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    Virtual PC 7

    Slyder, do yourself a favor and pick up Parallels. We just got my stepdaughter an Intel based iMac and she has a ton of Windows only games. We installed Parallels the other night and installed a bunch of games on top of Windows and it all works flawlessly. Parallels did a fantastic job of making it easy to get Windows up and running on a Mac for those of us who have the disappointing need to run Windows on our Mac's. =)
  2. I have come across several iWeb template sites and a lot of the templates are not up to par really. However, I did read about http://www.ilifestuff.com a while back and they had stunning templates for a fair price. I have recently gone back to iLifeStuff.com only to find out the site is down. Is anyone familiar with iLifestuff.com or know what happened to this site as I am in the market to buy thier templates. Does anyone elese here know of other iWeb sites that has fantastic templates for sale? Thanks all!
  3. So a while ago I bought an iMac G5 2.0 ghz. I use the heck out the the thing and the computer refuses to hang no matter what I throw at it. It just works. Last week for my wife's birthday I pick her up an iMac Core Duo 1.83ghz. She will try to do something in iMovie and it hangs. Does something else in iPhoto and it hangs. Seems like she has hung the computer 5-6 times since she turned it on 5 days ago. All software updates were run when we set up the computer so everything is current. I kinda feel bad because she was on a crappy PC for the past 5 and was always jealous of my G5 and would use it instead of her computer so I thought a brand new Imac Core Duo would be a wonderful thing for her. Does anyone else have experiences with the Intel iMac being more buggy/less solid than an iMac G5 running the same software doing the same things? Thanks in advance for any input.
  4. PSA

    OS X Tiger tuning?

    I come from PC/Windows land. I have had nothing but joy with my iMac g5 since November. What I am wondeirng is if there are any performance tuning tips out there for Tiger? I know on the PC there are a TONS of tuning tweaks, mostly in the registry, that squeeze as much performance as possible out of the machine. Many would argue that OS X tiger comes out of the box perfect but is there anything out of the box that holds the machine back from its full potential??
  5. Guys, Do you think that everyday users will really experience a noticeable difference between the Core Duo and the G5's. Today at Compusa I was playing around with a new 20" iMac Core Duo 2ghz. Of course the machine is fast. No question. But when I got home my 2ghz G5 really did not seem slower. OSX native programs such as iLife opened about as quick on both machines. Working inside of them was about as quick as well. The machines just felt pretty even. The only noticeable difference was MS Office loading pretty slow under the Rosetta emulation but that should be remedied in the next few months. I know Steve Jobs indicated a 2-3X speed increase in the benchmarks in the new iMacs but I just didn't see it at all at my usage level. I don't do anything serious on my Mac other than just enjoy a nice day to day user experience and play with home movies, pics, email, web stuff, etc. Maybe doing real stuff at the pro or semi-pro level is where Core Duo pulls ahead. I guess my underlying point is that if you are just a home user you might want to go check out one of the Core Duo's to see if you neccessarily notice a speed difference as well. I mention this because I like many others' first inclination was to upgrade sooner than later to the new Core Duo's but I really think I am fine right where I am.
  6. PSA

