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  1. Finlay

    Videolan vlc player

    Hi all, Recently I began to use VLC to watch videos but I can't find a very important feature: remember the position where the movie has been stopped and the program has been closed. Does anyone know if there is setting, a modification or a trick to do this? I have seen that there are the bookmarks but this doesn't works because when you close the program all the bookmarks are erased. Thank you very much. __________________ Never seen gifts ideas like these! (originelle geschenk on german or regalo novios on espanol), reportage matrimonio
  2. Finlay

    Computer troubleshooting

    but the disc on another pc works fine, so I do not think that the disc is damaged ... meanwhile thanks the same. Bye
  3. Finlay

    Computer troubleshooting

    I all, I have a problem on my Windows Vista that began afetr the purchase of an external Hard Disk Freecom. A few days afetr the purchase I disconnected it while it was writing and, since that moment, every time I connect and disconnect it, the PC go to freeze mode for 5 minutes. The same thing happen even if the hard disk is disconnected: every time I start windows it go to freeze a little after the password, and every time I connect and disconnect a usb device. I have looked for the solution everywhere, updated windows, unistalled and installed the hard disk from the device manager but I solved the problem only when I restored a recent backup. Yesterday the Hard disk was writing a backup while Vista was installing the updates; at the end of the proceure windows restarted automatically and the problem began again!!! The Pc go to freeze when it starts, every time I connect or disconnect the hard disk, an usb earphone that has always worked switch on but there is no audio and I don't know how many others usb devices will have problems. Has anyone an idea to solve this problem before I throw out of the window Vista or the the hard disk? Thank you __________________ Never seen gift ideas like these! (geschenkideen on german or regalos originales on espanol), foto matrimonio
  4. Finlay

    Plotter Canon error

    Hi Today I had a bad surprise with my printer Canon: an error message Printhead error! Switch Off! I switch off but when I switch on again I can't enter in the menu and so I can't neither change the Printhead; in practice I can only call the Service. I have read too that even if I would change the printhead the problem can stay and burn the new printhead too. The plotter canon W6200 is already out of warranty and are years that I use only compatible ink cartridges, some of them recharged by me; I know that the service will cost me a lot of money and It wouldn't be advantageous given that the plotter is very old. If it can help I reassume what appears on the display when I switch on: It appear Initializing and after 15 seconds CANON W6200PG then S:Ver.02.02.02 > E:Ver. 02.01 > CANON W6200PG Wait > Prepar. Print > PrintHead Error! Switch Off!! I tried to switch off and on but nothing, I tried to take out the cartridge and the paper but nothing, I really don't know what to do to fix the plotter. Does anyone know what I can do without calling the service? Thank all for your help __________________ You have never see original gifts like these! (regali originali on italian scuola forum) http://' target="_blank">
  5. interesting, but is important the quality...
  6. Hallo to all. I am looking for a good impermeable or underwater clock with voice recorder function, even like that one of the cellular phone, where you click a button and it register, but I can't find it. I bought something like that, the casio DBV 3000, but it wasn't impermeable . I bought a chinese one too, it says "water resistant", but when you go under the water a few humidity passes and the contacts are oxidized therefore it doesn't works anymore. Anyone knows a truly impermeable or water resistant model? Any suggestion or link? Thanks to anyone that can help me. __________________ You have never see corporate gifts like these! (idee regalo aziendali on italian)
  7. Ok, thanks the same! Bye bye
  8. HI all I have a plotter Canon W6200 that sometimes force me to substitute the maintenance cartridge. THis cartridge collect the ink that is expelled during print head cleanliness. Seeing that it happens a few to often, one times every two months, i was arguing if there was a wy to recover this cartridge without changing it, perhaps emptying it or resetting its chip. Has someone of you experience at regard or different purchase options? Thank you __________________ You have never see gift ideas like these! (idee regalo on italian)
  9. Hi, I have a Plotter Canon W6200 and I load often type of paper: photographic paper, common paper, adhesive paper.. But every time I load a new roll, it cut a piece. I see instructions but don't show the way to avoid it. Is there a way to avoid automatic cut at loading? Thanks __________________ Original gift ideas for every occasion! (idee regalo on italian language).