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  1. I would like to upgrade the Firefox app on my iMac to the latest version, but I'm worried because the last time I did that, using Firefox and GoToMyPC would no longer log me into my pc at work. If I do a Time Machine backup right before I do the upgrade, can I use it to put my iMac back to the state it was before I did the upgrade (if necessary)? I understand how to delete the Firefox app and then use Time Machine to restore the old version, but don't a lot of these apps install many files in many different places when they do an upgrade? By restoring just the Firefox app in the applications folder, does that touch all of those files?
  2. donhatch

    No Partition option in Disk Utility

    Thank you, Thank you!! I was clicking on the second drive icon.
  3. I just bought a new 1 Tb hard drive, and want to partition it. When I open Disk Utility, there is no option for Partition! I know I've done this before, but maybe not since upgrading to Leopard. Whaaa happened? I checked the customize toolbar, and there is no partition button in there either. It doesn't seem to matter which drive I'm looking at either. This is probably something stupid, but I'm ready to be humbled.
  4. donhatch

    Video podcasts only have audio on my new iphone

    Thanks, that's exactly what I was doing.
  5. Loving my new iPhone. The only problem I've run across so far is that the two video podcasts I've put on it only play audio. They play fine in itunes. I tried using the "convert selection to iphone/ipod", but that didn't seem to help. Movie videos seem to play fine. What am I doing wrong?