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    New Name for the Intel PowerMac

    How about "WorldDominationMac" or "iPodMac" advertising tagline "the perfect accessory to sync your iPod with" ...or am I just being cynical?
  2. Ginamos

    Any digital camera advice?

    You probably already know this site, but in case you don't try http://www.dpreview.com/ The site has a nice camera comparison feature, reviews, user feedback and a forum. I used the site a few years ago to buy a Canon G2, and have subsequently used it for other purchases. IMHO one of the best consumer sites on the web.
  3. Ginamos

    Rackmount Mac?

    "I have PC's right now but I want to get a mac because every once and a while I need it for some stuff." Just curious, but what do you want to do that requires a rackmount?
  4. Ginamos

    Played podcasts staying on my ipod mini

    If the files are not in your iTunes Music Folder they won't get deleted. From iTunes help is the following: "If the song is stored in the iTunes Music folder (inside the Music folder in your home folder), you're asked if you also want to delete the song from your hard disk. To leave the song on your hard disk, click No. To permanently delete the song from your hard disk, click Yes. If the song is located outside the iTunes Music folder and you want to delete it from your hard disk, you must manually delete the song by dragging its file to the Trash. If you're not sure where the song file is located, select the song in iTunes, and choose File > Show Song File."
  5. I tried Azureus and found it was a bit of a "hog the box", but it never got to the point where it was unresponsive. You obviously know what you're doing. My first thought was log files, or third party apps, but you've checked these. I'm currently using Transmission, been running several days no problems. http://transmission.m0k.org/ Transmission is written in C, maybe that'll make a difference!
  6. Ginamos

    export movies to VCD?

    Roxio's Toast app can do this
  7. Ginamos

    Defrag program

    I remember when Panther came out reading this piece in Arstechnica http://arstechnica.com/reviews/os/macosx-10.3.ars/5 "Under certain circumstances, Panther will defragment files automatically. You can read the thread in Macintoshian Achaia for all the gory details, but the short answer is that fragmented files less than 20MB large on journaled HFS+ disks are defragmented automatically in Panther when they are opened, whether for reading or for writing." http://episteme.arstechnica.com/groupee/fo.../9900929295/p/1 I don't believe this has changed in Tiger. Pretting remarkable for anyone who is used to the world of Windows, where I use Diskeeper to defrag every night.
  8. Ginamos

    adding Bluetooth

    Yeah, definitely get the D-Link DBT-120. If you want to use an Apple wireless keyboard or mouse the D-Link is a requirement, you can't just use any old USB Bluetooth device.
  9. Ginamos

    Video ipod & Quicktime

    That really is amazing, so you could load all twelve episodes of Fawlty Towers using probably less than 1.5GB. I must admit I was sceptical of just how useful an "iPod with video" would be, but I'm starting to get the idea...and Apple haven't even unleashed a true "Video iPod" yet.
  10. Ginamos

    Entourage or OSX MAIL?

    Personally I think Excel is the one killer app in the Office suite. If you need to use a serious spreadsheet application Excel is the only one. I haven't used Office 2004, but I found Office v.X to be quite decent. The only problem I found was with embedded objects in word documents. Object linking is handled somewhat differently on OSX and Windows. I've had cases where where I've embedded an object sent the file to a Windows user and they've just seen an empty placeholder. I learned it was probably best to avoid embedding any objects or at least test the result on Windows yourself before sending.
  11. Ginamos


    Maybe try downloading the 97MB version or the 109MB combo version from http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/ That's what I did, software update kept failing on me (dropped connections). After retrying several times I got fed up, especially as nothing was being cached and the download kept starting from scratch. I know this is a different problem from the one you have, but it might be worth try. Seems to work ok, just remember to run repair permissions, afterwards.
  12. Ginamos

    Video ipod & Quicktime

    Interesting, I only downloaded Handbreak a few days ago, but haven't had a chance to use it. Out of curiousity how big is the file for a movie like Kill Bill?
  13. Ginamos

    About 85% satisfied but...

