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  1. iPhone music file won't play

    is it a mp3 file???
  2. Tips and Tricks in Leopard

    u can make that your bottom left corner of the screen is set for spaces (any corner, it doesnt matter). then just drag the window to the corner and it will go to another space!
  3. iChat

    how can you unblock someone in iChat??
  4. putting real player to quicktime.

    ok thank you guys!!! that article came in handy!
  5. putting real player to quicktime.

    does any1 know?????????????????????
  6. easy way to express your mac pride

    show everyone you know about a mac!
  7. iPod Movies

    i think you can also go to itunes and click burn disk... on the disk you should have the movie that you want.... then i think you could put a blank dvd disc in the computer instead of a CD-rom..... this probably wont work.... just something that i thought would be true...
  8. I download naruto episodes and you need real player to watch them. is there a way to convert them into quick time so i can put them on my itunes?? and if so does quick time run on a nano video??? i really need an answer
  9. .Mac alias in iPhone Mail

    i think you can.... they just have to be in the address book on your computer.
  10. Firefox or Safari

    i only ever use safari unless it isnt working
  11. More switchers ever day!

    LOL..... if you show anyone a mac computer and that person has been using dell their whole life!!!.... its really funny to see their faces and hear them say "OMG!! what have i been doing for 20 years???!!!" :lol: :lol:
  12. Cool safari tip

    thanks!!! great tip!!! im gonna need to use it often!!!LOL
  13. Does your school/work support Apple?

    no my school uses "dell".... it takes 10 minuets just to open up "word"..... i wish they did
  14. bazaar things on i-phone

    LOL..... they did seem kinda dumb.... the popcorn seemed very cheesy.... he reached his hand to the back of the iphone and then he pulled a piece of it out!! his podcast always do have some comedy in them.....
  15. Forum Rank's

    well what are the ranks in order and how many posts do u need to get to the next rank??