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  1. Hi Not sure if this is your case but i had a similar problem. wanting to keep just the unplayed i always had 5 or 6 played too in the list of each podcast. Then yesterday i realized that the standard smart playlists "recently played" and "recently added" showed the podcasts. I added to those smart playlist " and podcast is false" and now seems to work fine again! Give a look to these and give it a try. Hope it helps Andrea p.s. what is the netiquette on the macccast forum? topposting or bottom posting when answering?
  2. Here are the steps that I have taken so far. * restore the iPod * erase iPod and then reinstall software and data * rebuild the itune library, with the help of Apple support. * completely unistall itunes and reinstall * uninsubscribed to podcasts and resubscribed to podcasts. I did talk to Apple support again and mentioned the discussion on the Apple website. He said he would escalate the issue with Apple. I did have other issues with the ipod, when syncing, iTunes "detected corrupt ipod" and song playing on ipod wouldn't match song on the screen. Also, I have been without an iPod for the past week because Apple allowed me to exchange it for a brand new one. When I get a chance, I will sync it with a new user on my mac and see if I still have the problem then and post the results.
  3. Thank you for the tip. That would work fine if I could turn off podcasts but even when I uncheck the sync podcasts box, itunes still loads all the podcasts and I do mean all. Thats the whole problem that I and other people are having. No matter what podcast setting you use, iTunes loads everything anyway. I can manage the podcasts manually if I go and uncheck each one after I listen to it and use the "only sync checked music" setting. I just want to bring attention to this issue and point out that I am not the only one that this is happening too so Apple will fix it. I hoping someone at Apple is listening.
  4. After searching the Apple Support Discussions, I found that I am not the only one having this problem with iTunes. I'm hoping someone here may know what's going on. If you want to read the apple discussion, Apple Discussion This is a post that I made on the Apple Discussion. I'm so glad that I found this discussion. I am having the same problem. I purchased a new 120 gig classic after my 3rd gen iPod died (drive issues). When I synced the new iPod, iTunes loaded every podcast no matter what setting I was using. I called Apple tech support. Here is the list of things we tried. Restored the iPod. Erased the iPod and reinstalled the software and then all the data. completely uninstalled iTunes and then reinstalled itunes. Rebuilt my iTunes library. After all that nothing changed. I finally got the OK to exchange my iPod for a brand new one. Well, I just tried syncing my old 3rd gen iPod, i mean what the heck you never know what may happen. It came back to life and synced. It has the exact same problem. I'm thinking it MUST be an iTunes bug. Funny though, my iPhone doesn't have this problem when it syncs. My daughters 80 gig iPod syncs fine on her desktop (same computer). I give up. I waiting for a call back from tech support. I will be sure and point out this discussion to him. Apple!! Help us!!!!!
  5. BossBaker

    First gen iMac drive upgrade

    I just wanted to follow up. I did successfully replace my hard drive. I bought the Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB Internal Hard Drive to replace the original 160 gig drive. I cloned my drive using Super Duper and this enclosure. http://www.coolmaxusa.com/productDetails.a...mp;category=3.5 I swapped the drives and it runs great.
  6. BossBaker

    First gen iMac drive upgrade

    Here is my dilemma. My first generation iMac G5 sata 160 gig hard drive has run out of room. This is a shared family computer supporting several iPods and my iPhone. I would like to keep getting content but I have nowhere to put it. What I would like to know is, can I replace the hard drive myself. I want to buy a replacement drive. Clone my exsisting drive and then switch the drives. I found these instructions on the web on how to replace the drive. http://manuals.info.apple.com/en/imacg5_20inch_HardDrive.pdf If someone could let me know if they have done this or could give me any tips, that would be great.