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    application.... contact management

    I am looking for a good contact manager for the iphone. Have any of you found something you like? I investigated Salesforce.com, but it's way more than I need. I's just like to be able to customize some fields and back up the data on the mac.
  2. skygirl65

    Sync audiobooks to phone

    Since Adam talked about Audiobook builder on the show, I have been putting lots of my audiobooks on the iphone. How can I sync only select audiobooks to the phone? I don't want to delete the older ones from iTunes, but I also don't want to carry them on my iPhone all the time. My Itunes settings have audiobooks as a check box under playlists... but I can't find a way to select certian titles. Any ideas?
  3. When using Photoshop Elements 3 and opening a file, the window that opens to show me the files I can choose from has very small icons or thumbnails. How can I increase the size of the images? I have a really hard time seeing which image I want to open. I am used to windows where you can choose the size under "view".
  4. skygirl65

    Charging on an airplane

    I'm going on a very long flight and am looking for one of those devices that charges the iphone from the headphone jack on the plane. Has anybody every tried one?
  5. I was reading the tips from PCMag and there was one for "supercharge special bookmarks" in Firefox. It says to find your link in the bookmark list and right click on it. That takes you to properties where you asign it a brief keyword or even a letter. that letter will then take you to the website. It worked great in firefox on my pc, but on my mac mini (using the mac mouse), when I right click on an item in the bookmark list - it acts like I left click... and takes me to the website, so I can't get to the "properties".... any ideas?
  6. I am a recent switcher... this Mac Mini 1.83 Intel core duo with 1 GM ram is almost 1 year old. I am trying to do BASIC photo editing and use very simple digital scrapbooking programs (like photoprinto from smile on my mac) and the mini is nearly unusable. I have tried two such programs and one crashes the mac repeatedly and the latest just gives me the beach ball for hours. I shudder to think what would happen if I used a real program like Photoshop. The hard drive was fairly full, so I bought a second external hard drive and moved all photos and music to that drive. The first external is used for time machine. Now I have 42 GB available on the hard drive. I would like to upgrade the RAM, but it will only allow me to got from 1 GB to 2 GB. I'm not sure that make a difference. Is there something wrong here - or is the Mac Mini only capable of surfing the intenet and managing itunes? I would not consider myself a power user. I need a KVM switch to run my work PC with the same Monitor, Keyboard and mouse - so the iMac was not an option. Do I need to go to the Mac Pro just to make simple photo pages?
  7. skygirl65

    Time Machine and extra external hard drive

    You guys ROCK. I spent 30 minutes on hold with Apple Care while they researched the problem. They came back on the line and said it could not be done! I unchecked the first external hard drive and it was totally backed up by the second one. Thanks!
  8. I have a Mac Mini and am running out of space. I bought a second external hard and set that up for time machine. The first extenal drive now holds all my Iphoto and Itunes files. Now the time machine backups are only of the files actually on the Mac Mini and not the photo or music files on the first external hard drive. How can I tell time machine to back that up too?