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  1. My iPhoto is unexpectedly quitting within a second or two of opening. I believe it started after the last iPhoto update, but I am not sure. I have the most recent version of iPhoto (version 9.2) on a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.8) and I have made a backup copy of my iPhoto Library folder. Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix the problem? I would appreciate the help. Thanks.
  2. Ajax

    iPhoto unexpectedly quitting

    Thanks John, that worked!
  3. Thanks for the suggested fix Huskermn. it seems to have worked. I implemented your suggested fix and have sync with iTunes several time now with no connect or disconnect problems. Thanks again! Ajax
  4. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help with a problem that I am having with my iPod nano. I have a iPod nano 2G that has been having eject (and connection) problems with iTunes. Lately when I connect my iPod nano to iTunes to update and change my music and Podcasts it will sometimes not be recognized. I use the same USB iPod cable connector for my iPod touch and have no connection or ejection problems with my iPod Touch. More problematic is when my iPod nano is recognized, after it has synced and says that it is okay to disconnect, when I try to eject the iPod nano I get the following message: "The iPod "name of iPod" cannot be ejected because it contains files that are in use by another application." When it won't eject I then manually disconnect it and get the error message that I may lose updated music, Podcasts, etc. which is usually true. I have tried restarting the iPod nano, closing and opening iTunes, and restarting my computer, none of which solved the problem. When I check to see if my iTunes and iPod nano 2G software is up-to-date, my computer says that it is. Have the latest Mac OSX and iTunes software on my computer. Lastly, I tried restoring my iPod nano to factory settings. When I first tried the restore I got the following message: "The iPod "name of iPod" cannot be restored because it contains files that are in use by another application." I was finally able to get the restore to work by un-syncing all the music, Podcasts, photos, etc. from my iPod nano and then re-sinking my music, Podcasts, etc. after the restore. I was able to ejected and disconnected without any problems immediately after the restore. However, the very next time I connected my iPod nano to iTunes and tried to eject it I got the same "cannot be ejected because it contains files that are in use by another application" message. I do not use my iPod nano as an external data storage devise, I only put music, Podcasts, and photos on it through iTunes, so I don't know what other application it thinks contains files in use. So, is this fixable? If so how? Or is it time to get a new iPod nano? I would appreciate any help that you all can provide. Thanks, Ajax
  5. Hi all, I am having problems connecting (or should I say not connecting) via WiFi on my home network with my iPod Touch. My iPod Touch shows that I have a clear WiFi signal but when I go to Safari and try to get online I get the following message: "Safari can't open the page because it can't find the server." When I go into settings/Wi-Fi Networks, under choose a Network my WiFi network is shown and I can inter my password and it shows my network with a "check mark" next to it. Then when I touch the blue arrow for the next screen, with DHCP selected, this screen shows the following: IP Address: Subnet: Router: DNS: Search Domains: Client ID: HTTP Proxy is off. Sometimes it will give a DNS, sometimes not, like now. I always get an IP address starting with 169. I read somewhere that an IP Address starting with 169 is what will show up if it can't find the correct IP Address or something like that. I have had no problem getting my iPod Touch connected on free WiFi in other locations, such as the library, hotel while traveling, a local cafe, my father's home network, etc. I have tried reseting my iPod Touch, and when that didn't work I tried reinstalling when connecting to iTunes and that didn't work. Someone told me to try lowering the security setting on my Airport Express, so I went from WPA2, to WEP, to no security and I couldn't connect at any of these settings. (I have it currently set to WEP). Does anyone have any idea what's up and how to fix or correct this? I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks.
  6. Ajax

    iPod Touch WiFi problem

    ganbustein, That worked! I went into the my Airport Admin Utility software and changed the settings so that IP Address is shared and now my iPod Touch's WiFi is working fine on my home network! My Airport Admin Utility software for the Airport Express is some what different from what you described for your Airport Extreme, but because of your well written and thorough explanation of what was causing the problem I was able to easily figure it out and make the appropriate changes. So if anyone else is having this problem see ganbustein's post above. Thanks to everyone for your input and help, it is greatly appreciated!
  7. Ajax

    iPod Touch WiFi problem

    I thought I would try your suggestion so I went into System Preferences to turn on internet sharing and I got a somewhat scary caution message that said something like: "If you turn on this port, your Internet Service provider might terminate you service to prevent you from disrupting it's network." So, being the cautious person that I am, I did not turn it on. Should I ignore this message and give it a try or should I take the warning seriously? Thanks.
  8. Ajax

    iPod Touch WiFi problem

    I tried resetting network settings on my iPod Touch and unfortunately that did not fix the problem. My wireless router is an Apple Airport Express Base Station (802.11g), which is the smaller older Apple router that plugs directly into an electrical outlet, model number A1084. Is this the router information you asked for? When I originally set up the wireless router I did not go to a web page to set anything up. It came with Airport Utility software and Airport Admin Utility software. Within the Airport Admin Utility under configure, the Internet setting is currently set to configure using DHCP. Not sure if that is helpful. Thanks.
  9. Ajax

    iPod Touch WiFi problem

    Scoates, Well, I have my laptop connected through the router. It is a PowerBook G4 with an Airport Extreme card. My sister's MacBook will also connect wireless through the router when she brings it over. I don't think I have anything else wireless to try other than my iPod Touch. I'm not sure how to check if the DHCP on the router is set up correctly. On my PowerBook in the System Preference under Network it shows that under TCP/IP it is configured using DHCP and an IP Address, a Subnet Mask, and a Router are listed that do not show up or are different than on my iPod Touch. I'm not sure if that information is helpful. How do I check if the routers DHCP is setup correctly? Thanks.
  10. Wow! TimothyMc, that worked! Just changing the existing outgoing server information didn't work but then I tried adding a new server with the cox outgoing server, Port 25, SSL not used, and no authentication and immediately I heard the outgoing email swoosh sound (I haven't heard that in awhile!). Thanks so much for your help, and thanks to everyone who replied with suggestions, you all were great!
  11. I recently switched from Earthlink to Cox (local cable company) as my internet and email provider. I set up my new email account in Mail using the incoming and outgoing email information supplied by Cox and I can receive emails but I can't send emails. I get the following message: Cannot send message using the server smtp.west.cox.net However, this is the outgoing smtp server information that was supplied to me by Cox. I have checked and double checked my account information and deleted and re-entered the account information and I still can't send emails. My outgoing mail server is set to: smtp.west.cox.net Server port: 587 I spoke to someone at the Cox tech line and they were not very helpful. They said if I have the incoming and outgoing server information that Cox supplied correct then my problem is with my mail app. and with Apple. But this seems to be a problem with the smtp server. I have never had a problem before with accounts in Mail or setting up accounts in Mail. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong and how to fix this problem? Thanks.
  12. I tried your suggestion, but when I went into the drop down menu, hit Edit Server List, and selected the cox server the advanced tab was not available only the Remove Server and Done buttons at the bottom. My operating system is Tiger 10.4.11. Thanks.
  13. I tried changing the Port to 25 (in server settings) and that did not work. Still get the "Cannot send message using server" message. My Authentication is set to Password. Their is a Port setting in the Advanced tab of the account. When the Use SSL is unchecked the Port is 110. When the Use SSL is checked the Port is 995. Authentication is set to Password. I get the same "Cannot send message using server" whether I have the Use SSL checked or unchecked in the Advanced tab. Any other ideas?
  14. It is a POP account.