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    consol war

    Yeah, I was also thinking about getting a PS2. I'm not a huge Console fan (I prefer to play PC games), but prices are dropping and there's a stack of games available for that platform.
  2. Ginamos

    DVD DL and the Burner

    In System Profiler->Disc Burning you should see DL if your player has Dual Layer capabilities Example: DVD-Write: -R, -RAM, -RW, +R, +RW, +R DL
  3. The only way I can think of is to save the email and view it in the Drafts folder. If you have multiple attachments click the triangle next to the paperclip icon and you'll get a breakdown of the size of each attachment. Not a particularly slick solution, but it works.
  4. Ginamos

    What time is best?

    Do you need your machine now or can you wait? In the last few years waiting for Q1 has been a good strategy, but that doesn't mean its good for you. Ultimately, it's up to you, but... The Intel "roadmap" indicates that Core 2 is the most we can expect for a while (maybe something "new" late 2007, more likely 2008). The Apple software history would indicate iLife '07 in Q1 07. Leopard released either Q1 or Q2 2007. That's my take on the future, but we have to work out our own best strategy.
  5. Ginamos

    DVDs Won't Read - Keep Ejecting

    I had a failing DVD drive a few months ago. Repeatedly inserting a disk, meant it eventually mounted, but I found that DVD Player or even Finder wouldn't work properly with the disk. I reached the conclusion that it was a hardware problem with the drive and replaced it, since then I've had no problems. Are the DVD's commercial copies or are they ripped versions. Commercial DVD's are higher capacity than retail blank DVD's so probably have a lower tolerance for error when being read. Dirt on the lens or misalignment will add to the problem. If the DVD's are ripped versions I'd look at bad media as being the source of the problem. Lens cleaning is definitely an option, if that doesn't work your probably looking at buying a new drive.
  6. Ginamos

    The Perfect Thing

    I thought this article in Wired was a good read.
  7. Ginamos

    Mac maintenence and .Mac accounts.

    There isn't really much you need to do, in fact you may even have to unlearn the maintenance habits learned on Windows. The only maintenance task I would recommend is running Disk Utility periodically (maybe once a month) and verifying the permissions and the disk. Leave your machine on at night so that the OS X scheduled night time housekeeping jobs get a chance to run. For recommended maintenance apps: SuperDuper for Backups, although there are a number of other choices. Cocktail or Yasu allow you to run a number of maintenance tasks, but I wouldn't recommend you use these programs unless you have a system problem and are problem solving. Disk Inventory X or Whatsize are handy utilities that allow you to check what's using your disk space. PrefCheck checks for bad Preference Files. All of the above apps shouldn't be run on a regular basis as part of a maintenance cycle.
  8. Ginamos

    Bluetooth Mouse with multiple computers

    Open Bluetooth Preferences (from Menu Bar or System Preferences) uncheck Discoverable under "Settings" and in "Devices" delete the Device.
  9. According to this MacRumors thread, Core 2 could be coming out on the 13th for the Macbook.
  10. Ginamos

    My podcast list is too long

    Cheers for that solution car1son, quite ingenious. I've been trying to figure out a way of putting podcasts that were downloaded outside of iTunes into the Podcast section for a while now.
  11. Ginamos

    Mixed Up Album Art

    iTunes generates thumbnail artwork when you sync, sometimes those thumbnails get associated with the wrong files. What you need to do is get iTunes to regenerate the thumbnails and associate then with the correct files. In iTunes select your iPod then select the Music Tab. On the bottom of that screen you should see the check box "Display album artwork on your iPod", uncheck the box and press apply. Your iPod you then sync and you should see a message about deleting artwork. When the sync is finished re-check the artwork box select apply and the the sync should display a messages about optimising artwork. If it's a large library (at least a lot of files) it can take a little bit of time, but not too long.
  12. As far as I'm aware the case is coated in anodized aluminum. Apparently this a very strong scratch resistant surface for the MacBook Pro, but you can't discount that production problems could result in the coating providing less than optimum protection and even flaking occurring. Personally I'd suggest HenryL gets the machine checked out by Apple techs ASAP. If any scam is being done, I'm sure they'll spot it, they'll have evidence from past cases on record to check if anything was done to the case, outside of the usual wear and tear. I really don't think there's a place for calling Forum members idiots, state your case without resorting to insults. When I'm wrong I'm happy to stand corrected, but not insulted.
  13. Ginamos

    Firefox 2.0 is a Nightmare

    Safari's my primary browser, but I also normally keep Firefox open, because a TV Listing site I use doesn't work quite right in Safari. I never tried any of the beta versions of Firefox and delayed downloading 2.0 for a few days to make sure there were no big problems. Not had any problems, overall I can't say I've noticed any major differences from the previous version. I do find it puzzling that some extensions didn't work. The Firefox beta was out for ages, I would have expected the 3rd party developers to have resolved compatibility issues well before the final release date.
  14. Ginamos

    My podcast list is too long

    Yeah, that was my understanding of how Apple handle the files. Last time I looked (a few months ago), there didn't seem to be anything that allowed the flag to be edited, it's not a standard tag, so tag editors don't show it. Your best bet may be to delete the additional entries and select the option "Keep Files" when you see the message box "Do you want to move the selected podcasts to the Trash, or keep them in the iTunes Music folder? You could then just manage the files in the folder Music/Podcasts/ using Finder.
  15. That would be under UK law, hence the reference to "Section 14 of the Sale of Goods Act". So it would only apply to a product bought in the UK, although it would cover citizens of other countries. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sale_of_Goods_Act_1979
  16. Ginamos

