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    Address Book - Import data from Excel?

    I played around with this for a bit and found out that using Office 2004 for Mac I was able to create a test workbook using a single spreadsheet with fictitious names. I saved it as a text (Tab Delimited).txt file from Excel. Before you do any of this i would back up your address book by clicking file, export, address book archive, then save it to your documents folder and appropriate subfolders, (always nice to have a backup!!) to revert to an older "good" address book just double click the file. Address book will ask you if you want to overwrite the old file or something along those lines. Once it was saved I opened up address book, clicked file, import text file. A text file import window popped up and will have the fields that were entered in Excel. You will have to click the "do not import" for each and allow it to import the appropriate information. For example, I wanted first, last, and phone (main) imported into address book so in the drop down menu that appears I clicked the information that it happened to be. I also deselected the "ignore first card" then clicked ok. once the data is in address book you could create a group or a smart group for students. It might be easier for you to set up a smart folder if the import met certain criteria. example, say you were importing contact info for students in the new semester, set up the smart folder to automatically group all the contacts that had student@collegename.edu. it's one less thing to have to worry about. Once a smart group is created you could open up the Mail app and start typing the name of the smart group ex. English 3115 10AM and Mail fills in all of the email address that are within that smart album. also note that in excel for each column i entered only one set of data, Column A=First name, Column B=last name, Column C=main phone number, etc. All in all this should work for you. at this point in time I am unaware if there are any caveats in this process. post a reply if this works for you. i learn as I go along like everyone else. I hope that I have not over simplified this but I am not sure of how comfortable you are with working with moving data from one app to another. Brent
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    iPhone volume - sms forwarding

    i have a set of iPhone FMJ (full metal jacket) headphones from Skullycandy.com they are a bit pricey at $79.99 if I remember right along with another $11 to ship it to my house. They sound fantastic and would highly recommend them to other people that have any kind of iPod or iPhone. they work the same way that the original ear buds with with the mic and the button that is multifunction. you need to get you a pair. they come in 3 colors. I happen to get the color chrome because they complement the color of my MacBook Pro, my PowerMac G5, and my iPhone. Brent
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    Mac Ram

    according to the program "Mactracker" your machine that is the early 2006 17" model will only take up to 2 GB of RAM. Here is a screenshot of the program. It has every bit of information about every apple product ever released. I use it all the time to look up specs for different items. before you click on the link go ahead and install mac tracker, once you do click on this link. <a href="mactracker://FB975A44-1E69-4E58-916F-28F466713DE6">iMac (Early 2006 17-inch)</a> or mactracker://FB975A44-1E69-4E58-916F-28F466713DE6
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    Buyers tips for Hard Drives

    I would suggest a few things myself: 1. a name brand that is known for its quality products 2. a hard drive that has a warranty that is 3 years or longer. (I personally opt for Hitachi server class drives with a 5 year warranty) 3. look for a drive that has a large MTBF (mean time before failure). this is the expected life span of the drive. It should last longer than this because the warranty typically ends before the company is responsible of replacing parts or the entire drive. 4. disk speed. a faster drive means improved performance when the demands of your applications are higher. 7200 rpm is typical for a 3.5 HD and some laptop drives as well. there are drives out there that can spin up to 15,000 rpm. do you need it? probably not unless you are working with uncompressed hi def video with final cut pro or something along those lines. The pair hard drives that my Mac is installed on are spec'd out at 1.2 million hours of continual use. I have two 750 GB drives striped together using software RAID in disk utility to one, get increased speed out of the drives, and two, get increased capacity by allowing the two drives being added together to give me a "single" hard drive that is 1.5 TB. Because of my setup thats why I went with quality components. I should have years of trouble free operation. I also have 3 secondary set of 500 GB hard drives striped together to give me 1.5 TB of space for my Time Machine backup. This way I have all of my files backed up every hour to a backup volume that is internal to my G5 desktop machine. I think the most popular drives are generally in this order but it really comes down to preference and the applications you will be using them for Seagate Hitachi western digital Hope this sheds some light on the subject
  5. trucklover

