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  1. Re-convert the files.


    Open iTunes preferences, change "import settings" to use the same encoder (mp3/aac etc) and a bit rate/sample rate similar to the original file. Select the files that don't sync then from the Advanced menu "Convert mp3/aac Version".


    You always lose a little quality transcoding, but you should at least be able to sync the files.

  2. Audiobook Builder will take your input files and join them into bookmarkable AAC files with chapters. The number of output files created depends on how you set the options, the default is to break the files if they exceed 12 hours play length. So a 14 hour audio book will result in 2 files, regardless of how many input files there were. If you want to ensure continuous playback of the whole book, you can just change the default playback length so that one file is created.


    I'd thoroughly recommend Audiobook Builder, I've tried several solutions, including the Doug's Applescripts app, AB is by far the best.

  3. Frankly, I don't believe the rumors too much. I mean some rumors also state that Apple will release a tablet that will bridge the gap between the iPhone and netbooks ... which rumor should you believe ? IMO adding a camera would make the touch even more like the iPhone and dilute the demand for any new such device. As far as Processor speed, how many people even know the speed of the current touch ? It's just not as big a selling point as it is in a laptop or iMac. All current apps being developed for 3.0 software are being designed with the current speed in mind anyway. All the features of the new 3.0 software are supported by the current hardware so I just don't see the incentive for Apple to upgrade the touch yet ... unless of course they do not release any other significant hardware and just want to boost sales. Either way we'll find out soon enough I guess.


    That being said, I do agree that if possible it would be prudent to wait until after WWDC though just in case ... and you never know, they might even drop the price of the current model even if they don't change the hardware.


    I don't hold much credence to rumours either, mostly I read rumours for the "what if" fun. However, it seems likely that a new iPhone will be announced soon, and therefore to expect some changes to spill over to the Touch, as the Touch is the iPhone's cousin without the telephony options.


    A faster CPU would be attractive upgrade, as even when using a wifi connection, page rendering can be slow on the iPhone/Touch. This is definitely not because of connection speed, as iPhone users frequently comment on the fast speeds they've experienced on their Macs when using the iPhone's untethered 3G connection.


    You've probably already seen this article, but if not have a read of Gruber's article The Next iPhone.


    If indeed a CPU upgrade happens it will be interesting to see if there is any negative impact on battery life.

  4. Unless you're absolutely desperate, why not wait a few weeks? There's a high probability that new models will be announced soon.


    Old stock 2nd Gen Touches will be discounted even more when the 3rd Gen comes out. Plus, maybe you'll want one of the new models, because of the features. According to rumours, Apple may well add a camera and increase the CPU speed. At least give yourself the chance to make the decision to buy one.

  5. If I was looking for an all-in-one solution I'd probably go with Coda, primarily because it's more developed.


    What I use is a combination of TextMate to edit HTML and MacRabbit's CSSEdit. I spend most of the time editing CSS, so the most important tool for me is a good CSS editor. TextMate or BBEdit are worth purchasing, not just for writing HTML but as general purpose text editors.


    I'd recommend downloading a few of these tools and trying them yourself, most of them can be used on 30 day trial. You'll work out well before the trial period expires which ones you like.

  6. Assuming you've installed the other two. ;)


    Start up "Needle Drop" at the beginning of the "No Lyrics" playlist, it's a while since I used it, but I think you specify a number of seconds to play each song. Select around 15-20 seconds and let Needle Drop go down the "no lyrics" list. Harmonic should kick in in the background and search the internet for available lyrics, whilst each song is playing.


    It's the type of task to set up before you go to bed, and just leave running overnight, with the volume down.

  7. It's actually pretty easy to get lyrics automatically updated in iTunes.


    Download and install these two scripts from Doug's Applescripts "No Lyrics to Playlist" and "Needle Drop", plus a widget called "Harmonic", that searches for lyrics if a song playing in iTunes doesn't have any. I'd suggest PearLyrics, but it's not been updated for years and still has a PowerPc binary.


    Run "No Lyrics to Playlist", then run "Needle Drop" against the new playlist, "Harmonic" will automatically update the mp3 info if lyrics are found.

  8. If you buy at the right time, when a new model has recently superseded an older one, refurbs are often new machines, they're just old stock. When I bought my 2nd gen Macbook, I received a new machine, it was old stock that Apple was trying to clear after the 3rd gen had come out.

  9. I'm not aware of a list, there may be one.


    Normally I go to the Apple Support Forum and search by the error code. Searching for "3260 error code" brings up this description in this thread:


    ""The shared music library "<Music Library Name>" is not accessible for an unknown reason. (-3260)

    Check that any firewall software running on either the shared computer or this computer has been set to allow communication on port <Port Number>"


    As for finding a meaning (as in a solution), you just have to hope that the particular thread was resolved and that you can deduce what the meaning of the code was. This thread "itunes 7.2 for mac: error using shared mediaserver 3260" has a solution. As it's a network error, your solution could be different, depending on your network configuration. It's difficult to offer a precise answer as there are too many variables. Often by their very nature the error codes are quite generic.


    If you have other specific error code numbers I'd suggest trying a similar search.

  10. Yeah, this is possibly because the games are so old they were never written with Dual Core any other multi-processor technology in mind.


    Once the game is launched and you're at the main menu, minimize the game and do the following:

    • Right-click on your taskbar and select "Task Manager"
    • In Task Manager, select the "Processes" tab
    • Right-click the game's process and select "Set Afinity"
    • Uncheck one of the CPU's

  11. I've been using the "Bon Echo" optimized Firefox builds available here, they're a lot less sluggish than the normal Firefox builds, also with the "aqua form widgets" versions they look a lot more OS X like.

  12. The reason why iTunes puts your information in the itunes plus music, is because it is the only way to distinguish your purchased music from your normal music. iTunes uses this in the transfer purchases feature which works with your iPod. You could say that Apple could just phone home and ask the itunes servers about it, although the transfer purchases feature is for when you don't have a working internet connection to download your music.


    I removed all my iTunes DRM files and converted them to MP3 (i.e. burn to CD and then re-import). Even though I have no iTunes DRM music in my library, iTunes still knows my purchase history. I'm not sure where that's held, probably either in my local database or on their Servers.


    So, I don't really think they need the account details embedded in each file. I would guess it's a simple tracking precaution in case these files get shared.

  13. Those late model CRT iMacs are great, the "Flower Power" version is my favourite, you got a real bargain there, Roogie.


    Agree Tom, max the RAM and upgrade the hard drive and you've got a machine with many years of productive life.


    You guys probably already know it, but for those that don't, MacTracker is a great app for checking the specs of these old machines, it's also a good buyers guide for new stuff.


    I've been considering getting an old iMac to store my audio files in iTunes and then connecting it to my stereo, kinda like a digital jukebox.

  14. Very strange, these file types shouldn't have been in your music folder, I'm just wondering whether a 3rd party app or Applescript went awry and created them.


    I did a quick Apple support search, this is the only thread that came up with anything, it shows you're not alone, but unfortunately doesn't really explain the cause.

  15. @ Ignoracious. Good luck with the book, I've been meaning to buy it since it came out. A review would be useful.


    @ SteveJobs -- In training. Amit Singh is a serious propeller head, your right, that's going to be one difficult book, but rewarding if you stay the course.