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    Proactively replacing hard drive

    Are you using software that makes a bootable clone of the iMac? Super Duper and Carbon Copy Cloner do this very well. You can get either of these applications to automate the process leaving you to not worry about it. If that 80GB hard drive fails you will be able to boot off of an external firewire drive. USB external hardware is not bootable with PowerPC architectures. If booting off of the external you are using an exact copy of your computer. This will allow you time to get a replacement for the iMac. I would let the HDD keep on trucking if you are not running out of space and are content with it or upgrade to an Intel machine and have both Macs. That's what I have done, I have a PowerMac G5 that is my main workstation with dual 19" displays and 3TB of internal hard drive space and a 15"MacBook Pro. I love both machines using them for different purposes.
  2. I am having a problem getting a video camera working with either of my Macs. I do believe that it was caused by me, most likely from installing CamTwist or some other application like that. All software of the likes has been removed, but the issue still lingers. Photo Booth and ScreenFlow works just as it should, the problem only exists with iChat. Watch the screencast that I recorded to see for yourself what is going on. Click here for the screencast
  3. trucklover

    restoring from a bootable backup

    Why not to a full clone of the entire internal hard drive of the computer and not just the home directory? The benefit is that if your hard drive dies or if you want to take the external to another Mac you can boot off of the external and have "your computer" right in front of you. I do this all the time. Very handy to have. I set up my external with two partitions to do a backup of my MacBook Pro. It's a 250GB (or 232Gb in reality) drive and have 150GB for a Time Machine incremental backup and 82GB for the Super Duper or CCC clone backup. This way I have the best of both worlds. If the HDD in my computer ever crashes I can get it replaced and then turn the computer on in Target Disk Mode via holding down the T key upon the grey screen at startup. Once I am on another Mac I clone the data off of the external onto the new internal hard drive. Once this is complete you have a laptop that was the exact same as before the internal hard drive failure. This is why working with Macs is so great. Simplicity. Ease of backup and recovery. And great for all of your digital life.
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    Time Machine preparing forever!

    Anytime I look at the processes that are running on my computer via the "top" command in the terminal or by activity monitor, backupd hogs my system resources quite a bit. I am on an older G5 but still.. I have menu meters installed and when a backup is going on the system hovers between 75 and 85 percent. When I am doing video encoding and video chat and listening to music all while Time Machine is running it makes the system a tad twitchy and unresponsive at times for a moment or two. A 6 core Mac Pro would be nice.
  5. trucklover

    Expanding desktop AND cloning main display

    I have a G5 as well. It's the dual 1.8GHz machine with a max of 4GB of RAM. I have dual 19" Samsung monitors with the Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL graphics card. Both screens are hooked up via DVI. That GPU is an AGP based card. I could free up one of the 33MHz PCI slots up for an additional card to run 3 screens. Is this the setup that you have. The only experience that I have with your situation is just what you said. I have taken my MacBook Pro and one of the 19" and attached the two together to play some Guitar Hero 3 on the bigger 19" screen. It worked ok but was not worth the trouble because the laptop screen produced a better image with less distortion. Because GH3 is Intel only I have to play on the 17"laptop. I have tried mirroring the desktops but run into the same problem myself. The images on your large screen are not all that great. I do not know of a way to get the setup as you wish. Maybe someone could chime in on the subject. Could you describe how your workstation is configured now?
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    Upgrading my SATA controller in my G5?

