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    -48 error when syncing

    This is proving to be a problem for a lot of people, unfortunately Apple don't seem to have a fix yet. It's been generating a ton of responses on the Apple Support threads. I'd suggest you check out this thread "Software 1.2.1 (-48) Error, The saga continues................", it's a long thread so happy reading. These solutions seem to be working for a number of people: Format your iPod to FAT32. OR Set your iPod to Disk Mode and configure iTunes to NOT start when you plug your iPod in. Run Disk Utility Repair Disk everytime you plug your iPod in before opening iTunes. Unfortunately different fixes seem to work for different people, so what works for you may be one of the other solutions on offer.
  2. Ginamos

    Core 2 Duo Mac Mini soon?

    If you look at their desktop range you could easily say: Mac Mini = Low iMac = Mid Mac Pro = High Sure Apple don't go down to the bargain basement, but they cover most other areas. IMHO it would be possible to produce a Cube style machine (no monitor, mouse, keyboard) at around the $2,300 price range, include the features that Mark Sheppard mentions and still make a good profit. I don't think it'll happen because it would compete directly against the iMac. If you look at Apple's product range they don't sell any products that compete against each other. From the lowest Mac Mini to the Highest Mac Pro there are fairly consistent pricing steps all the way up (of course I'm comparing basic system prices without upgrades like RAM or HD).
  3. Ginamos

    Did Apple steal from what was once Longhorn?

    Personally I wouldn't read too much into these arguments about who copies who. If Microsoft copy Apple, I say good luck to them. As long as Apple control the hardware platform they build their OS on, they will always hold an edge. Microsoft on the other hand has to build OS's that work on a far greater number of hardware configurations, that will always slow down their ability to innovate. It's also worth bearing in mind that the engineers at Apple and Microsoft normally add features to their operating system's when it becomes technically feasible, this can often look like copying, when in fact it's not. If you take for example Microsoft's implementation of the Aero user interface and it's counterpart on OS X Aqua, there's a fairly "slam dunk" case for Microsoft having copied Apple, but did they? Possibly Microsoft were just taking advantage of GPU developments. Either way, Apple customers have been using Aqua for years, whereas for Microsoft customers that style interface is a new feature.
  4. Ginamos

    Core 2 Duo Mac Mini soon?

    A Cube style machine is something I'd love to see Apple produce. IMHO Apple have a hole in their product line, apart from the Mac Pro, all of their other "non-portable" Mac's (iMac, Mac Mini) are essentially based on Notebook technology. It would be great if Apple introduced a midrange desktop machine, with even (gasp) a spare slot for upgradeability. Unfortunately, I can't see Apple introducing anything like that in the near future, as it would directly compete with the iMac (a notebook bolted to the back of a LCD display), but I live in hope.
  5. Ginamos

    Core 2 Duo Mac Mini soon?

    Add to that list cost. It would seem crazy to me to buy a machine and then replace probably the single most expensive component...the CPU. Better waiting for a Core 2 Mac Mini (I'm sure they will be released soon) , or go for a low end iMac.
  6. Ginamos

    Higher Quality iTunes Purchases

    You definitely can't improve the sound by re-ripping from a lossy format to a lossless format. The only way to improve the quality would be to re-rip from CD, but obviously with music purchased from the iTunes store you don't have that option. I may be worth checking out the Creative Xmod, a USB dongle that is claimed improves the quality of lossy compression by enhancing the low and high frequencies that are usually stripped out. The reviews look promising and at $80 it shouldn't break the bank.
  7. Ginamos

    MacHeist Bundle *AMAZING DEAL!*

    It's a holiday for the developer also, pay the money to them. If you really aren't going to use the license gifting it to someone else doesn't do any harm, but I'm not convinced exchanging it is really in the right spirit (irrespective of the holiday season).
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    Safari also has a spell checker, when you're in an input capable field go to the Edit menu and select the spelling option. The "Spelling" option is also available in other Mac apps. The option "check spelling as you type" is very useful.
  9. Ginamos

    MacHeist Bundle *AMAZING DEAL!*

    LOL, sounds like piracy to me. Independent software developers don't get rich selling their products, it's more of a case of (hopefully) making a living, whilst avoiding having to work for someone else. Pay the money for the MacHeist bundle, if you find some products you like, be prepared to pay for the upgrade when you move to Leopard. Park the ones you're not interested in and don't attempt to pass them on, that really screws up things. If someone wants to purchase a product like NewsFire it's better they pay the developer up front, the developer doesn't gain anything from an "exchange".
  10. Ginamos

