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    iLife 06

    Apple will continue to support the PowerPc for quite some time to come. The main way they'll support the PowerPc is through "Universal Binaries". "To ease this transition (to Intel) while retaining and improving upon the remarkable performance of Mac OS X, Apple has introduced universal binaries, a format that places native code for both architectures in one package. Universal binaries allow applications to run natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macintoshes. Providing support for both architectures in your application is essential, because the Mac OS X platform will support both architectures for years to come." From http://developer.apple.com/macosx/adopting...albinaries.html You can already see Universal Binaries have been adopted by some 3rd party apps. Do a get info on an application like "Cocktail" and under Architecture it says "Intel, PowerPc". So in theory, if I already had an Intel Mac I could copy this app from my PowerPc Mac to my Intel Mac and the application would "just" work.
  2. Ginamos

    iLife 06

    Previous releases have coincided with the Macworld conference in January, so that's when most people are expecting to see iLife 06. There's additional speculation that iLife 06 will include Frontrow. I'm waiting for January.
  3. Ginamos

    sleeping ibook screen

    Hmm, I'd say this is an "early life" generic hardware failure. I bought a Dell laptop about three years ago, a few days after I received it, I had a very similar experience. After coming up from sleep, the screen appeared dead, even though there was hard disk activity and the machine sounded like it had woken up. I didn't notice immediately but I found you could faintly see the screen image (a bit like looking at an LCD display with no back light, but much worse, if that makes any sense). I forget what the diagnosed problem was, but after sending the machine back, Dell repaired it within 3 days and I never experienced the problem again. I would suggest speaking to Apple, you must still be within the warranty period.
  4. Try this http://www.dpreview.com/learn/?/Glossary/O...l_Length_01.htm
  5. Ginamos

    Having Steadman download Trouble.

    Try control + click (or right click), then select "download linked file".
  6. Ginamos

    Drive recovery help

    A quick search on versiontracker with "undelete" as the keyword brings up a few utilities. Alas, most of them require some payment to work fully. http://www.versiontracker.com/php/search.p...=macosx&x=0&y=0
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    how to get independant podcasts...

    I do pretty much the exact same thing as Huskermn. It seems like Apple have created an AOL style "walled garden" with podcasts within iTunes.
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    Daring Fireball

    For those that aren't familiar with John Gruber's blog. There's an interesting review of his experience with his new Powerbook. He's a long time Mac user, knowledgeable and able to make constructive criticism. http://daringfireball.net
  9. Ginamos

    should i get an ipod or a digital camera

    You could try the ebay route. Pros - Get both - Impress your parents with your financial savvy Cons - Not the latest and greatest products - An iPod without video
  10. Ginamos

    My Story

    That's a great story, thanks for posting it.
  11. Ginamos

    Back to Panther?

    Going back to Panther will probably do the trick. Just remember to check the apps you currently use to see if they're Panther compatible.
  12. Matt I'm an owner of a 2 and a half year old iMac G4 1GHz, which only has USB 1.1 I'm effectively frozen out of buying a new iPod unless I buy a new (or newish) Mac. USB 2.0 was only introduced to the iMac range in September 2003, just over two years ago. Now I understand why Apple did away with Firewire: 1. Reduce the size of the new iPod's (small is beautiful) 2. Most Windows users have USB 2.0. 3. They're in a competitive market and need to stay ahead I still think Apple have been a little premature phasing out Firewire, especially on the 30/60Gb iPod's. It's not like USB 2.0 was introduced to iMac's 4 or 5 years ago. A two (and a bit) year old iMac is not in my opinion an old machine. Maybe going forward Apple should consider adding PCI card slots to iMac's. Secondly, the DVD ripping issue. Apple clearly need to buddy up to the movie and TV industries and can't be seen by these paranoid industries to be doing anything to help piracy. I agree the whole thing is ridiculous, but there are 3rd party tools that do the ripping, I'll live with that. The main thing is Apple doesn't try to add DRM code to the Hardware platform, to prevent the playing of non-authorized media, as some people are saying they may do with the new Intel boxes. Personally I think this is unlikely, what they're doing is preventing OSX being run on Dell's and the like.
  13. Ginamos