    I figured so. This computer is model lower than the same G5's that can accept up to 8GB of RAM. Those have the 33 and the 133MHz PCI slots. No matter what card I plug in there they all work at the same speed. I am not familiar with the MHz of PCI or the now PCI express double lane.. etc etc and how they work. I don't know if I mentioned the SATA card that I am using that connects the (3) 500GB drives for the Time Machine Volume but it's a Seri Tek 1v4 card or something like that. It sports 4 SATA ports on the card and is bootable which was necessary when I was upgraded hard drives. I had 7 hard drives that all were going to be used for another purpose and moving data around while still not loosing everything was a bit nerve racking. I had well over $4500 worth of software on the machine when I was doing this. Mac OSX came through and works like a gem even though the system is 4 years old it still is a great workhorse. Can you say that about a PC, I think not.
  7. Hey all, I think that this question may peg the geek meter. I have been thinking about the read / write speeds for my two Hitachi 750 GB drives striped together using Disk Utilitiy software RAID. I have three 500GB drives striped together using the G5 Jive brackets as the TM backup volume (nice setup, no external hard drives to worry about) The controller allows the drives to work at speeds up to 150Gb / sec. Could I upgrade the controller to the standard 300Gb / sec? I would love to see increased speed of the those two drives that are working together. Would it involve replacing circuits on the MLB? If so, this project will end right here at that. Eventually, years on down the road, I would love to replace it with a faster Mac Pro. I use my current system to its full capabilities day in and day out. It never sleeps. I do quite a bit of video encoding and some HD video editing along with audio mastering and production. I also play around with CS3. I think the idea is a bit far fetched but I wanted to ask the guys on here that have more experience than I. Any computer engineers out there? Computer science folks? Drop your comments and suggestions below. Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Brent the computer is a G5 dual 1.8 GHz. 4 GB of RAM running Leopard. Check out the other specs using the application Mac Tracker.
  8. I have never had that to me. I just sold my MacBook Pro to my little brother and all I did was create a new account for him and delete my account on the computer. The only thing that I would know of is how the permission are set on the applications folder for the computer. I have the system, admin, or wheel with read and write access. Everyone is set to read only. I run all users account as standard and have one admin account that is strictly for admin privileges. No user files are kept in that account. Adam and Victor C have spoken about the increase in security that this offers users. You should know a thing or two about this being a Unix admin for quite sometime, so correct me if I am wrong with this. Have you tried creating a second admin account to see if the same thing happens? Let us know if any of this works for you. Also when was the last time that you booted off of and external hard drive or the Tiger / Leopard install DVD and repaired your permissions? just a thought. Brent
  9. trucklover

    External HDD Enclosures

    Some might say that Firewire 800 would be overkill for what you are trying to do. Firewire may not even give you any added benefits over Firewire 400 or even USB 2.0. The reason that I say that is because the IDE drive itself may be a bottleneck. You can only go as fast as your slowest device / interface allows. I briefly looked at a wiki article which posted below. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EIDE I personally have both of my external hard drives with the Firewire 800 interface. why? Because my needs change with the enclosures. Now I am using one of them as a Time Machine backup and do not need the FW 800 for that, yet the other external hard drive is attached via FW800 because it is the storage location for my EyeTv recordings, secondary iPhoto library, and finally the storage location for my Turbo.264 encodings. It was once attached via USB but my needs changed, the capacity of the drive was increased and it has taken on a new life. My point is you may want that flexibility in a hard drive enclosure. I am glad that I have it. And definitely take a look at the OWC brand enclosures that resemble a G5 or the Mac Pro desktop. Very nice stuff. Brent
  10. trucklover

    A good Mac TV Tuner?

    I have the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid and love the device. I have used it extensively since Christmas of 2006 working 24/7 recording and encoding TV shows and movies. You can watch the content within the EyeTV app or you can choose to export it to Quicktime, the web, or iTunes to watch on your Apple TV, iPod, or iPhone. You can set up smart playlist that can record whatever shows you want to watch automatically. If you would like to record all of the movies with certain actors or directors it will do that as well. The smart playlists are a great feature and allow my content to show up where it is supposed to automatically. I can sync my iPhone and have the latest TV shows on there just like that. You set it up once and you are done. The hybrid uses software encoding only and depends on the speed of your Mac if you choose to encode the videos for other uses. Because of this I purchased the Turbo.264 as it is a USB hardware encoder that greatly speeds up the encoding process while reduces the CPU load from the application. Great device and would highly recommend it. The 250 is the higher end model that has a few features that the Hybrid does not. It is a hardware based encoding system, which is a big plus and I think that it may offer some HD features that the other models do not. Check out elgato.com and find the device that fits your needs. I think it is the solution that you are looking for.
  11. trucklover

    Apple Myths

    One of my college room mates has an XP machine. It went through a system update and restarted the computer automatically. After the restart he lost all internet connectivity. Wireless and ethernet are a no go. I tried everything that I could think of, ipconfig to get the TCP/IP status. I tried to ping the computer from my Mac and no response. 100% packet loss. We dug and dug through system settings. They really are hard to navigate through. You pretty much need an IT degree to find what you are looking for in XP. With a simple click of my mouse I am right where I need to be in Mac OSX. Much easier. Another roommate said that I should not buy a Mac (this was when I was purchasing my first computer in 2006) because they were hard to use. "get and HP" he said. I did my homework and would up with a 17" MacBook Pro refurb. I also have XP on it to run FeatureCAM and AutoCad when in school. I haven't looked back since.
  12. trucklover