    Removalbe media cataloger and finder

    Your request prompted me to look into disk cataloguing software. I've got a lot of TV Series on disk and often forget which episodes I've already got and which I need to capture. I'd been thinking for ages about finding a solution. I'm also trying DiskCatalogMaker, so far I'm liking it, although I don't have very demanding requirements. I'd recommend VersionTracker as the first place to start when looking for software, there's other places to look (like MacUpdate), but I've always found VersionTracker to have the best quality user reviews. Yeah, it was a bit strange that the same thing got a mention in the show, that's synchronicity for you.
  11. Ginamos

    random movie question

    Battlefield Earth The Core (not an especially terrible movie, but one that has some really bad science)
  12. Ginamos


    I pulled this thread out of the Apple Support forum, maybe it helps. Chances are it is just a leftover install file. You could try and open it with TextEdit, I'm guessing it's not a very large file, if you can read the contents you can probably work out what it's supposed to do.
  13. Ginamos

    James Kim and family missing

    Thanks for the update Kerry, I wish the news could have been better. My thoughts go to James Kim's family.
  14. Ginamos

    Do Not Install Adobe Reader

    It's annoying Adobe do that, although it's fairly easy to switch off the "display PDF in browser using: Adobe", it certainly isn't obvious. Personally I keep a copy of the Adobe Reader, because some PDF documents are much easier to use with Adobe than with Preview, I do however make sure it isn't the default App.
  15. Ginamos

    Removalbe media cataloger and finder

    You may find this user review in VersionTracker useful.
  16. It's safe to do that. Yes, the drive will no longer be recognised. If you want to switch off the drive whilst it's still connected to the iMac, unmount it first i.e. drag the drive icon on the desktop to the trash. Unmounting the drive will stop any processes and reduce any potential data loss or damage. Definitely don't just switch off the drive without first unmounting. Personally I just leave the external drives on all the time.
  17. Ginamos

    Using Multiple Windows

    Using Safari if I click on a link that is coded to open "in a new window" it works as you describe. Doing the same thing again creates another new Window in front of the page I clicked on. So I end up with three Windows, the most recent in the foreground. That's different from the situation you describe and sounds like what you expect to happen. Not really sure why your browser is behaving in the way it is and I can't see anything in Preferences that would alter this behaviour. Does this behaviour happen on all web sites? Try switching on tabbed browsing.
  18. Ginamos

    Leopard -- when?

    General consensus is Q2 2007, this is mainly based on how much progress has been made with the preview versions of Leopard that Apple release. Obviously that's just a guess, the people that really know the release date are keeping mum! BTW: expect iLife 07 in January, since iLife was introduced in 2003, a new version has always been announced at Macworld.
  19. Ginamos

    Image conversion and scaling

    Ahh, the joy of asynchronous processes.
  20. Ginamos

    Full Hard Drive Encryption

    I notice it says for "Mac OS X 10.4 (Non-boot disks only – Intel & PPC)"
  21. Ginamos

    slow sync with iPod

    Your set-up is pretty much the same as mine, but I don't have any problems syncing. You mention that there's a pause at the beginning of the sync which would be when the iPod and iTunes are preparing things and shouldn't involve the external drive. The external drive will only come into play when the music files are actually being transferred. Have you tried restoring the iPod? You shouldn't need to rebuild iTunes, also you'll lose play counts, ratings and other info.
  22. Ginamos


    Whenever I start getting weird behaviour on my Mac I do the following: - Run Repair Permissions/Disk - Run Yasu and take the default settings - Check Console messages, Google any messages you don't understand Maybe that'll work for you.
  23. I don't think there are any Firewire network devices available, I certainly never heard of such a thing and Google doesn't come up with anything. I've also often read that people buying USB devices have not had great success with then. General advise seems to be go with an Airport Card, in the case of the G3 iBook that'll mean an 802.11b card. Of course, if you just want to attach your machine to a wireless network at home you can always use the Ethernet port and connect it to a wireless router.
  24. Ginamos

    Convert Podcasts to Music files?

    There isn't any particularly simple way, but check this thread.
  25. Ginamos

    mac not reconizing ipod 2g

    I'm a little confused by your statement above, I didn't think the 2G iPod supported USB or do you mean 2G Mini? Anyway...have you tried? - A different Firewire cable. - Another Firewire port on your Mac. - Attaching your iPod to another machine (either Mac or PC) to see if it's recognised. If the iPod is recognised by another machine you could format it or run the Updater and see if that makes any difference. If none of that works it would suggest that your iPod is starting to fail. You could try Googling for companies that do iPod repairs and try and find out from them if it's worth getting the player fixed.