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  1. Apologies double post, crap internet connection.
  2. "Short of re-installing Mac OSX - does anyone have any suggestions" The "archive and install" option is a lot less painful than the "erase and install" option, as it will preserve your user accounts, settings and most applications whilst at the same time "refreshing" the OS. Last time I took that option I was up and running in 20 minutes (I would suggest making a backup before your do this). Mac OS X 10.4: About installation options
  3. Ginamos

    MacBook Start up disc

    Sounds like a failed hard disk or disk controller. You could try running the hardware test CD and see what that comes up with. Also if you have an external bootable drive try starting from that, although you'll probably get the same result as you got when you ran the install disk.
  4. Ginamos


    It was a silly decision, followed by an ever sillier statement from Kevin Rose "If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying". Upshot for me, was that I started looking at other sites and I'm liking Reddit.
  5. You need AIM 5.9 if you want to use the video functionality. From the AIM FAQ "Q: Is AIM 6.1 compatible with AIM 5.9, AOL 9.0 and iChat? A: AIM 6.1 works seamlessly with AIM 5.9, AOL 9.0 and iChat® services. You can send and receive IMs with your buddies using any of these clients. However, certain advanced features may not work across all clients right now. For example, voice chat with more than two people only works with other AIM 6.1 users, and video chat will work only between two AIM 6.1 users at this time. " However, AIM 5.9 to iChat only supports "one to one" conferences, multiple conferences aren't supported. "Multi-person video conference iChat to AIM 5.9 on PC" You may want to check out Sightspeed, mentioned in the above link, but it's not free.
  6. Ginamos

    iBook G3 600mhz motherboard

    Firstly, I'd say download MacTracker (if you don't have it already it), you'll be able to check the specification of your iBook. Secondly, contact the seller and ask them.
  7. I read somewhere that the AIM client needs to be v5.9 on Windows, Pro or version 6.0 won't work.
  8. Ginamos

    audacity's LAME add-on

    The link from the Audacity web site to LAME is a little confusing, the Audacity Team Wiki provides better instructions. The link I've used is http://spaghetticode.org/lame/libmp3lame.dylib.zip The zip file only contains one file, the libmp3lame.dylib that you mention.
  9. Sounds like a good plan, hope everything goes well.
  10. Ginamos

    Slow Menu Icons

    Last time I had a problem with menu icons, messages in the Console log helped me search the Apple Support forum and find the answer. However, an archive and install is probably a quicker solution.
  11. Ginamos

    LaCie Rugged Drive - Not reading data.

    Seems fine, the nature of what TestDisk is trying to do means it will be slow, especially when you factor in the size of drives these days. Let it run it's course. EDIT: apologies, I was replying to your previous msg. Didn't realise you'd added an update.
  12. Ginamos

    How many install disks do you have?

    Well I don't seem to be able to add my vote. Keep getting "You did not choose a poll choice to vote against. Please go back and ensure you click on one of the radio buttons next to the choice you wish to vote for" I have install disks for 10.2, 10.3, 10.4.
  13. Ginamos

    When will you buy leapord?

    I'll probably wait a week or so, read the install experiences...and yes make a backup or two. I still remember the Panther upgrade and the corrupted firewire external drives that used the Oxford chipset. I'm in no hurry.
  14. Ginamos

    Problems with Photoshop Elements 4.0 (Mac)

    I think I had a similar problem with Elements 3. In that case the problem was with the preferences. Press Shift, Option, Command and then double click Elements, you should see a message asking if you want to reset preferences.
  15. Ginamos

    iDefrag users

    All the other options (apart from quick online) need to access the disk exclusively. A defrag is a fairly low level operation and if it were done when other processes were writing to the disk, things could get very screwed up. To defrag my internal drive, I normally boot from my backup that's on an external Firewire drive (use Startup Disk in System Preferences). Once booted from the external drive, all the options will be available in iDefrag when you select the internal drive. When you run "go" iDefrag will then unmount the internal disk and do it's work, without the danger that other processes can access that disk. So, basically what you need is another bootable drive to access all those options.
  16. Ginamos

    mdimport run amok

    Onyx, MainMenu and other maintenance apps have rebuild Spotlight Index options, maybe that'll do the trick? Oh, and the other thing, might be to set privacy in Spotlight in System Preferences for all your drives. I seem to remember reading that once you remove the privacy restrictions the indexes are effectively rebuilt. I may be wrong on that, it's only a vague memory.
  17. Ginamos