    Using Macros (or equivalent) in Pages

    would text expander work for you? Adam C uses all the time for his job as a developer.
  13. I dont think that anybody has mentioned this yet so I will here. Take the master iPhoto library and move it to the Public folder for the admin user of the house. Reset the permissions for that file to allow full read and write access to everybody, wheel, and admins, etc. Once the file is moved there start up iPhoto by holding down the option key and pointing to the file that is in the public folder of the admin account. Do this for other users on the same computer or other computers that are within the household. Being wired to the network via cat 5e or N wireless protocol will yield better results when looking and editing photos that are on a separate computer or NAS drive (network attached storage, such as a USB external hanging off of a Time Capsule or Extreme base station) You will never have to mess with disk images or anything complicated like that. Take a listen to Adam Christianson's MacCast podcast. One of the latest shows he discusses how to do just this. BC
  14. trucklover

    Trade Ins?

    Depending on what hard drives you have in there, graphics cards, etc you may get $75 to $150. I think that $300+ is a little steep. I have seen quicksilver models with replaced CPU's as high as 2.0 GHz. Those are worth some money because they can run the latest OS. Your machine might will most likely be limited to running Tiger at the very fastest. I would say a no to the trade ins. Your best bet would be to run an ad in the forums, ebay, amazon and of the like. Your chances of getting a bigger return would increase if it had dual 800MHz or 1GHz processors. Most of the G4's have single CPU's and the benchmarks for those vintage machines are quite low compared to today's standards. The G4's work great as file, proxy, email servers. Some people collect those machines though. I wish I could get my hands on an Apple Cube. It would look great as a fish tank with some LED's lighting the thing up at night. Good luck with your project.
  15. trucklover

    Power Mac G5 desktop wont wake up!!

    Any luck with the G5? Have our suggestions risen the computer from the dead?
  16. trucklover

    WD Hard Drive Question

    you haven't lost any space with the partitioning of the hard drive. there is a bit of confusion with this subject. depending on who you ask "how big is this 500 GB hard drive?" you will get different answers. The reason there is a difference in what is says on the box and what the drive is showing is because two different systems are used to calculate how big a drive is. We as human beings use a base 10 system using the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0. we can combine said numbers to equal a total, in this case 500GB. Hard drive manufactures, computer science, computer engineering etc use a base 2 system when talking about computers in the form of binary numbers, 0 1. both systems are correct in their own respect and have their own way of stating the same answer. this is a quick answer. there is a podcast from the mac observers mac geek gab that explains all of this in much more and better detail than i have right here. its 2:30 am my local time and im ready to hit the sack. I have browsed through my archive of the podcasts in iTunes but cannot find it just yet. i might post a followup later on. i hope this answers your question. so no, there is nothing wrong with your drives. this is normal. Brent
  17. trucklover

    Macbook or Macbook Pro

    if it were me i would spend the extra cash and get the trackpad with the multitouch. ive heard that it streamlines workflows for many people. They say that they get used to doing the gestures on their machines and then get on an older machine that does not have the technology and they think, "ohh, yeah, thats not going to work, i cant swipe, rotate, or pinch on this older machine"
  18. trucklover

    MagSafe rewiring

    DONT REWIRE IT!! You are messing with 120 (USA) or 240 volts (if you live in Europe) The safest thing for you to do is replace it. Having an accident is not worth saving a few bucks. A brand new one from Apple retail will run you $72. My mag safe adapter started fraying, the wire started melting and discoloring from where the rubber was breaking down due to the extreme heat. oh yeah, it was a fire hazard for sure. Im glad I caught it when i did. I called Apple and they said that since it was under Apple Care that they would take care of it. That was 3:30 pm on a Wednesday and by 2:00 pm the next day I had a brand new charger at my front door. Even though you are not covered under Apple Care I would try to give them a call and tell them the situation, like my story, and they may say since it's a fire hazzard we will cover it. But they could tell you "Sorry, you should have bought apple care." if the computer is too old they may tell you that you have the wrong phone number and redirect you to the Apple retail store. lol that's my advice. good luck with it. i wouldn't know what i'd do if I didn't have a Mac to use.
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    Power Mac G5 desktop wont wake up!!

    after reading the article from the link that graham posted i saw this bit of information. this was copied from the lower portion of the apple article. "Replacing the Battery Your computer has a 3.6 V lithium battery on the main logic board. If your computer has intermittent problems starting up or random changes in its date and time settings, you may need to replace the battery. Purchase a replacement battery from an Apple Authorized Reseller." i would check the voltage if you have a multimeter laying around. if you dont the batteries are not that expensive. Ive checked the voltage in my battery before and it was at 3.7 V DC. (your multimeter should be set to DC to read the battery, the spot that has the solid line with the dotted lines just below) This is just one more thing to check with the process of elimination. sooner or later things should be back in order for you
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    Non-destructive Hard Disk Partitioning?

