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    Cheap .Mac?

    Amazon has it for $69.99. From reading blogs and forums etc. Amazon seems to be the cheapest place to get a .Mac subscription, if there's somewhere cheaper then I'm not aware of it.
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    You'll probably need OS X driver's, so that'll mean it won't work.
  3. Ginamos

    Superduper users help

    You can also go into System Preferences and choose which disk to boot from, in the "Startup Disk" section. That way you don't have to hover over the keyboard when the machine is rebooting. Also, if you have any doubt about which disk you've booted from, it's tells you in the "About this Mac" window in the Apple menu.
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    Possibly you're getting confused with megabits and megabytes, I know I do. According to the spec, that card will handle a data transfer rate of 1,500 Mbit/s, which is pretty quick when compared with USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/s) or even Firewire 800 (786 Mbit/s). PCMCIA cards are slower than the newer ExpressCard standard, but still more than adequate for most needs.
  5. I can't think of any single app that's particularly close to CCleaner, but here's some suggestions of things to do to protect your privacy: 1. Switch to Firefox (if you haven't already) and use the option "Clear Private Data" in the Tools Menu. There are also some useful Firefox extensions that can be installed, "Distrust" for example allows you to remove browsing info for a specific session. You can find these in the "Browse Privacy and Security" section of the Firefox web site. 2. There's also a number of maintenance app's about (Cocktail, Onyx, Yasu are just three I have), which can be used to clear system/user caches, log files etc. Onyx has a handy menu called "Cleaning" that could be used to protect privacy. It's worth remembering that these type of app's are really designed to help improve system performance when your machine seems slow or are to be used when troubleshooting a problem. Also, much of the data that is cleared is system related and will have nothing to do with your personal info. Personally I wouldn't recommend running this type of app too frequently. 3. If you have any sensitive documents on the disk you may want to think about keeping them in a password encrypted disk image.
  6. Ginamos

    ipod nano update

    Connect the iPod to your Mac go into iTunes and select the iPod section under Devices. The summary tab will tell you which software version your iPod is currently running, I'm guessing this will show an earlier version, as the update you tried failed. You should then be able to select the "Check for Update" button and the latest version will be downloaded and applied.
  7. Ginamos

    can't log out of system

    There's this long thread on the Apple Support forum Near the end of the thread this bit of info solved the problem, maybe it'll work for you. "Test if you can shutdown from the keyboard-- Holding down control+option+command keys, and then press the eject key. Check if the loginwindow plists are corrupted. To do this test, remove the followings to temporary folders on the desktop, and shutdown from the keyboard shortcut combination. Restart the computer to test the recurrence. /Library/Preferences/com.apple.loginwindow.plist /Users/HOME/Library/Preferences/com.apple.loginwindow.plist"
  8. Ginamos

    G4 Powermac Problems

    If the problem is a faulty Firewire port it may be worth running (if you haven't already) the Apple Hardware Test disk that comes with every Mac. Thanks to ramtha and this thread "Apple Hardware Test, The ultimate in forgotton system tools" for reminding me.
  9. Ginamos

    Backup Software Suggestions?

    I've not used chronosync, but looking at their features page there's a section on "Archive Data" which indicates that multiple versions of a file can be backed up. Possibly these archive files go in a separate folder and are not part of the overall backup image. Someone who's using chronosync could probably shed some light on that.
  10. To clear history: 1. Goto the History Menu 2. Select Clear History If you've also been using Google search you can clear your search history by: 1. Goto the Safari Menu 2. Select Preferences 3. Select Autofill tab 4. Select the Edit button from the Other Forms Line 5. From the AutoFill list of sites select Google.com 6. Select Remove 7. Select Done
  11. Ginamos

    Backup Software Suggestions?

    I'm no expert on backups, but this is how I understand it. The original poster mentions "incremental backup". From Wikipedia: "An incremental backup is a backup method where multiple backups are kept (not just the last one)." Essentially an incremental backup can contain multiple versions of files. So, if for example if you do an incremental backup daily and for the last five days you've revised a document, you'll have 5 versions of that document backed up. What the Superduper feature "Smart Update" allows you to do is a differential backup which is "a cumulative backup of all changes made after the last full backup". Using the above scenario this would mean you wouldn't have 5 versions of the file, only the last version in your back up. What I'm not sure is if the original poster got their terms wrong and actually meant "differential backup", if that's the case Superduper would be a perfectly adequate solution. If they really meant incremental backup Chronosync would be the one to go for.
  12. Ginamos

    Stuffit Expander Update

    Stuffit also has a nasty habit of sometimes leaving a hidden copy of the file it was trying to extract when it crashed. If you haven't already, you may want to check for hidden files and delete then. I found a load of them in my Desktop folder the first time I ran Disk Inventory X, saved quite a bit of space.
  13. Ginamos

    Stuffit Expander Update

    Apple dropped StuffIt when they released Tiger, BOM Archive Helper was the replacement. Not really sure why Apple did that, maybe it was because they wanted to standardise on the Zip format. I'd also give The Unarchiver the thumbs up, it's now set as my default app, I've had no problems with it.
  14. Ginamos

    Deleting previous iTunes Libraries?

