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  1. Hello all. Today I purchased a usb hub by Kensington that has 7 USB ports powered externally by a adaptor. Having read on apples site that it's possible to use USB hubs to hook up printers I was excited to see this and knowing that it has power coming to it I figured it would be a great solution for me. I have two Dymo thermal printers, and all in one EPSON and a large format EPSON printer. I hooked the hub up to my airport express thinking I could print but it turns out going through all of my printers none worked while connected to the Kensington Pockethub USB port despite being powered with the adaptor. Does anyone know of a possible solution or alternative. I know I can hook this hub directly up to my Macbook Pro but I'd rather not have to move to that part of the office as I'm also hooked up to an external monitor and speakers. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
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    DVD dilemma

    I have received my new MacBook Pro 15" and have set up plenty of programs and migrated necessary data from my old Powerbook G4 17". One thing I have trouble on is the DVD player. I wanted to watch a movie with my 2 year old son and he loves Shrek & Lilo & Stitch. Neither of these titles played, or at least with picture, audio only with a black screen this has been the case for 5 other DVD titles I've tried all new no scratches and I set the region code to 1 from the get go, I'm frustrated. Ugh.