    Unnecesary Processes

    "iTunesHelper" detects when an iPod is connected and launches iTunes, also when a music CD is mounted. Basically it acts as a "listener", waiting for something to happen. This type of process normally doesn't take up much system resource and can normally be ignored. Don't know how you stop it, I have it checked as a login item and always assumed it wouldn't start if it were unchecked.
  18. Ginamos

    Preview: Default PDFs to Continuous???

    Good News! I can only assume write permissions were set OK, but there was a problem with read permissions and the app couldn't retrieve the properties you'd set. Repair permissions is a bit of an old chestnut in the Mac world, but it just goes to show it's a good idea to run them from time to time.
  19. Ginamos

    Preview: Default PDFs to Continuous???

    Weird, I'm fairly certain that the values are stored in com.apple.Preview.plist in "/Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences". I just copied my plist out and everything was reset to default values when I opened Preview. Comparing the two files it looks like the property PVPDFDisplayMode is set to "1" if continuous is selected. I really can't think why you should have that problem, maybe you've got another com.apple.Preview.plist somewhere in the file path and that one is being written to and the real one is not being affected. That would be extremely sloppy programming and I find it hard to believe. Running Repair disk permissions and Repair disk may be worth a shot, although I'm not hopeful.
  20. Ginamos

    Preview: Default PDFs to Continuous???

    If you right (control) click the mouse and change the display mode to continuous in the context menu, that will only stay in effect for the session and isn't in fact a permanent change. Selecting the menu option View->PDF Display->Continuous so that it shows the check, should make that a permanent setting. So that next time you open Preview it will display in "continuous". I'm just wondering if you've been trying the right mouse click method?
  21. Ginamos

    HELP!! My iMac G4 Screen won't turn on!!!

    There's an Apple support document "Troubleshooting: My computer displays no video" which may help, particularly the section near the end titled "For built-in displays". No startup chime sounds ominous and would indicate to me that the problem lies with the logic board. If the support doc doesn't help, I'd suggest calling a local Apple Authorised Service Provider. You'll probably have to take the machine in to be looked at. I don't know if iMac G4 boards are still available from Apple, if not they come up on eBay quite often, the Apple Technician will be able to tell you. If the problem is the logic board it may be too expensive to be worth fixing. Best thing I could suggest is talk through the options with the Apple technician. As for the data on the machine, chances are it's OK and the tech can probably help save it.
  22. Ginamos

    Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard delayed

    Other than the disappointment of not having a new toy to play with, I can't say I'm too bothered by the delay. Tiger does everything I need, it's not like waiting for Windows 95 whilst being on 3.1. The people I do feel sorry for are the 3rd party developers who renew the license fees for their software after every Mac OS major release. The delay will affect their incomes and it's not like they make millions from their efforts. Several of the developers that submitted software to the last MacHeist "sale" were relying on selling discounted software and then picking up continued license fees when Leopard was released, sadly they'll have to wait almost a year for that to happen.
  23. Ginamos

    Can't Burn to Pioneer DVR-K05

    Yes, it does seem like a hardware failure and that the reinstall was just coincidental. What does the drive show up as in "System Profiler" in the "Disc Burning" section? I'm just wondering if if the device is correctly registered. It doesn't sound like you've had the drive long, but it could be suffering from a dirty lens. You ccould buy a lens cleaner kit, they're fairly cheap. I'm not convinced that's the problem, but maybe worth a try.
  24. Ginamos

    sharing internet Connection

    Did you try switching off both Firewall's? I wouldn't recommend leaving them switched off, but if mail and IM suddenly start working, there's your culprit.
  25. Ginamos

    ipod nano update

    OK apologies, hopefully this Apple Support doc has the solution. What to do if iPod can't be updated because the firmware file was corrupt or not found.