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  1. macfan777

    NovaStorm Tweetblast!

    The NovaStorm Tweetblast has launched to announce the release of Twee!, a super-simple Twitter client! Visit http://novastormsoftware.com/twee/tweetblast.html for details. You could win a free copy of Twee! or the newly-released AquaPrompt 1.1! And you can help out a MH member who also happens to be a developer!
  2. macfan777

    Magic Mouse

    That's a REALLY good point. It could have a simple USB mini connector on the top. Then it could be charged via USB and USED via USB if the computer didn't support Bluetooth. Good thinking! Heck, it could even have a feature where if you connect it to your Mac, it'll automatically detect it and configure the Bluetooth connection for you! Literally - plug and play! Too bad it doesn't, because that would be really cool. Maybe for Magic Mouse 2.0?
  3. macfan777

    Magic Mouse

    I just ordered one last night. Definitely looking forward to it! You're right, in the video, the mouse is shown actually clicking. If it didn't, I wouldn't have gotten it. That would be way too easy to accidentally click if it was. Also, I'm hoping Apple will extend the gesture support. It really needs the pinch gesture for zooming (NOT screen zooming - I don't even know why they advertise SCREEN zooming. I rarely use it and it's been possible for a LONG time with any mouse that scrolls. Now PINCH zooming for web pages and such - that would be useful). Also, it should have a way to trigger Exposé. This isn't a deal breaker since I use the keyboard most of the time when I'm not using the trackpad, but it's sometimes handy to be able to use the mouse to do that. A middle-click would also be good, though I honestly can't remember when I last used it except in Blender (3D graphics software). Really, the three gestures I use the most on my MacBook Pro are scroll, 3-finger swipe, and 4-finger swipe. The Magic Mouse gets 2/3, and most of the time when I have the laptop on the stand I use the keyboard Exposé keys anyway so it's not that bad. I mean, it can't be as bad as the Mighty Mouse. Can it?
  4. macfan777

    Finder - how to get the same view all the time

    Oops, didn't read the earlier posts. There is no real way to set the defaults for all folders simultaneously. UNLESS there's a prototype .DS_Store file somewhere. Anybody? Maybe there's a default .DS_Store file we could modify? In any case, I agree with Path Finder. It's a lot more powerful than the Finder and it works really well. You could also try Leap if you want a replacement for the Finder that uses tagging. It's not for everyone, but if it works for you, it's really awesome.
  5. macfan777

    Lockerz Invites

    If you haven't heard of Lockerz, check it out. It's basically a place where you ear points (ptz) and get cool prizes. The site is http://lockerz.com. I have 20 invites to give out (I get some benefits if I give out all 20) so PM me with your email if you'd like one.
  6. macfan777

    Finder - how to get the same view all the time

    What you need to do is delete the .DS_Store files for every folder. That resets ALL folders/icons to their default locations, views, etc. You can use something like Cocktail to accomplish this easily. I'm sure there are other alternatives as well. Then all folders will open with default sizes/etc. Also, I know there's a way to use a Terminal command to do that, but I won't even bother trying to figure it out because if you make a mistake in the command you can do all sorts of damage - I'm thinking of a specific one where looking for files beginning with a dot (like .DS_Store) where when you execute the command it treats the dot as a reference to the previous folder, climbing up the folder structure until it reaches the hard drive root. Basically you end up with a blank disk at the end - it's not pretty.
  7. macfan777

    web page creation software

    Another great option is Dropbox - you can create an iWeb/RapidWeaver/etc. page and publish it to a Dropbox shared folder, PDFs and all.
  8. macfan777

    MacHeist Bundle 2009

    If you haven't seen it yet, go check out the MacHeist bundle at http://www.macheist.com/. You get almost $1,000 worth of software for less than $40. The full list is: iSale Picturesque SousChef World of Goo PhoneView LittleSnapper Acorn Kinemac WireTap Studio BoinxTV The Hit List Espresso Cro-Mag Rally Times Plus, 25% of each purchase is donated to the charity of your choice. There's only one day left, so hurry if you want a copy. Also, if you do buy it, be sure to use the referral code in my signature and PM me to let me know, since I only need one more referral.
  9. macfan777

    Keeping my iMac cool

    It depends on what temp is going up. I run mine pretty heavy on Folding@Home, and right now my CPU's 139 and the GPU Diode is the hottest at 160. I usually have a tower fan blowing across it to help cool it since I do run F@H, but even when the fan's off and it's really hot in the room I don't remember the diode getting up above 180.
  10. macfan777

    Free, Reliable Basic Webhosting?

    Well, I finally decided on Byethost, at least for now. The website's up (see my sig) and works rather nicely. It is a bit slow, but I guess with free hosting that's to be expected. Now I just have to be sure to make backups in case the host goes down.
  11. macfan777

    iPhone Navigation Controller Problem

    Just noticed I hadn't replied to this. I fixed the issue a while back - the first controller didn't have a title for some reason.
  12. macfan777


    Exactly. The only way something like that would be legal would be if it was on the developer's own website. (I actually did see this once, they had decided to make it free but didn't bother releasing a modified version of it.) This is not the case with iShowU.
  13. macfan777

    ScreenCasting Software

    I've been using the ScreenFlow demo versions for the few occasions I need to do a screencast - there's a trick I use to remove the "ScreenFlow Demo" overlay (actually, virtually any overlay that is put on a video by exporting software can be removed with this trick) by exporting two versions of the movie and then combining them in a special way using video editing software, but in the end it's probably just easier to buy it. After all, the software I use to do the combining is Adobe After Effects, which costs far more than ScreenFlow itself - I just happened to have After Effects already. If you're interested, I can try to make this trick work with Blender, which is free, but it might not be an easy solution.
  14. macfan777

    I work.com

    The passwords are sent securely, only the viewer page is unencrypted. However, the viewer content, which is accessed live from the servers, is probably encrypted through the SproutCore framework used for the viewer - can anyone confirm this?
  15. macfan777

    Dropbox Invite - Get Extra Storage!

    I have a Dropbox account, and if people sign up through the link at https://www.getdropbox.com/referrals/NTU5MjQyNDk both my account and their account get extra storage. So if you're planning on signing up, use this link! If anyone else has a link like this, post it here and we'll all share the wealth!