Mac - Had one in the past, maybe an extra option. Anyway, not being picky, thought you might like some feedback. Maybe make these into polls in the polls section of the forum?
  12. Ginamos

    SingPod Widget

    Thanks Matt, great app. When I first heard about PearLyrics I was hesitant to use it, I thought it might be one of those apps that's a memory/internet hog. In fact it's very lightweight. The caching feature is pretty good too, where downloaded lyrics are put in ~/Library/Application Support/pearLyrics
  13. Ginamos

    Trying to Find Indexing program

    Looking for Disk Inventory X? http://www.versiontracker.com/php/search.p...=macosx&x=0&y=0 It came up on another thread, I tried it, found it quite useful. It analyses a hard disk and displays the results graphically color coded by file type. You can then click on the graphic to get more info.
  14. Ginamos

    Pentium D

    Thanks cfsporn Aaah, now we're really starting to get there
  15. Ginamos


    Peace, no offence/offense(US) intended. Saying you were in 2nd grade, didn't really mean anything to me, because I don't live in the US. Different countries, different education systems.
  16. Ginamos

    Pentium D

    This thread is starting to look like a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, with all those boxes seemingly disappearing into the distance. Just needs Ligeti's Atmospheres soundtrack music. Anyone doesn't understand watch 2001, a true geek film.
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    Didn't really think you were crazy From the way you described the message it seemed like the strangest thing. I didn't realize you were referring to hex characters, it makes sense to me now
  18. Ginamos

    iTMS Won't Authorize

    Thanks for those links. I've had the "item is being modified" message in ITMS. It was a few days after the store opened in Australia (October). At the time I just assumed it was just an initial problem with the store going live. I also get problems with podcasts repeatedly failing when downloading in iTunes. i thought this was down to my having a wireless ISP. I'm starting to think it may be with my ISP's (possible) attempt to control bittorrent usage (like Rogers in Canada). Anyway, I'll monitor the situation.
  19. Ken (kjskillet) Like to say what a great review you're doing on HyperEngine-AV. Links, screenshots, informative comments, you're setting the "gold standard" for software reviews on the maccast forum. PS:Thought I'd put this in a separate thread, so as not to ruin the continuity of your review posts.
  20. Ginamos

    Comment on Media Centre 2005

    Re-booting every two days is pretty lame, it should just work like any domestic appliance. Imagine if you had to go round the house every two days restarting the toaster, microwave etc, etc. :shock:
  21. Ginamos

    iTunes Gift Card

    No credit card needed. Your friend will have to register, and enter the code on the gift card. The money amount will appear at the top of ITMS screen and they're good to go.
  22. Weborizon The links OK, just tried it alexsantos Thanks for posting that, a very good read. Before the "second coming" of Steve Jobs, so he's quite open in his opinions about Apple and the world in general.
  23. Ginamos

    using garage band to do a podcast

    I've never used GarageBand so afraid I can't help with hands on experience. Googling on the web "garage band 33 minutes" comes up with this: Sounds like changing BPM can increase the recording time. http://www.thehangtime.com/gb/gbfaq2.html#recordlength Q. How long can a song be? A. It depends. A GarageBand song can be 999 measures long (that is a hard limit and can not, at this time, be extended), how long that translates to in time depends on the tempo of the song (more beats more minute uses up that 999 faster) and Time Signature. Examples (in hours:minutes:seconds): • a 4/4 song at 120BPM will play for 00:33:16 • a 4/4 song at 60BPM will play for 01:06:32 • a 12/8 song at 60BPM will play for 01:39:48 GarageBand 2 can be set down to 40BPM so it can record longer (and in theory, with an AppleScript, can be set all the way down to 1BPM for a record length of well over 99 hours. I’ve done it, but haven’t fully tested it)
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    I'm also glad you explained this. I thought cfsporn had gone crazy when I read the original post.
  25. Ginamos

    sleeping ibook screen

    So you can see the screen (barely), presumably you can navigate round the screen, launch apps etc. It's just hard to see the screen. Is the screen very hard to see or just a little dark? Maybe a problem with Energy Saver in system Preferences. 1. Quickest way to solve a software related problem is an archive and install from the OS installation CD. This'll keep your apps and reinstall the OS. if the problem is still there 2. Take it to Apple, it's probably hardware (display adapter problem?) I used the Dell example because most Apple laptop components are about 95% shared with PC laptops. A hardware failure won't necessarily have anything to do with the OS or the brand of laptop. Most laptops are made by 3rd parties in Taiwan or China. Apple design and OS define the computers, not the hardware pieces.