    According to Apple it's fine to delete those folders. From What are the iTunes library files? "Tip: New versions of iTunes sometimes include enhancements to the iTunes library. When you open the new version of iTunes, iTunes upgrades your existing library to the new format and places a copy of the old library in the Previous Libraries folder. If everything goes fine during your upgrade to the latest version of iTunes, you can delete the older iTunes Library files."
  15. Here's what I do, I don't claim it's the best way, but it works for me. Macintosh HD - Internal Drive 80Gb LaCie1 - External Drive 160Gb (in one partition) LaCie2 - External Drive 160Gb (divided into two equal sized partitions) I keep photos, documents and working files on the Macintosh HD. LaCie1 contains my iTunes library. One partition on LaCie2 is used to store my backup and the other partition is used to rip DVD's. Using SuperDuper I run a weekly backup of the Macintosh HD using the "Smart Update" option to the backup partition on LaCie2. This drive partition is also bootable. I incrementally backup the iTunes Library periodically to DVD, using a Smart Playlist to check Date Added and Date Modified fields from the date of my last backup. I don't bother backing up the DVD rip's partition. It's difficult to offer concrete advise, but hopefully this gives you some food for thought. BTW: You're barely using the internal drive, maybe you should transfer some working files over to that location. Also you may want consider returning that new drive and getting a Firewire one so you have a bootable drive.
  16. I just discovered I have the same problem, no "Choose Folder" option. Did a quick google and this thread from macosxhints seems solve things (just read the last message on the thread). The problem appears to be a corrupt plist file "com.apple.systempreferences.plist".
  17. The Apple Tech's advise makes sense, I wouldn't see it as conflicting. Obviously if you don't have another bootable drive, your only option is to use the system disk, but as stated it could set permissions wrongly as the version of Disk Utilities on the DVD will be most probably be much older than the system you're updating. Normally when I repair disk permissions (which isn't often) I boot from my Firewire backup drive, that way I'm running the 10.4.9 version of Disk Utilities. Overall, I doubt it makes a huge amount of difference which version you use, I've never heard of problems running the install disk version.
  18. Ginamos

    Which encoder to use with DRM Dumpster

    DRM Dumpster seems like an easy solution, but I would suggest you burn your music manually to CD in AIFF and then decide which format you prefer. If you change your mind later you still have the "original" CD to burn a different format.
  19. Ginamos

    Failure to Turn DVD

    You could try purchasing a CD/DVD lens cleaner, relatively inexpensive and if it works will save you the cost of a new writer. CD/DVD lens cleaner's can be purchased at office supply stores. It could just be that over time the lens has accumulated gunk (non-technical term), that's preventing it from writing effectively. DVD's require more precision when they are being written, which could explain why they are failing and CD's are not. If that doesn't work you can certainly attach an external CD/DVD writer using either a Firewire or USB 2.0 port. The Lacie d2 burner works well for me.
  20. Ginamos

    Disk Defrag

    OS X compacts fragmented files which are less than 20Mb in size, it checks the state of fragmentation when you open a file and if necessary moves the file to a contiguous space on the disk. Obviously these days people often have multimedia files much larger than 20Mb, and these files won't automatically get defragmented. I've noticed the problem particularly with Bittorrent programs that constantly write small sections of files (as they are downloaded) all over the the disk. I also suspect a lot of video editing programs create similar problems of fragmentation, normally the files sizes are too big to hold in memory so "chunks" tend to get distributed across the disk. I use iDefrag to resolve these problems and I've definitely noticed a performance boost, but it's only something I'd run every 6-9 months, I certainly wouldn't be slavish about running it regularly. Alternatively a periodic clean install of the OS will blow the cobwebs away, and also copying large files to other sectors of the disk and then deleting the originals will help.
  21. Yep, it's happened to me a couple of times, no idea what causes the problem, but the steps outlined fix it for me.
  22. iTunes generates thumbnail artwork when you sync, sometimes those thumbnails get associated with the wrong files (strangely it's often podcast artwork that's chosen). What you need to do is get iTunes to regenerate the thumbnails and that should correct the problem. In iTunes select your iPod then select the Music Tab. On the bottom of that screen you should see the check box "Display album artwork on your iPod", uncheck the box and press apply. Your iPod you then sync and you should see a message about deleting artwork. When the sync is finished re-check the artwork box select apply and the the sync should display a messages about optimising artwork. If it's a large library (in terms of files) it can take a little bit of time, but hopefully not too long.
  23. Ginamos

    Backup Question

    I'd agree, either CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper are fine choices. The only thing that swung it for me in favour of SuperDuper was the "Smart Update Backup" option which compares your backup disk with your Macintosh HD and then makes the two images the same. This takes a lot less time than the "erase, then copy" approach, but is only available in the registered (i.e. paid for) version.
  24. Ginamos

    Why Windows Rules the World

    John, the link appears to be subscription only, so I'm not sure you'll be getting too many comments I don't subscribe to The Economist, but I do buy the magazine most weeks, although I haven't seen the article you refer to. As a general comment, Economist articles are well researched and their Technology Quarterly sections are usually worth reading. I suspect they are just doing a strategic review of Vista for their corporate readers who've already invested millions in the various earlier versions of Windows, but obviously difficult to comment without having read the article.
  25. Ginamos

    DVD questions

    To make a copy of a DVD I use: MacTheRipper. To remove the encryption and copy the DVD to my machine. Roxio Toast. To burn a copy of the VIDEO_TS folder to a blank DVD and compress the contents if bigger than a standard 4.7GB retail blank disk. Instead of MacTheRipper you could use FairMount (a Universal App). Instead of Roxio Toast you could use Roxio Popcorn or DVD2oneX to compress the VIDEO_TS folder and then burn it using Finder.