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  1. iamhannah

    Syncing iCal

    I have my calendars sync'd via Mobile Me and those specific calendars never make it to my iPhone.
  2. iamhannah

    Address Book Disappeared

    Thanks guys, I'm going to give it a go tomorrow when I'm at my friends place.
  3. iamhannah

    Address Book Disappeared

    So my friend believes her 4 year old daughter got ride of her Address Book on accident. I did a spotlight search and the Address Book doesn't show. The metadata is still in the folder under users with the contacts but the application itself is gone. Is there a way to get it back? Please help.
  4. iamhannah

    Syncing iCal

  5. iamhannah

    Syncing iCal

    I love my iCal and have certain iCal subscriptions from my college that would be useful on my phone. Is there a way to get my subscriptions to sync? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. iamhannah

    iTunes 8

    I like the grid view. Also the Genius playlists have been working really well for me.
  7. iamhannah

    Good portable hard drive

    Thanks for the info, I will look more into it.
  8. iamhannah

    Good portable hard drive

    I'm looking for a good portable hard drive over 250 gb and preferably firewire. I've heard bad things about the LaCie Rugged drives. Any suggestions?
  9. iamhannah

    Skullcandy’s iPhone FMJ headphones

    I'll have to check it out, thanks.
  10. iamhannah

    Skullcandy’s iPhone FMJ headphones

    I really liked the interview with Skullcandy’s about the new headphones they are putting out for the iPhone. Has anyone used a pair? If so how are they?
  11. iamhannah

    Mac Podcaster Meet-up 2008

    I second that it was a great two part show to hear. Thanks for posting it.