    My iMac's Case is cracking

    Mr Nice, You know what? I have heard the same thing on my iMac. I sit about 1.5 feet away from my window. It is cold outside and warm inside so I thought the window was making some sort of sound but I think it is my computer. I just inspected the casing and I do not see any cracks thankfully. My guess is that the case is flexing a little bit maybe from the heat generated from inside the computer. Just wanted to let you know that I also heard the same crackling you did. Pretty wierd.
  7. Has anyone here ever done one of those free workshops that are scheduled at the Apple stores? I just SWITCHED on Wednesday and I am dying to learn more about many of the cool things you can do with iLife, mostly the iDvd workshop at the Apple store. It is only one hour and no cost so there is probably no reason I shouldn't check it out.
  8. Great recommendations here. Thanks everyone. I have been downloading and playing with software since my iMac 20" arrived on Wednesday. What a slick friggin machine from the top down.
  9. Wow, great list guys, thanks so much. My primary use for my iMac is really home use. I plan to manage photos (I have 2 gigs worth), do word processing and spreadsheets (already picked up Office 2004), I have a 2 month old baby and have never taken more photos in my life than in the past 2 months. I also plan to do some cool video stuff with home movies of the baby. imovie/idvd look like awesome apps. I also use an FTP program on my PC to send files up to my server and such for a family website. I know many windows users have a certain set of utilities that make thier life easier and take them with when moving to a new computer so I thought, hey, there are probably apps/utilities that people swear by on the Mac as well. I have heard a lot about TechTool Pro being an essential tool. Would you guys say the same? Part of the reason I am making the switch is that Apple seems to have a fanstastic approach to things that never really appealed to me on a PC. On the PC I never really cared about photos or making home movies but with the type of usability the Mac offers I am far more interested in those types of things because it can make a non-creative person actually creative.
  10. T-minus 16 hours until my new iMac arrives!! Since this is my first Mac does anyone have any COOL yet essential software app recommendations that I may need to look into as a first time Mac switcher?? Any cool Automator scripts I should look into? Thanks!
  11. Let me add some additional info here. My Mac will be operating in a mixed environment here at home. I will be the only Mac in a family of PC's at least until the rest of the family see's what I have and gets jealous! haha My other concern is with emergeing threats. I rather get in front of an emergeing threat than get a virus and have to deal with that crap. While I have never had a virus on my PC I have healped others get them off of thier computers. Nightmare. As Apple gains more and more attention and more marketshare the virus coders will shift thier attention to them. I know that is klind of cliche' but I believe it is the truth. I am leaning towards spending the $50 for Symantec 10.0 for the Mac.
  12. My new iMac arrives this coming wednesday. I'm VERY excited for my switch-over from the PC. The first thing you do when you get a new PC is make sure all the Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus software is either installed or turned on with settings you want. I know on a Mac the Spyware really isn't an issue. I see SOME anti-virus offerings (Symantec) for the Mac but not many at all. So my question is...to Antivirus or not to Antivirus?? Does anyone here run an antivirus program on thier Mac? What if you run Office 2004? I know there are some MS WORD Marco viruses and I would hate to get one of those. My largest guess would be that if it were really a problem that Apple would address it with some sort of small anti-virus program. Thanks all.
  13. PSA

    Entourage or OSX MAIL?

    Thanks for all the input guys! I think my best bet is to go from Outlook 2003 to Thunderbird on the PC and then import Thunderbird mail into OSX Mail. I see some negative comments towards Office 2004. Does it suck that bad on the Mac? I know on the PC Office 2003 is a VERY mature product. Is it not liked because it is Microsoft or because it really isn't good? Does anyone have experience with Open Office for the Mac? I deal heavily with Word document and Excel spreadsheets. I live and die by spreadsheets. Does iWork come with a powerful and compatible Excel like program? I think Pages looks awesome.
  14. PSA

    Anyone have the new iMac?

    Matt, Thank you kindly for your feedback in this thread and my form filler/PW manager thread in the Software forum. I have played with the mightymouse and I also believe that a regular 2-button is probably going to be the way to go. Like you I am also a longtime Logitech user and the mighty mouse right click is kinda wierd. I would have to say that I am switching to Mac for different reasons than most switchers. I have always kept my WinXP up to date with security patches, virus definitions, and spyware guards and I am 100% honest when I say I have never had a virus, spyware, or other security breaches on my PC, *ever*. Some say I am just lucky but I tend to think it is more than luck. I AM switching for the following reasons. I am very excited and passionate about computing. I spend major hours for both work and enjoyment on my PC. Microsoft has really been STALE since Windows 2000. Back in the day the improvement from Win98 to Win2000 was an exciting time because it was a fairly major shift in stability that Win98 just didn't have at the time. Windows XP was an ok upgrade but it was just that, OK. Not too exciting for me. Apple is an exciting company and has exciting products. Every 6 months it gets better and better. I paid NO attention to Apple until Tiger came out but have been following them ever since and even dipped in for an iPod 1 year ago. I was initially going to wait to switch until the Intel Macs came out next year but then Apple had to go and release the new iMac. =) The computer is too cool and has too many features that my family will enjoy all on great hardware and a great software platform. Simply put, Apple has offered me that level of excitement and enjoyment I am looking for.