    i understand what you are saying but when this happened to me in the past I didnt know of any other way around this so I bought a 1TB external hard drive for movies and such. i wish i could offer more technical advice but thats all the advice that I know to give. is it within your budget to purchase a 1TB external hard drive? its probably not since you are asking the question on here, but....thats what I would recommend. I would use the 1TB strictly as a TM backup. It would back up your Mac plus the 1st 500GB hard drive that held your movies and random files. this system worked great for me when i was in your shoes.
  21. trucklover

    Non-destructive Hard Disk Partitioning?

    ive got a couple of Time Machine volumes. One external for my MacBook Pro and another Time Machine volume that is internal to my G5 desktop. the external is a 250GB drive and I havent filled it up yet with the laptop. The TM volume for my desktop filled up a while back and i told it not to inform me of when it deletes old files to just go ahead and do it. Its 1.5TB (1400 GB or so actually usable) ive got a massive media library of tv shows, movies, and photos. all has worked so far for me without a hitch. i dont think that TM deletes files other than what is in the backups.db file. it shouldnt touch files that are not within its own backup folder. thats my understand on how it works. someone clarifiy me if im wrong. this might be a good question to ask the guys at The Mac Observer. send an email to John and Dave and they have some true technical knowledge of the way stuff works.
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    Non-destructive Hard Disk Partitioning?

    ive heard that some people like to have two partitions one for TM and the other for general backup files. I have not run into any problems with placing files directly in the Time Machine partition. So if i were to click on the TM icon on my desktop i will see the backups.db file (or something like that, away from home at the moment) and i will see another file. General Storage, with the general storage file i have subfolders, iTunes, iPhoto, etc. So if I were to have the external hard drive with me along with the laptop i could choose a different library other than the library's on the internal hard drive. this is great because I have a 350+ GB iTunes library and a 40 Gb+ iPhoto library. Time Machine has not had a problem with this so far. I have not heard anybody say that this is a bad idea. so its worked for me. I wouldnt risk repartitioning your drive. i think its unnecessary and unsafe. its not fun to loose data. once is all it takes. you can never have too many external hard drives backing things up.
  23. trucklover

    Power Mac G5 desktop wont wake up!!

    thats beyond my knowledge. its hard to get the machine running up in single user mode to troubleshoot if the monitor's wont even wake. i have installed an app that runs some test in single user mode when things go astray in times like this. its called Apple jack. you install it before problems come up. only a few things that comes to my mind is to reset PRAM and holding down a button on the logic board at startup or unplugging the computer from power, wait 30 seconds and then hit the power button on the machine. you may hear the power supply click (mine does) then plug it back in and try to boot up as normal. at one time i had to do this to my G5. I would google that to make sure that you will fix the problem with this process given your symptoms. double check on it via google and maybe somebody with more experience than i will chime in. (Graham may come to the rescue on this one) ive gotta get some college statistics homework done that is due later tonight. thats why i haven't taken the time to do some research myself. good luck BC
  24. trucklover

    Address Book problems

    for future reference, i would recommend using a utility that makes a bootable clone of your computer to an external hard drive. if the drive is strictly USB and you have a PPC computer it will not boot from that. Aside from that, a bootable clone is just what it sounds like. a complete replica of your main hard drive that is inside your computer. should something ever go wrong you could rewrite over the files to the internal drive from the external drive. this is a brief overview but it may help you or somebody else in the long run. I would recommend either of these two programs. Carbon Copy Cloner (free app, scheduling, lots of options) Super Duper (free app for the basic features, paid for app if you schedule etc. still lots of options) Brent
  25. trucklover

    Address Book - Import data from Excel?

    No problem at all. This afternoon I sold another person on getting a Mac. He is 55 or so and an educator in a private school with no computer experience whatsoever. He told me what he would like to be able to do with a computer for work stuff, personal, hobby, etc. I told him that the Mac platform would come to his rescue. I have a meeting with him tomorrow with my 17" MacBook Pro and I think he will be quite amazed with the features and ease of use that Leopard offers. I have another meeting with a group of doctors in a month or two that have their own practice. They are currently a windows only office, but in light of recent news in the Mac community they have considered other platforms. One of them asked me to "come on in sometime" and show us how to streamline our operation. I'm just a college student studying Industrial engineering and manufacturing processes. I first understand how a current process works, then improve upon it over and over. I enjoy problems like this such as yours. It's a great hobby that could one day put some food on the table. brent