    os x on ipod

    The answer is maybe (with some caveats) I have not done this but I wouldn't see why you could not depending on the size of the hard drive in the iPod. You can enable disk use and the iPod acts as an external hard drive. You can drop any files into the notes folder and carry them wherever you go. That is great for general purpose stuff but what if you wanted to take advantage of all that unused space on your 160 GB classic? I did a little homework by opening up disk utility and my 30 GB 5th gen video was shown on the left with all of the internal hard drives that I have (5 total) on my PowerMac G5. I clicked the partition tab and it allowed me to repartition the iPod if I so choose. I didnt want to lose all of the media in the device so I chose not to at this time. That in itself may be of some use for backup purposes. You could use Super Duper or Carbon Copy cloner to back up individual files or the entire OS if the iPod is big enough, for example the 60,80 or the 160 classic. BUT.... will you be able to boot from it???? Maybe. There are several factors that will determine if your system can boot from USB. Is it an Intel machine that you are using? Is it a PowerPC machine? Depending... Apple will or will not officially support this. But there are work arounds. I have found a few sites that I will list below that I suggest to you for further reading. I will say that I am not an expert at this and I am working with my existing knowledge and a little help from google. http://www.bradbergeron.com/2006/11/howto-...-a-flash-drive/ http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...060301112336384 http://www.tuaw.com/2006/02/08/intel-macs-...rom-usb-drives/ Users have posted comments on how they feel that this could or could not work, technical issues and so forth. I would recommend getting a small 120 or 250 GB firewire bus powered external hard drive. You could use Super Duper or CCC here to clone your computer to that and boot from the external whenever needed if portability is a must for you. If I am wrong on any of this, please someone correct me. We are all here to learn and spread our knowledge with other Mac users. Good luck.
  6. trucklover

    Elgato EyeTV Hybrid TV tuner w/EyeTV Software

    do you still have the tv card for sale? I might be interested in buying it for that price
  7. trucklover

    1TB External DH only showing 500GB Capacity

    I am surprised that even one hard drive is working. I am assuming that there is in fact two 500 gb hard drives in there striped together in a hardware raid 0 fashion. If one of them dies and is not recoverable. Then all data is lost and the computer won't even mount the hard drive to the desktop. You will have to reformat that drive and start over. If you had a mirrored setup you wil in fact only see 500 gb between the two, but you can recover you data because it was written twice at the same time. Pop in another hd and it should rebuild itself.
  8. trucklover