    Point 6: Gmail. The way I have this setup: I have a main account which I pay for, but also like most people have additional free addresses. The free accounts I redirect to my main account. In the case of Gmail Setting --> Forwarding and POP --> Forward a copy of incoming mail to ????@??? In the OSX Mail app I only login to my main account (standard POP), but can pull down messages from all accounts. This is my personal preference because I can aggregate all messages to one account, an optionally view them online, when I don't have access to my desktop. Maybe this helps Keep the faith, if you're an experienced Windows person it's probably more of a pain switching, I certainly found that to be the case. You're constantly thinking "I know exactly how I would do this in Windows, how do I do this on the Mac". If you haven't already purchased one, a Mac OS X book helps ease the pain, O'Reilly's "Mac OS X In A Nutshell" worked for me.
  14. Ginamos

    Entourage or OSX MAIL?

    When I bought my Mac in 2003 I bought a copy of Office and made Entourage my desktop mail app. After a few months I got curious and started using Mail, in about a week I decided to switch completely to Mail. Entourage is a good app, and I like the fact that Mail and Contacts are together. However, overall I felt that OSX Mail was better integrated into the OS and it has the typical uncluttered Apple design philosophy. As a general point. With hindsight I would say that my purchase of Office was a waste of money. I would suggest to any switcher that they see how they get on without Office and maybe try the 30 day trial software of iWork or the venerable Appleworks. Just a suggestion, of course everyone has their own specific requirements.
  15. Ginamos

    Photobooth avalible on on any mac

    Totally agree. Also, if you sit tight, Photobooth will probably be generally released. I'm sure Apple won't pass up an opportunity to sell the new universal dock and the remote control, just because people don't have the latest iMac G5. I can't think of any technical reasons of why this wouldn't happen. I think they're just "testing the water" at the moment...and also trying to bump up the sales of iMacs. Having said that, it's always difficult to second guess Apple!?
  16. Ginamos

    Video ipod & Quicktime

    When you start MacTheRipper you'll see two buttons |Disc|Mode| Select "Mode" and then select "Full Disc Extraction". This will rip the full disc to your hard drive. ripdifferent.com has some good info. I think you'll then need to convert to the right codec to load to your iPod. I don't anything about that, as I don't have a video iPod, try googling for a tutorial. Disclaimer: I not sure ripping a DVD to your iPod comes within the "fairplay" framework, and therefore could be illegal. I would suggest that if you want more detailed inforamation of this nature you try sites that are more "dedicated" to this subject.
  17. Ginamos

    Mac The Ripper

    It's also on versiontracker http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo...fo/macosx/22715 I recently returned to Australia, took my stuff out of storage, including my iMac. After 18 months there was a lot of software to update including Mac The Ripper. For all my software updates, except Apple software, I used versiontracker I didn't even realize there was a problem with obtaining Mac The Ripper, until I heard the podcast and saw this thread, so more power to versiontracker!
  18. Ginamos

    iTunes 6

    JHymn doesn't work under 6.0 at the moment, so you can't un-DRM your ITMS music. Here's what it says on the web site: "It appears that if you make any purchases using iTunes 6.0, from that point on you must use 6.0 — and then JHymn won't work for you either. JHymn will have to learn how to perform the iTunes 6.0 protocol before this problem is likely to be fixed -- so hang on, it could be a bit of a wait. In the meantime, you may wish to delay upgrading to iTunes 6.0 so that you can continue to free your music until a new solution is found." http://www.hymn-project.org/jhymndoc/
  19. Ginamos

    60GB ipod frustrations

    I also bought a 60Gb iPod in August, but haven't experienced any of the problems you've detailed. So far I've had it syncing with Windows XP, Panther and Tiger - no problems at all. The iPod has only reset itself once, and that was a day after I bought it, since then it's been fine. I've experienced no unexpected issues with battery life or playlists, either. The only problem I experienced was with syncing (using Firewire) after I upgraded to Tiger. iTunes beachballed and took a long time to update the iPod. I fixed this by restarting from CD and doing a repair permissions, after this no beachball and a much quicker update. Anyone who is experiencing the kind of problems you've detailed should definitely demand a replacement or repair.