    Noisy Student

    According to the developers: What's new in StartupSound.prefPane 1.1 StartupSound.prefPane 1.1 has supported an Intel-based Mac. On Intel-based Mac, you can adjust the volume of startup sound more finely. When you are logged in as a non-administrator user, you can use "Startup Sound" preference by clicking the lock icon and entering the name and password of an administrator. (It does not work with this BETA version.) System Requirements StartupSound.prefPane 1.1-BETA requires a Mac running Mac OS X version 10.4 or later. I tested this software on the following systems: iMac 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo / Mac OS X 10.4.4 and 10.4.6 PowerBook G4 867MHz 12.1" / Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.4.6 Do you mean it doesn't work on Core 2, or is their above statement incorrect?
  17. Ginamos

    Noisy Student

    Try StartupSound.prefPane.
  18. Ginamos

    update application manager?

    Maybe you're thinking about RCDefaultApp.
  19. Ginamos

    Alternative to iVolume

    Maybe MacMP3Gain is what you're after. I've not tried the Mac version, but the Windows version did a good job of volume levelling.
  20. Ginamos

    SuperDuper BackUp Question?

    Good news. You figured out the external boot problem was because of the partition. My backup clone drive isn't partitioned, so I probably would never have thought about that particular scenario. Something I just remembered. In the future, if you want to check which drive you've booted from, just look at the "About This Mac" window in Finder. There's a "Startup Drive" entry below "Memory". I'm not sure the "Startup Drive" always appears, I suspect it depends on if you have more than one boot drive attached to your machine. Nice to hear a 3rd party app developer was so helpful, I think I'll have to consider switching over to Super Duper.
  21. Ginamos

    The "OFFICIAL" Anti-Mac website

    Best ignored. In my experience the majority of Windows users tend to go Apple "what?", they know Apple for the iPod, but nothing much else. A small minority of Windows users seem to go out of their way to disparage the Mac and seem quite obsessed, but that's their problem. As a Mac user I'd hate to fall into the opposite trap of always praising Apple, right or wrong. Just keep a rational attitude about why you use the hardware and software and importantly feel free to criticise, where you think criticism is justified. There's no place for zealots on either side.
  22. Ginamos

    Who's a lucky guy?

    Congratulations, the MacBook is a the kick ass machine, adding the 2GB of RAM will be a worthwhile investment (expensive though). The traditional monochromatic iPod choices always made things so easy, now Apple have added Red (aargh!). Personally, I'd say a real man would choose a brown Zune, if only because the colour choice would indicate a manly lack of colour appreciation, however failure to read the tech spec would question those real man credentials. I'm still waiting for a Core 2 Mac Mini, pre-installed with Leopard, guess I've got a few months to wait.
  23. Ginamos

    SuperDuper BackUp Question?

    Truth is, I can't be certain where the problem lies, but there seems to be a connection between random shutdowns and the inability to boot from an external drive that would lead me to suspect the Logic Board. The icons you describe seeing, make it sound like the machine is trying to boot from the external drive, fails for some reason and then defaults to the internal. I'm not really surprised there's no helpful message to let you know what's happening, at that stage in the boot the machine is still in a pretty primitive state. What I'd suggest is backing up the data through whatever means and letting the Genius figure things out. Update this thread after you get the Mac checked out, I'd be interested to learn what the problem really was.
  24. Ginamos

    SuperDuper BackUp Question?

    Well, from what you're saying I now think it's a hardware issue, probably to do with the Logic Board. I'd use SuperDuper to make a full backup and I'd also make my own copy (using Finder). There's really no difference between using a backup utility like SuperDuper and making the backup yourself, but at least you have a better level of control if you do it yourself. Just concentrate on your User Folder, specifically Documents, Music, Pictures, Movies and any other personal directories you've created. If you have any irreplaceable data, write it to DVD, upload it to a .mac account or to an email account possibly gDisk. I'm not convinced that you have a problem with the external drive, but it's difficult to be sure. You certainly need to get the machine checked out, but if you take the above precautions, you shouldn't lose any precious data. You were very wise to checkout whether your backup strategy was working.
  25. Ginamos

    SuperDuper BackUp Question?

    OK, gotcha now. I've just booted into my external drive (using System Preferences->Startup Disk) What I see in Finder: Click on Computer I see a list of external drives, internal drive, Network and a mounted DVD, just as normal. Desktop defaults to the external drive desktop, get info shows /Users/MyUserID except this is the mount on the external drive. Applications, Pictures, Movies and Music all default to the external drive directories. I tested this by creating a dummy directory in "Pictures" and then checking which drive it was created on. The drive names are "Macintosh HD" and "LaCie Disk 2". The external drive is Firewire and I'm running PPC. The Clone was created by Carbon Copy Cloner, but I'm not sure this is relevant, I'd suggest you have a problem with the OS installation, maybe an archive and install would fix the problem. A quick way to check which disk you are actually booting from is to go into Disk Utility and check which disk has "Repair Disk" greyed out, that'll be the boot drive.