    Maximum HDD capacity for a G5 Power Mac 2.0

    I have a dual 1.8 ghz PowerMac G5 with 3 terabytes of internal hard drive space. Here is my setup. I have two 750 gb hatachi enterprise class hard drives in a Raid 0 configuration as the primary hard drive. The OS, iTunes, all programs,etc is on there. I have (3) 500 gb hard drives striped together (also using the disk utility to arrage the array) as my 1.5 tb internal time machine backup. I had to buy a PCI card to manage the sata connections and a G5 jive mounting bracket and cables to wire up the TM backup. Any questions just ask and I can clarify. So I would say the limitations of the G5 would be 5 TB of internal storage.
  9. Ok I have now fixed the above problems once and for all. I decided to erase the free space on the internal G5 hard drive to see what that would do. After about 6 hours it was finished. It seems to have freed up some space along the way. Activity monitor is now reporting the correct about of used space. Now when i run super duper or carbon copy cloner they are working correctly. thanks again for everybody responding to this thread. your input is appreciated.
  10. I have a Power Mac G5 dual 1.8 Ghz processors with 4gb of Crucial Ram installed. I when i bought the computer I was having problems adding to the iTunes library. It said that there has been an error because the file could not be found. I had the library installed on the local hard drive. I looked at the iTunes folder and looked at the permissions. I set it all including the sub folders for all users, admin, everybody to full read/write access. later on i try to repair disk permissions using disk utility. it failed saying something about could not complete because something failed to exit. something along those lines.. i said ok. let me restart the computer. i restarted it and it came back on. it chimed. i heard the hard drives or optical drive click twice. it then sounded like something in the computer powered down. i have two monitors. on one the screen was gray and blank. on the other was the apple logo with the spinning gears. this did not go away. after a moment the fans slowly begin to pick up speed to the point where they are quite loud. so this is what i checked to maybe fix the problem. 1. pulled the RAM out and put all in a different slot 2. Checked the voltage of the battery on the logic board. (ok, it read 3.6V on a multimeter) 3. pushed the PRAM button while the computer was off and on. (it shut down after that) 4. Pulled the power, waited 2+ min and plugged it back in, powered on... same problem 5. restarted the computer while holding down command, option, P, and R to reset the PRAM. I have tried all of these things and the computer still goes to the gray screen with the spinning gears after 20 seconds or so the fans begin to pick up speed to the point where i get nervous and push the power button on the front to turn it off. Any ideas. I think it was something that I did with permissions and granting read and write access to too many things on the hard drive thinking this would solve my problems. i dont think that its hardware related but i may be wrong. it gives the symptoms of hardware problems. Thanks for you help and your time to look at this post.
  11. Im alway logged in as admin. im the only user for this computer. no one else gets on the thing. but here is the latest UPDATE. i fired up disk utility and wiped the locked external hard drive that had time machine on it. it wiped it no problems. the empty disk mounted as it should on the desktop with full read/write permissions. i said great. now let me back up once again.. not so easy. the finder says that my 1TB of external hard drive space is insufficent in size. I have about 330 GB of data on the desktop hard drive. this has me stumped. this problem has gone from one thing to another. so i pull up get info for the desktop hard drive and get this info how is it that the available hard drive space is bigger than the overall capacity of the drive.. I dont get it. Also when i pull up activity monitor and look to see how much hard drive space is used it says that the entire desktop hard drive is 100% full.. if it makes any difference i have a 500GB and a 250 Gb set up as JBOD in two RAID slices so it appears as one hard drive.. i really dont know what the difference is between that and a striped set would be. Any ideas. if i need to further explain anything i can.
  12. yeah ive clicked on the lock and typed in my admin password to change the permissions and it wont do anything. i looked at the suggestions from the posts above that dealt with the command line. i dont have any experience with that and it makes be a little leery. i have even tried to add another contact to the list to give permissions to. a window popped up that is from the address book on the computer. the default was me so i clicked my name and then ok'd it by hitting select. that did nothing.
  13. if i have my code right this should be a pic of the screen shot of the finder info. Also note that I am running the Leopard OS 10.5.1 i will open up the terminal and see what i can do with that. thanks again for everybody taking a look at this.
  14. ive done all of the above of what you last posted. when i get the info for the time machine volume and under the sharing and permissions section in text it says "you can only read." below that is this... name privilege system read and write admin read and write everyone read only i have tried changing permissions for the "everyone" to read and write but to no avail. the icon on the desktop still has the locked picture next to it. that means that i cant use it as my time machine backup. would doing an erase of the hard drive and then telling time machine to use it as a new TM backup volume work? i dont know what else to do.
  15. Alright i have fixed the problem and it was not hardware related. after doing some more research on my second mac computer. 17" Macbook Pro. (thank goodness for it too!) i decided to see what i could do with the disk utility found on my Tiger install DVD. After messing with that for a while and it didn't work i decided to get the BIG hammer and go ahead and wipe the hard drive and restore from a Time Machine backup volume. So i popped in the Leopard install dvd and chose to restore from a previous save from the Time machine external hard drive. it wiped the G5 HD and restored. it took a couple of hours (but then again i had about 330 GB of data on the computer) once it restored i restarted the computer and it was FIXED!! after re-syncing with .Mac to get everything up to date all seems well except... one thing. my external hard drive with time machine on it plus my ipod have read only permissions. i tried to get the computer to use the TM volume again and it says that the file cannot be found. I looked at the "get info" and it says that i have read only access. why? is there a way that i can fix this. as of right now i think that this is my only complication.