    Sony Audio CD DRM Includes Kernel Extensions for OS X

    You're right, I take this back. Subsequently, reading the responses from Sony regarding the whole fiasco, they clearly believe it's totally ok to do what they did.
  14. Ginamos

    vPod Questions

    No Firewire on the new iPod, Found this article a while ago, it's 18 months old, but might be of interest. "How Fast Does A USB 2.0 Drive Go On The Newest Macs? How Does It Compare To FireWire?" http://www.barefeats.com/usb2.html
  15. Ginamos

    Backup 3

    I wasn't familiar with "Disk Inventory X", tried it...what a great program! For anyone who hasn't tried it I'd recommend it. Simple idea, but very effective. In the thread link, funny to see the Norton file called "spacesuckingfile.XXXXXX". Norton produce such crap on the Mac.
  16. Ginamos

    Windows "Longhorn" named Windows Vista

    It's just a jokey footnote correcting the diagram, SP2 came out in 2004 not 2002, which would have been before SP1!
  17. Java's a lot more efficient than in it's early days. however you may experience problems if you have existing performance issues with your machine. There's a good list of clients on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittorent I use Transmission, I normally just forget it's running.
  18. This is on Apple's website about Backup 3.0: Save time and storage with incremental backups Backup saves a new version of only the files that have changed every time it performs a backup. The result is an efficient use of storage that saves you time and media costs. In addition, if you ever need to restore a file that's been lost or damaged, you can choose the most recent version of the file or one saved earlier. I've been using the incremental backups with Backup 3.0, and it appears to be working great. Am I confused? :-k -Rob Confused, I don't think so. I've just checked Backup 3.01 Help and indeed there is reference to incremental backup. Running the app (maybe it's because I've let my .mac subscription lapse) it's not obvious that this feature is available I'd be quite happy to pay for .mac, just for this.
  19. Ginamos

    Sony Audio CD DRM Includes Kernel Extensions for OS X

    I doubt Sony executives really understood the implications of the software they allowed on some of "their" CD's. However, the whole situation is typical of the record industry not really getting what consumers want. They still seem to think that they can get people to buy the same music over and over again, every time the format changes. First vinyl, then cassette, then CD, then DRMed AAC/WMA. Now they're trying to charge by hardware platform - PC/iPod/etc, Cell Phone, PSP. Sony aren't any worse than the other companies, they've just been caught out. I support a boycott of Sony products, hopefully it would send out a warning shot to the whole music/movie industry. HEY GUYS, THERE'S BITTORRENT OUT THERE!
  20. Ginamos

    VidBit 001

    "Absolutely fantastic" totally agree. Mike Caputo you've done a great job, given a "limited" format, as you say in the vidbit... "the possibilities are endless"
  21. Ginamos

    Multi-Boot Intel Macs theory

    yep, definitely a nice idea, http://www.advogato.org/article/860.html or "Why Apple & Intel & VT will kick ass" was on digg a few days ago, so the story is still "warm". edit: nice clip you found there, Toshiro.
  22. SilverKeeper doesn't really do incremental backups. The closest it gets, is allowing comparison of two Backup sets. Shame, it's really a nice product. Anyone recommend good backup software that does incremental backup? I'd prefer a free one, but I've got the feeling (from my searches) that that sort of functionality doesn't come with the free ones.
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    2nd Gen 20Gb iPod 4th Gen 60Gb iPod No 5th Gen iPod for me until next year when I'll buy an Intel Mac - I have no USB 2.0 - Booo!
  24. Ginamos

    The Question Mark Key.

    This is definitely a weird problem. A couple of suggestions: - Try setting up a new user account and see if the problem persists. This maybe something to do with the account you're using. - Attach a standard Apple keyboard. If you can get the key combination it would suggest to me you've got a hardware problem. Clutching at straws with these two.
  25. Ginamos

    Any digital camera advice?

    Too true, but also half the fun of buying tech toys is the window shopping before you purchase.